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  1. Heights bike trail is getting an extension on the western end. Looks like this will go under TC Jester and then connect to the sidewalk there.
  2. The main reason given is that this can be really difficult for some folks to pay, leaving them in a debtor's prison cycle. In general I think this is in line with the trend towards eliminating cash bail and reducing convictions for low level offences that a lot of Harris County judges are pushing for.
  3. Sounds like they are worried their $$ is drying up and lashing out "Many of the Democratic judges Crime Stoppers is slamming have cut into the organization’s revenue by curbing a common practice requiring many people sentenced to probation to pay a $50 fee that goes to Crime Stoppers. The nonprofit’s revenue from those fees has fallen by half since Democrats swept the county’s judicial races in 2018." "By 2021, Crime Stoppers was getting 80 percent less from the courts than it had in 2014 — a drop of about $500,000, to less than $122,000, according to county records." https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/21/us/politics/crime-stoppers-houston.html https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/texas/article/Crime-Stoppers-chapters-in-Texas-are-stockpiling-17116923.php https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/traditionally-nonpartisan-crime-stoppers-houston-has-a-new-target-democratic-judges/
  4. Metro stop = more density :)
  5. That’s cool, something different for the area.
  6. This is great — lots of actual information instead of conjecture. It does show the hard work being taken by txdot and the city to make this project successful. A few things I thought were particularly relevant: - txdot is committing to putting a concrete cap on the highways in eado and the areas in midtown. So yeah there isn’t a park on them yet but they WILL be covered. No more of this ‘it’s going to be a trench’ nonsense. - I found their comments about rejoining some streets in near northside to be really interesting, this was the first time I saw those ideas. - the detention ponds and new trails along the white oak were also news to me.
  7. Hear me out -- ground floor car wash in all apartment complexes. Leave more room for the hot chicken restaurants
  8. Yeah if you park in any of the lots along the BBP there is glass everywhere. Also over by Spotts park and Cleveland park. Just don't leave anything out in the open in your car and you'll be fine.
  9. Thanks for the clarification! I see your point about the left entering exits (which I in general don't like). In the situation you describe above, I would imagine instead people would continue on i10 until the exit to Jensen st that is after 45 turns south (similar in location to the exit to Jensen today). That would give a lot more time to merge over. https://www.txdot.gov/content/dam/project-sites/nhhip/docs/segment-3-pm4-exhibit-01-overall.pdf
  10. I'm not sure I follow this concern with Runnels. The schematics I see show Runnels being made a dead end at the railroad, is this not the current plan? https://www.txdot.gov/content/dam/project-sites/nhhip/docs/segment-3-pm4-exhibit-01-overall.pdf
  11. Will it be open permanently soon?
  12. From the e-brochure on the website listed above https://7afd0778.flowpaper.com/FactsHighlightsPapersENGLISHclickable/#page=12
  13. The teal and brick made me think this was 2301 Commerce for a second. Its even a similar shape.
  14. I guess this is extra motivation to sign up for the marathon....
  15. I asked about this at one of their open houses. The walkways in the tunnels are for emergencies only — there will be separate trail infrastructure for walkers/ bikers outside of the tunnels.
  16. I went and did one of their free pickleball intro classes a few months ago. It was fun! The building etc was not completed but they had a food truck and a cooler of drinks for sale. The courts were well done, and they’ve opened a little dog park area as well.
  17. I biked by this today -- there were a bunch of people in the new parking lot by the stadium watching some sort of show on the stage. At 7:45 in the morning :O
  18. Yeah this has been shown in the buffalo bayou east plans and also east river’s mock-ups.
  19. It’s starting to cover up the embassy suites 👏👏
  20. I wish they would do something with the warehouse across the street!
  21. Saw this sign pop up at the old NOV parking lot on Garrow and Nagle. Doesn’t look like the website works but some more of the usual inside the loop townhomes.
  22. I'm noticing on the plans that there are a lot of bedrooms that don't have a window or other egress. What are the rules (if any) in Houston about this? I guess I've see this elsewhere where you have to have some sort of exit (beyond the main door) in case of fire etc for a room to be considered a bedroom.
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