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  1. Mason Jar is moving to Katy. Pappy's is taking over the former Texas Land & Cattle on I-10 and Dairy Ashford.
  2. The only problem with that is that I don't think Marq*E has ever been as successful as it was intended. And in the Greenspoint area, it's just another place for unsavory characters to loiter. The good thing is that they can integrate the existing movie theater and fitness place into it if they did turn it into an entertainment center.
  3. Lone Star has that small campus in the office building across the beltway. It'd be great if they could turn the mall into a giant Lone Star College Campus. Unfortunately the former department stores still own their buildings, leading to a patchwork of different owners that makes it difficult to ever come up with one cohesive plan.
  4. While there is really no way to redevelop that freeway side land into something "beautiful," I hope that is an improvement made for visitors arriving and departing out of IAH. Having a dead mall as the first thing you see going to/from the airport doesn't leave a favorable impression of the city. Of course most airports are not in the nicer parts of cities.
  5. Interesting. I wonder why Goode Co Seafood will be relocating? I always liked that former Pappamia pad. Perhaps MetroNational is redeveloping the center (I believe they own it). I also wonder what is to become of Pappy's. Maybe the Goodes aren't taking that pad over after all. Unless they are planning to make it another location of Armadillo Palace (only speculation on my part.)
  6. Driving by the former Mason Jar on the Katy Freeway feeder, I see it's under renovation. I read a rumor that it is going to become a second location of Goode Company Hamburgers and Taqueria. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that? I also heard a rumor that Goode Company is taking over the Pappy's building. On the Facebook for Pappy's, they confirmed that they will be relocating in the next year. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the plans are?
  7. It would be great if they could build the Pierce Skypark and integrate the station for the bullet train to Dallas into it. That way the train could drop people right downtown.
  8. Several months ago, after eating at Cheesecake Factory, I walked into the mall, through the entrance that spits you out right by outside Target (to the left if facing Target). That end of the mall really seems to have changed the least since the renovation. But I had peaked through an uncovered exterior window and noticed that the former Sun and Ski Sports (still vacant after all these years) has hardly changed at all. It still had the same tile floor I remembered from years ago. I'm sure the space has been subdivided over the years, but I'm surprised MetroNational hasn't found a new tenant for that space. It's one of very few non-anchor spots with exterior access. I always thought they would try to get something like H&M for that space.
  9. Was the original one story Foley's structure demolished or integrated into the mall? I believe Dillard's is further east of where it was.
  10. You should look North of Westheimer near Dairy Ashford. the neighborhood Briarwood has some nice houses.
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