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  1. It will affect four homes that front the bayou between Park Ln and Wildwood Way and the the first house up on Park Lm and the first two houses on the southside of Wildwood Way. I believe one house on the 1900 block of N MacGregor is also set for acquisition - the beautiful white house with the brick paver driveway. I have attached a picture that shows the flooding from Ike. It is the corner of N MacGregor and Wildwood Way.
  2. The vacant land can never be developed and by law will remain green space. The county will have to maintain the property unless they can find someone to lease the lots for minimal cost (I was told $1 a year). My understanding is that a community garden and park will be established and maintained by members of the community - perhaps the Idylwood Garden Club - really not sure. I might even be interested in leasing some space to grow my own veggies. Like you said it is just a plan and we'll see how things evolve. This ordeal has been tough enough and I prefer to look for a happy ending so I'll s
  3. Here is a picture of the before and after of the demolished house and one of our home, which will soon become a memory as well. It has been stressful and we could have raised the house seven feet to comply with the new flood maps nut the cost was extreme and the State Farm denied and depreciated so much of the claim that we were aready short almost $40,000. We really had no choice economically. The Idylwood Civic Club is planning to create a community garden and park so I don't think the land will be abandoned into vacant lots.
  4. It is with great sadness that I must tell you all that the beautiful homes in Idylwood along Brays Bayou have started to come down. The city declared eight homes on the 1500 block substantially damaged after Hurricane Ike. The county has purchased 1504 N MacGregor and a second home on Wildwood Way. The county is in the process of securing the other six homes. Several pieces of heavy machinery were in place today to complete the demolition of the home at 1504 N MacGregor and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the homes along that stretch of the bayou are also demolished. It is the s
  5. I have wallpaper in my my foyer and along the stairs leading to the second floor. There is a small tear in the wallpaper and I was hoping someone could recommend a contractor who can repair a tear in the paper. The tear is about the size of a dime so it is a terribly small job but I see this "blemish" every day and I can no longer ignore it. Thanks.
  6. We are still here. I am one of the new residents (May 2006) who bought in the flood plain. No regrets just yet, but the home and area were so beautiful that despite the inherent risk, took the plunge and bought our home. I truly believe that Idylwood is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Houston. Does anyone know when the bayou is going to be widened between Lawndale and Calhoun? I was initially told that the widening would begin in March 2008.
  7. Below a clip from the April Idylwood newsletter...hope this clears up what's going on at both sides of the intersection. New Development at Wayside & I-45, the vice president of the Idylwood civic club, Tammy Cirigliano, forwarded this information passed on to her by the development company.
  8. I had an appointment with HCB Electrical but they stood me up. No call - nothing. I called them once they were already 25 minutes late and they told me an emergency came up. I lost a day of vacation time and was not pleased. Maybe they do good work - maybe not. I will never know because I don't use companies that waste my time.
  9. A paved sidewalk has been installed along Brays Bayou from near Mason Park to the golf course...ending just short of Lawndale. My understandings is that once wideening of the bayou commences between Lawndale and Calhoun, the paved sidewalk will be extended. We rode our bikes on the sidewalk a few weeks ago but heavy rain had made it rather muddy.
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