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  1. Has anyone noticed that Wells Fargo’s name has been removed from the awning outside the building at 1000 Louisiana? Are they no longer the anchor tenant?
  2. When the original Randall’s on 43rd @ Mangum closed to move to the freeway, a local family took over the space on Mangum and turned it into a grocery called Russell’s. The owner was Jerry Russell. Not sure how long that store remained open. I grew up in the neighborhood and my mom shopped there (perhaps it was Minimax then.). I remember the TG&Y next door, and the carousel/hobby horse outside of the store. Great memories!
  3. Nate - those windows would have been very cool. I’ll try to ask a resident of Aris or Market Square if they have windows that open.
  4. Does anyone have any info on whether or not Club Quarters maintained any of the original architecture in the interior? The exterior is beautiful - I’d love to think they preserved some of the history when it was renovated.
  5. I am a resident of The Star. I really enjoyed this post to get all of the background on the renovation. I am a downtown “pioneer” as I was an original tenant of the Rice in 1998. I have no interest in new construction but love these old buildings repurposed for residential space. The Star is great with the exception of not being able to open the windows. It is very efficient as I have never turned on heat (even during our frozen tundra in February.) But I would love to get some fresh air occasionally. Most of the windows at The Rice could be opened. Some were difficult to open, but with persistence they would go up. Can anyone confirm this statements I was told when I moved to The Star? I was told that if a building is over 6 stories high, they are not allowed to have operable windows. Anyone able to comment on that?
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