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  1. I suspect that security guards for the apartments use "selective enforcement" standards when it comes to who's allowed to use the park. It's a difficult situation. On one hand if it's a public park, the public should be allowed to enjoy it. On the other, the street people who bathe in fountains, openly smoke reefer, and harass passersby for cigarettes and money don't create a welcoming atmosphere, either.
  2. Now you've piqued my curiosity I don't know if I've ever seen (or even heard of) a mysterious parade. Who or what could it be?
  3. Mixed feelings about this. Yes, it's a MCM building with the potential for being attractive - but does Midtown really need another nightclub? A matter of opinion, to be sure. I'm disappointed that the McGowen rail station is still not living up to its potential. Immediately adjacent to the stops there's an abandoned building, parking lots, an underused park, a bar, and the Cadillac dealership (soon to be nightclub). Hardly a destination for those riding the train. Granted, there is an apartment building adjacent to the southbound station, but it could be so much more. I absolutely agree that another high rise on the Cadillac site would be welcome. Here's hoping that someday the plans for restaurants on McGowen between Main and Travis, and the food court in the former Greensheet building become reality. It's been almost 20 years since the rail started operating. I hope it doesn't take another 20 for people-friendly development to become reality.
  4. Glad to see the black mesh coming down, even though it seems like it's taking forever. Like watching the world's slowest strip-tease show.
  5. The guard's imagination may have taken a leap. From mfah.org "Private event rentals" page: Outdoor photography permits are available for formal photography requests intended for personal, noncommercial use only. Examples of formal photography include, but are not limited to, bridal portraits, engagement photos, senior/graduation photos, and holiday family photos. Permits allow for photography in the outdoor areas of the Museum only, and include the Cullen Sculpture Garden; Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza; PNC Roof Garden; Cullen Foundation Promenade; and South Lawn. Formal/professional photography is not permitted inside any Museum buildings.
  6. For some reason, Michael Graves's buildings aren't as popular in Houston as in other places. IIRC, one of the major functions of the Fed building was to provide enough space to process checks. Even before it was completed, laws were changed to allow electronic facsimiles rather than preserving the paper check. The space allocated for the sorting and storage of checks suddenly wasn't needed. Now that checks are almost obsolete, I wonder if the Feds might reexamine the need for all of that unused space, and divest themselves of this building.
  7. The roof tiles have been painted black? That ain't right.
  8. Bear in mind that District Attorneys can, if they wish, indict a ham sandwich. Whether Judge Hidalgo's aides, or her own possible indictment have merit remains to be seen. Until then they are presumed innocent.
  9. According to HCAD the owner is Dr. Anosh Ahmed. Google him - seems like an, ahem, interesting character.
  10. 1. HAIF is an architectural forum, a place where people are encouraged to obsess over buildings and the effect they have on Houston. 2. Yes, it is ethical, and I cannot imagine why it wouldn't be.
  11. The new streetlights are finally in service. Well, some of them. Don't want to rush things....
  12. This is one of the most drastic improvements brought about by covering a dingy yellow paint job since the University of Houston - Downtown (formerly the Merchants and Manufacturers) Building renovation a few years ago.
  13. Shall we guess? Hmm... not just blue, it's not turquoise. It's not lapis. Is it actually cerulean?
  14. Just to clarify things, if you're looking askance at the name of the website on the pen (DONOTBLOW.COM) it's for a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.
  15. IIRC, Wonton (2902 Caroline) was designed by the same architect who designed the Rich's (now Space) building at 2401 San Jacinto. There's certainly a resemblance between the two buildings.
  16. I thought a city ordinance was passed a few years ago that forbids developers from cutting down mature trees on the ROW. Of course, if it was on private property there's probably little or no action the city could have taken.
  17. What makes a taco "street"? That elusive touch of asphalt.
  18. Squash it with what - a monster truck? A steam roller? I think the developer would quash any efforts to do such an unlikely thing.
  19. To me, that Chase Bank across the street looks like one of those buildings that somehow remain intact after being toppled by an earthquake.
  20. I notice that 1927 W Gray (same block, formerly Pier 1) has had a construction fence around it for the past couple of weeks.
  21. Perhaps all three could run. They could call it "The KKK Ticket". (I'm not suggesting that any of the potential candidates listed is sympathetic to the Klan, only that the name would appeal to a certain faction of the GOP. A disturbingly large faction.)
  22. Also, it's unlikely that any housing will be built in the foreseeable future that will be as affordable as those little garden apartments.
  23. The 2 1/2 story building to the west of the demolished bungalow (1509 Westheimer?) has an unusual narrow third story running from the front to the rear of the house. Was this building previously used for some other purpose? Could this have been part of some primitive cooling system? I've always been puzzled as to what purpose it served.
  24. Just curious - was St. Joseph buried upside down and facing the house? And do you know how long the house had been on the market? (not that I'm a believer in this stuff, but....)
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