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  1. And the hbj could probably explain better that texas childrens west tower connects every floor to the 1954 building they are talking about which is why tch may want it. It is impossible to tell when you leave tch and go to St Lukes at that spot. In fact the McDonalds is right there too.
  2. I have been seeing some national articles that more expansion is coming but it seems vegas is the front runner with Seattle too, because the Toyota center lease only allows Alexander to own it and he hasn't put his name in the hat this time. Anyone know whether he will?
  3. I recall reading, that is what the plan is, street cafes and street facing stuff.
  4. Does anyone know anything about Affiliated bank for a refi? Are they good? Reputable? Etc... Thanks!
  5. Used to live in the Montrose and at one point our community association (Hyde Park) talked to the owner about their current plans for the specs strip center, since it seemed mostly vacant and tenents were moving out. This was back before the recession... I want to say 2006 and at that time their plan was to not renew leases as they expired, which is why the blockbuster went away years ago before the more recent blockbuster mass closings. Once all tenents were gone, they were going to tear the whole center down and build a high/mid rise with street retail and a look that fit in the area.
  6. The thought crossed my mind when I read the chron.com article this morning about Chevron buying the second former Enron building and the YMCA land... Have there been any rumors that Chevron is moving more people here or consolidating somehow? Any chance they would move their HQ from California here?
  7. I am not an architect or business person that knows about developing land and costs, but someone please tell me why they could not take that large chunk of land and create a suburban style master planned community, that is in town. i would think they could build lots of houses and make lots of money. People would love to live in town with suburban amenities.
  8. Why do you keep posting casino as if casino gambling was legal in Texas. Sure that is a great idea and would be perfect building for a casino, but that is crazy to post it. Should they build a casino in hopes that it will pass someday? Another great idea would be a huge brothel or green house to grow pot, but neither is legal either.
  9. I always wondered how others felt about Lance. personally he annoyed me too and I will tell you why shortly and for some of the same reasons Rich Lord is annoying. I was very dssapopinted that John left. He was the best in the morning and a true professional that carried the show. He was funny and knew his stuff. Mark Van Demere (sp?) is too. Basically the only 2 on 610 that I wanted to see go were Lance and Rich. Here is why Lance and Rich both do this and it is rude not to mention confusing to the caller and listeners... Host says OK, so and so you are on the air, Lance and Rich almo
  10. Well it appears they are looking for a head baker: http://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/336255671.html Also, a Houston store was mentioned when they opened the Dallas store:http://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/stories/2007/03/19/daily40.html?from_rss=1 No location mentioned yet, but I would guess Uptown or inside the loop.
  11. I guess that is Dunlavey. No wonder I never found anything on the search. Thanks for the info.
  12. What are they building at Mandell and Richmond nect to the Dog park? Large support pillars are in place now. I did a search and did not find any topics on this project.
  13. Vertigo, you are thinking of the cafeteria across the street on top of the ten ten garage. I think it was called Travis Place. That garage is owned by El Paso and they closed the food court and turned it into their trading floor. You are right that cafeteria/food court was great and the water features they had were very nice and peacful at lunch time.
  14. Thats it. Thanks for the responses to my question on the old Days Inn building. I wish someone would do something with it.
  15. Sorry to get off the subject of the Pavillions for a moment and go back to another subject that was discussed earlier in this thread when I was talking with a few people about the redo of the Exxon builing. Well I got a closer look at the building that I was talking about originally. Although I wish the Exxon building redo was more dynamic I was actually talking about the building directly south of it. In fact when you are on the spur exiting and you see the Exxon building this one is shorter and exactly in the shadow so it kind of blends in. It looks to be half as tall as the exxon buildi
  16. Agree with the others on Angelika. It shows a mix of Artsy and first run movies. And the bathrooms are no better or worse then any other theater and the floors in halls are no better or worse then any other theater around town. I have seen many first run movies there. It is always crowded. Now it is not 30 screens so they can't show all the movies out now and they also have a commitment to the Arts movies, but if you will notice they run the Artsy movies that have big names in them, not the very independent that places like Greenway 3 shows. I am not sure that person has ever even been to
  17. link to abc story this morning - play on right... http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=...&id=5072184 biggest thing I saw in it that they said: Currently, 95% of all residential space and 87% of all office space is full in the downtown area. I knew about the high office space occupancy, but not the residential. That is super!
  18. If someone could maintain a spreadsheet with the project and status, then keep posting it here every week or so, then others with knowledge of major events only, like groundbreaking or major milestones could help that person maintain it with posts on here. This might work and the first few posts here do a great job to start that spreadsheet. Now we just need someone to take on the task of keeping it up. Suggested columns: Project name and/or Location Official Ground Breaking Y/N(Date) Proposed completion Date Status/Comments
  19. Where and what is the High 5 in Dallas and please describe what it looks like. Also, explain how the ones in Austin look. I am curious if I have seen them while there. Thanks
  20. Maybe the Angelica does not have the top 10 newest releases, but they do have current releases and of the 9 movies showing this week only 2 are not shown at your Edwards/Cinemark type of theaters. The 2 are as you mentioned Pan's Lab and then Four Eyed Monsters. The ones that have shown or are showing at "regular" theaters all over town: Babel, Letters from Iwa Jima, Little Children, Miss Potter, Notes on Scandal, The Good German and Venus has in the past. They have a mix of new and old and artsy and not. They seem to try to cater to everyone in my opinion. Personally my wife and I go on S
  21. last i heard was the muslim center as mentioned above. Look at the Montrose board for a duplicate thread on this called - old sears building on montrose/allen parkway. That would be interesting if the comment before is true that the land already changed hands...
  22. Ohh the Exon building. Thanks. It looked pretty bad and was long overdue. I thought it was abandoned. I thought I remembered broken windows too. hmmm. Anyway, Glad to hear they will make that building look nicer. I would also love if Macy's would do a redo on the old downtown foley's. It just looks so drab around there. Heck if they just power washed off the urine it would smell better and cleaned it up a bit inside and out. That would go nicely with the Pavillions coming soon nearby.
  23. It always makes me laugh when people say that downtown needs a movie theater. Then you remind them about the Angelica and most people think it is an artsy only theater like Greenway 3. But the Angelica is actually a full fledged normal theater that does show a couple of artsy movies, but mostly has you normal first run movies like a Cinemark. It is outstanding for those that do not know.
  24. Oh OK. Thanks for the response. So does anyone know what the building it that I am talking about? It is over near the Exxon building, but I believe farther south. It is ugly and right now it has something like plastic over some floors, but I am not sure if that means that it is being worked on or not. If I were to guess, I would bet it is at like Travis and Clay and is at least 25 stories.
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