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  1. Much appreciated wpfulton! The photos and info you've provided are great! The video might end up taking a while as I sometimes work at a slow pace but I'll definitely post here once complete. Also, it would be great to feature Urbanizer's content as well so will keep an eye on the thread to see if they respond too. -Sam
  2. Hi there! I'm Sam and I tell the stories/history of iconic malls and what they meant to their local communities on my Youtube Channel. As I have family in the Galveston area and visit there occasionally, I stumbled upon the now mostly mundane Galveston Shopping Center combined with the rich history of The Galvez Mall that was once in its place. Would users from this thread be willing to allow me use of these photos and snippets of history/memories in my storytelling for Galvez Mall? This really is the only resource I've been able to find to tell this story, with the true heartfelt feelin
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