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  1. They're not. The "500 Block of Westheimer" topic was started when construction of what was to become Indika began.It's a couple of blocks away and on the opposite side of the street.
  2. YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR RIGHT TO PARTY (?) Beastie Boys, as quoted by Tarzan.
  3. That's a couple of quarters later than I'd expected. Disappointed!
  4. Many years ago I knew an elderly gentleman whose opinions on wine were formed in the early 20th century. According to him, only novices would drink rose' wine, because most of it was created by unscrupulous vintners who would mix a bad white wine with a bad red, and serve it to the unsuspecting hoi polloi.
  5. It's cute but like other trendy effects, it can get old quickly.
  6. I guess making wine is like making sausage: you really don't want to know. Here's an interesting article about wine additives. (Fish bladders?! Who knew!)
  7. It IS odd that these companies (especially Megabus) weren't mentioned. I've taken Megabus several times to Austin, and it's cheaper (if tickets are bought well in advance) much more comfortable, and generally less hassle than Greyhound. I suspect that the savings from not maintaining a permanent bus station are passed on to the consumer; a trailer in a parking lot suffices.
  8. 'Velvet Taco' sounds like an article that could have been sold at Zone d'Erotica.
  9. Soil testing is done when new construction is being considered. It's also done when there are environmental concerns (i.e., leaking fuel tanks). Is there an indication as to why soil testing is being done at this location?
  10. Not trying to be difficult here, but how do we know? Unless we have video footage of the architect sweating over his t-square and drafting table, how can we know who designed which part? And speaking of FLW and fetishizing, his earliest works are oohed and ahhed over, when by any rational standard they're pretty unremarkable. It shouldn't be surprising if one of Pei's (admittedly) smaller buildings constructed after his talent had fully matured is of interest. If I'm following your logic correctly, it goes like this: You like Pei. You hate drive-through banks. Therefore, Pei cannot have designed a drive-through bank.
  11. Not sure if I understand your point. As a trained architect, designing a drive-through bank shouldn't have been too difficult a task for him. But, as you mention, he had partners. If people are big enough to be a name, of course they'll have assistants. What counts is their stamp of approval. Do you think Edith Head designed each and every outfit that she was given credit for? Didn't Raymond Loewy employ drafters and designers? Heck, even Andy Warhol made no secret that many of his paintings were done in a "factory". Whether Pei drafted the blueprints, drew a rough sketch, floated an idea, or just gave a curt nod at the finished product is a moot point. It's an I. M. Pei building. If he didn't think so, he had plenty of time to take his name off from it.
  12. "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." - Yogi Berra
  13. Apparently the builder didn't think so; it's nice and smooth now.
  14. I'm so relieved; I employ them, frequently.
  15. There's a thread dedicated to that lot and building: 212 Milam (the old Chase Motor Bank). I hope so, too. Perhaps the recent death of I. M. Pei will increase interest in preserving this building.
  16. My reaction was about the same, accompanied by incredulous laughter. Who IS this developer - Jerry Lundegaard? "Oh, jeez, I don't know. It's way overpriced, and the neighborhood sucks. People are gonna hate it."
  17. Perhaps I spoke too soon. Elgin (eastbound) already has a pothole large enough to cause a major THUD! if someone is careless enough to hit it (which the 82 Westheimer unfailingly does). If only they had stretched the job out a few more years, and done it right....
  18. It certainly helps to be intimately acquainted with the neighborhood. The casual visitor would justifiably assume that a major street will allow one to travel from point A to point B. It's frustrating to walk a good distance from the closest main cross street only to have to retrace one's steps, and still have no indication as to how to access the closest and easiest route. My observations are from the perspective of someone who sometimes walks without having a fixed destination in mind, and who doesn't carry a GPS device. I realize that that's not everyone. Still, it might be nice to have some warning - maybe "NO PED ACCESS - YOU'LL REGRET IT" signs posted at White Oak Dr. and I-10? Yes, you can get there from here, but it's not as obvious as it ought to be.
  19. HAIF users have an identifier and icon next to their names (Low Rise, High Rise, Lighthouse, Factory, Hotel, Ferris Wheel, etc.). Are these arbitrary designations or is there a hierarchy? If so, is there a key that explains the ratings, and how they're obtained?
  20. Please forgive me if this issue has already been addressed on this thread, but a major impediment to making this development pedestrian accessible is the Studemont bridge over White Oak Bayou. I cannot walk across it. I'm willing to bet that most people can't. A two foot tall railing and an 18" sidewalk do not inspire confidence. There may be other routes to cross the bayou but they are not evident to the hapless pedestrian who discovers that You Can't Get There From Here. Are there any plans to widen this bridge and add adequate sidewalks and rails?
  21. Johnson's influence is evident; Michael Graves (IMO) even more so.
  22. Recently I've noticed that Google Street shows only the most recent image. I miss being able to contrast and compare the same view captured over a period of years. It was a valuable tool for determining the approximate construction date of new buildings, and to jog the memory as to what building used to be at a particular locale. Further, I've found that broken links are increasingly common (for example, the inability to make a virtual turn onto a side street). This can be especially annoying when attempting to find a particular address, only to come to an abrupt stop. Also, the view that appears is often several numbers off from the address requested in the original search. Is this related to the browser used to access Google Street or is this their new standard?
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