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  1. The 1958 graduating class of Galena Park High School has been putting together a mini reunion usually twice a year, for its class and those of other classes of the '50's, and the '60's and '70's. This has been held at the Alvin Baggett Community Center on Keene Street in Galena Park, but the covid 19 pandemic has put a hold on it this year, and not sure when we will be allowed by the city, county, and state to continue, and by the graduates, who don't want to become casualties. This is usually held on a Saturday from about 8:00 or 9:00 o'clock in the morning, setting up, until about 3:00 in the afternoon, picking up and putting away. Potluck lunches shared. '50's doo wop music order of the day! Pictures and memories enjoyed and friendships renewed, and some begun. Next scheduled get together is April 14, 2021, if pandemic is brought under control by then, and if not, then we'll shoot for a weekend in October, give or take a month. A call to Galena Park city hall, recreation department, to determine if the event is on, when the time gets close.
  2. In reply to Timetrekker, yes, I do remember the Rettig's on Telephone Rd. We lived at 4920 Pease, in that little old 2 1/2 story apartment(still there) and we would walk, the four of us kids, 6-10 years old, by ourselves(different day then) to the Eastwood Theater(long gone, I think) on Saturdays to see a movie. We would pass the Rettig's on our way, never stopping, money a bit tight for us back then. Our mom and dad might treat us there for perhaps a very special occasion. Seems the 'Wishing Well' a hamburger place was very close by. Had a wishing well out front by the street that one could throw some change into and make a wish! Always a lot of change showing in the water! I seem to remember a Rettig's on Wayside Drive, back toward Buffalo Bayou from the Sears store, somewhere around E or F avenue or close by, that lasted perhaps years maybe to the '70's(?) before becoming a hamburger place run by Koreans, I think. The really best burgers and very inexpensive!
  3. Regarding Osborne Apple on Richey Street in Pasadena, thinking the Hickman-Garrett Ford dealership on Clinton Drive in Galena Park became Garrett-Arthur Ford in late 1950's, and moved to a different building farther west down Clinton Drive and across the street, and eventually moved to South Richey Street, Pasadena, the name changed again, probably Osborne-Apple, maybe Mosehart-Keller in between? I think Harry Arthur Jr graduated from Galena Park High School in 1962. There was a little old lady on Houston Street in Pasadena who told me she worked for this dealership in Galena Park for many, many years. She may be gone now, but I may go by her old house and see if she might still be around and have some memories to share. I bought a '73 Ford Courier from this place, in 1973, then A.C. Collins Ford, on South Richey Street. Years later moved to the East Beltway, and are now Mac Haik Ford.
  4. No pictures, but I remember it. Way before the Hwy 59 elevated, but I think I remember seeing the building later, from hwy 59, while driving north. Believe it's been gone for a while now, can't say when. In the mid 1950's, my uncle would let me ride along with him on his job(he lived in Needville), getting up at 1:00 or 2:00 in the early morning and picking up cans and fractions of cans of milk from the very small dairy operations in Fort Bend County between Rosenberg and Houston, and delivering them to the Borden Company's facility on Houston's east side(think someone said later that the address was 2020 Texas, between Chartres and St Emanuel Sts.), waiting while the milk was emptied, take the cleaned cans, and return them to pickup points near the farms on our way back. My uncle also drove an 18 wheeler for a while to this Borden plant, picking up a full truckload of bottled milk for the Rosenberg distributor, daily, and I would ride along also. There were few freeways, then, and we would drive through downtown Houston; I remember we would turn on the corner where the Kress building was located, seeing the red and black(best I can remember) Kress sign every day. I was about 10 or 12 at the time, my uncle was about 10 years older, and I always enjoyed his philosophical stories, some I cannot repeat here. I truly miss those days, and the pint of Dutch Chocolate milk I'd get there most days!
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