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  1. The only thing big in Mississippi and Louisiana is gambling? Oh lord kid you are so naive. You become of age and can appreciate sophisticated culture that is not an Xbox or Power Rangers then lets talk.
  2. Thanks guys. LSU is usually ranked every year as one of the top 10 most beautiful campus in the U.S. Louisianaians take great pride in LSU, it is one thing that unites the state. What ever LSU wants LSU gets, this is because it is the state's flag ship university with really no competition. Just for some background information. LSU was once a huge military school. General Sherman (the man who burned Atlanta to the ground and march to the sea) was president of LSU during the reconstruction. The new Chancellor is O'Keefe who was the head of NASA so several years. Geaux Tigers!
  3. Dorms The French House, was a gift from France over 80 years ago. This is where international dignitaries stay when they are in town visiting the University. Memorial Tower
  4. The Parade Grounds Every bus stop is designed this way. Oak Grove
  5. Every street is lined with live oaks. All the trees have doctors to keep them well and insurance policies on them.
  6. I went back home to Baton Rouge to visit my family and decided to take some pictures in and around LSU. I got lucky, LSU was on spring break so there were no crowds. University Lakes outside the gates of the University. Chimes street out side the North Gate
  7. I do not think Texas will ever have Casinos. It is too conservative. Yes, Mississippi is conservative as well but they really needed the money.
  8. LOL ok then, Alison Kraus, Keith Whitley, Brad Paisly, Geroge Strait, Billie Holliday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitz, Charlie Daniels, Alabama, Conway Twitty, David Kersh, Dolly Parton, Doug Stone, John Anderson, Martina McBride, Tracy Bird, Trace Atkins, Travis Tritt, Wayde Hays, Walyon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and on and on and on. I do not like any of the Houston country stations, they all are horrible. They only play top 40 country. KILT every now and then will pay some older stuff. But, the Houston stations only play what is very hot and popular. They never play the cutting edge new stuff or the very old stuff. When I go home to Louisiana I will hear a song and will fall in love with it but will not hear it in Houston for a good month or two months.
  9. I hope New Orleans does not build it. Louisiana's love the Superdome. It was just remolded a couple of years back, but nasty Benson wants more. Hizzy the state will subsidize part of the stadium if built but not the bulk of it.
  10. Country, Jazz, and Blues only. I do not like anything else.
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