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  1. My kids have been accepted to the HISD Vanguard (G/T) magnet program in Fall 2009. We are still trying to decide whether or not be move to Spring Branch (for the schools) or the burbs (maybe Klein). Of course, housing costs are an issue. If you could choose, would you leave the HISD Vanguard school to go to a highly rated school in Spring Branch or Klein?
  2. Do you guys have any subdivision names for me? The new construction
  3. A friend of mine told me that alot of land is being cleared of trees in this area. I've seen the Vintage Lakes with the million dollar homes. Just wondering if more affordable new construction homes are also being built in this area. If so, what price range?
  4. Thanks for all of your replies. We don't need to make a decision soon...we are hoping to move by next summer. My oldest son will start kindergarden in about 2 years. The two areas that we are looking at are Champion Forest and Huntwick. Being that this are older neighborhoods, what percentage of the familes do you think are familes with young kids? We like these neighborhoods, but would also like other young kids for our own kids to play with? Also, do any of you have kids that attend the elementary schools or middle school? Which ones? I need more opinions, as this is one of the top priorities for us.
  5. We are a family of 4 (two sons, 3 1/2 and 2), and will probably move to Northwest Houston within the next year, mainly for the school districts. We currently live in Westchase Houston. I've been driving around the Champion Forest/Huntwick area, and I think we have narrowed in down to this area. My question is this...Huntwick is zoned to both Klein and Cy-Fair. (By the way, if we decide to buy a home in Huntwick, we would not buy a home in the Klein ISD, since it would be zoned to Klein Forest.) What is your opinion about purchasing a home in Huntwick which is zoned to Bleyl/Yeager/Cy-Creek vs a Champions Forest home zoned to Brill/Kleb/Klein? What do you consider the best elementary and middle schools in this area? FYI, I really do not want to purchase a home past Louetta.
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