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  1. I recall a long-time Montrose resident telling me that some people were glad to see the palms go because they were infested with rats. It seems possible, but I've never seen any independent confirmation.
  2. If you mean the one housing Montrose Chinese Restaurant, I couldn't agree more. (Also, IMHO their food sucks unless you're into La Choy).
  3. Has a sign been posted? Any idea when demolition/construction will begin?
  4. After reading this post several times, I must confess that it still mystifies me. What "major improvements" might be made here, and to what? What's meant by "where the other businesses were previously"? What does any of this have to do with "A facelift of sorts"? Why would the individual lots need to be consolidated if there's no future plans to do something else with the properties? After all, they've been each sitting on their own little happy lots for decades. If someone can explain this to me, I thank you in advance.
  5. Hi, Loca local and welcome to HAIF. So far as I'm concerned, there are no visuals too slick, nor goals too audacious. Bring on the rabble rousers and the Industrial Light and Magic - looking forward to your insights and expertise.
  6. What a relief that University of St. Thomas officials see the value of this building and that its future is assured (as much as anything in Houston can be assured).
  7. Interesting that a spur projects and dead-ends from the Tuam section to the "Superblock".
  8. They're wasting no time on this project. At this pace, the building might very well be taking shape by year's end.
  9. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, "No one opens restaurants there anymore. It's too much in demand."
  10. I'm hooked on "Watch JR Go" and "100% Jake", which is kind of strange, since I'm not all that interested in cars but they make auto repair look interesting. Also, "Regular Cars", where a variety of random, regular used cars are road-tested; the reviews feature over-the-top descriptions which are often quite funny. "America's Test Kitchen", because it's food, and they taught me how to sous-vide soft cooked eggs properly. zefrank1, who amusingly describes the attributes and habits of animals in a sort of pseudo-scholarly tone of voice ("This is how the trap jaw ant do.") Bob Fowler, because i like vintage sewing machines. I don't sew, but I like the machines. Among others.
  11. If that's the case, it'll be an historic landmark by the time it's completed.
  12. Do you mean Blacksmith (formerly Mary's) or Slick Willie's? What kind of activity did you spot?
  13. To split hairs, there were two tenants in that building; Chances was on the east side, the space now occupied by Hay Market. Prior to Chances, this was the home of the infamous Boobie Rock. Charlie's Coffee Shop was in the western portion, which is the current Georgia James location.
  14. I ask myself the same question. It's a way to test my memory, and my powers of observation and deduction. And it's fun.
  15. OK. I was thinking it might be one of those escape rooms, but guess not.
  16. Is this located in, or adjacent to, Tranquility Park?
  17. Yes, that's the skeleton of Heritage Plaza. I think this may be a bit later than 1983. Just before Alicia hit in August of that year, the Allied Bank Tower (now Wells Fargo) had almost completed installing the glass, except where the construction elevator had been. It took quite a while to repair the damage (the exterior was a checkerboard of plywood during this process). Heritage Plaza was still under construction when Jean Michel Jarre performed "Rendezvous Houston" in April of 1986. A screen had to be mounted to show the projected images. According to Wikipedia, it was completed in 1987. I'm guessing this picture dates from circa 1985, not 1983.
  18. That seems to have become a 'thing' in Houston over the past 20 years or so. "I know! Let's slap some Hill Country limestone on the facade, and maybe people will think they're in Austin!"
  19. I like the rendering and enjoy the hifalutin descriptions, although I cannot claim to understand them. One question: what's it for? Is it a school?
  20. The plaque was installed by and property of the Texas Historical Commission. It confers no protections to the building.
  21. What does this portend? If I understand correctly, it has been replatted to make Uchi and the other building east of Aladdin part of a single reserve. Will this allow for the construction of another large building (and the demolition of the current ones)?
  22. Spotted demolition equipment parked behind the building today, and the dumpster serving Eleven-Eleven has been removed. Guessing it will be gone by the end of the week.
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