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  1. Maybe they've been taking lessons from the wacky crew that's taking forever to complete the Caroline St. project.
  2. I heartily agree with the first three sentences. (After that not so much, but to each their own.)
  3. I'm still fond of Postmodernism (which means I'm either way behind or way ahead of the times).
  4. Seems like it was one of these two that used to be in the Park at Houston Center. There definitely was one in there during the 80's.
  5. I wonder if the dark siding on this building will radiate heat onto the sidewalk, making it even hotter for pedestrians.
  6. Glad to see a tenant in this building, and wish that the buildings on the east side of Main Street by the Ensemble Red Line stop would be put to better use. This has the potential to be the most charming stop on the whole rail system.
  7. That's the impression I've had of Altuve as well; he respects both himself and others. So far as the different estimates of his height, according to the Chron: "Rollins is listed one inch taller than Altuve, who in at least one weak moment has admitted to being 5-6." (I dislike the tone of this remark. It implies that Altuve's stature is some shameful secret. I think he's inspiring.)
  8. Possibly a reference to the Heights ZIP code (77008)?
  9. Are you talking about the house that was at one time Baja Sam's and later Mother's? I don't recall a name like that, but a prison-themed bar would be appropriate, as Ray Hill had his "Prison Program" at KPFT for many years.
  10. Save a slice for me. They're delish. And I agree, that there are unsung heroes who deserve as much (or more) recognition as the flashy developers.
  11. I like how it shows the diversity of Houston, featuring people in both their mid-twenties and their late twenties.
  12. I'm trying to determine if drag queens are more "Refined Creators" or "Progressive Trailblazers". Can't help but be impressed by the "Affluent Urbanite", who has somehow managed to import the stoop from a Brooklyn brownstone.
  13. That's either the world's smallest Volvo wagon, or Altuve has had a spectacular growth spurt.
  14. Thanks for the correction. I should have verified before posting. Some states do have variable-rate gas taxes, but Texas is not among them.
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