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  1. I am always thinking about how hard is to work in construction. A lot of people underestimate this profession but they need to understand that it is hard and dangerous to work in this domain. Five years ago I started to build my house and from time to time I was helping the guys that work for me with several things. I always tried to get them good food. I always wanted to create for them a great atmosphere for work. All I had to do by myself was to install a lamp/ I hired a scaffold tower and I was shocked at how high it was. O don't understand how they build such high buildings.
  2. Pictures of Houston! The topic is interesting, you can take a lot of things, from people to landscapes, but how can you take a picture of a person against a beautiful background if you have a bad plot? There is a solution, you can plant greenery with special tools, but since such tools are very expensive, that is, a solution, you need to rent tools. You ask what, how, where and why? And I will answer you, everything is easy and simple on one good site where I personally rented tools, you can do this. The site is called dordognehire, there are an abundance of different tools, from a grinder to
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