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  1. Per Nancy Sarnoff in today's Houston Chronicle: "Skanska USA Commercial Development closed this week on a $27 million acquisition of the property at the southwest corner of Westheimer and Montrose where it plans to build an apartment and retail development."
  2. Bought a couple of typewriters (one manual, one electric) and am attempting to regain some of the dexterity that I had before backspace and delete keys, and automatic spelling verification allowed me to become a slipshod typist. Turns out that it's just as hard to break bad habits as it was to learn how to type correctly the first time. It's fun, though. The banging of the keys makes me feel like something important is being accomplished.
  3. So, not BRT. More like BST. I'm an advocate of public transportation and wish I could to be a more enthusiastic supporter of METRO. They mean well, but it seems that from the most ambitious projects to the most mundane daily operations, the level of competence leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. If you mean 3212 Smith, although they look like apartments, they're being used as office space. My lawyer had offices there several years ago.
  5. It looked better before the brick went up, when it was covered with those aqua and yellow sheathing and insulation panels (or whatever they were). Now I look at it and just want to take a nap.
  6. I see what you're saying and agree with it. I'd love to see this corridor filled all the way to the Museum District. It's the actual construction of these buildings that can be a pain in the neck (or elsewhere). Remember what a long, dragged-out process the construction of Camden McGowen Station was? How, months after the majority of the construction was complete, the sidewalks were still impassible? Closing a sidewalk can cause real inconvenience, especially because of the "superblocks" that interrupt Midtown's street grid - the "you can't get there from here" syndrome. Going to a destination only a block or two away can mean having to walk several blocks, and having even more sidewalks blocked off complicates things. Of course it takes time and causes some inconvenience to construct a new building. I accept that. But please, the less time and inconvenience, the better.
  7. I'm a bit disappointed that it's going to take three years. The existing building broke ground in November of 2017 and was pretty much completed two years later.
  8. "surgically restored"? Will this be done on-site, or will they have to transport it to TMC? I hope they're planning on using an anesthetic. I'd hate to see it suffer.
  9. I imagine that soaring property values have also impacted taxes (even after deductions are made for residents who are homeowners and 65+ years old). There's irony in there somewhere - the houses have become such good investments that they're no longer affordable.
  10. Did Admiral do any dry cleaning at this site, or was it strictly laundry? I ask because some former dry cleaning sites have had to deal with contaminated soil, the cleanup of which can be expensive.
  11. The Chinese Consulate also serves as Passport and Visa Office of China. HFD responds to report of fire in courtyard: Houston Chronicle
  12. Sounds like a failed DIY flipping attempt. Once again, HGTV sows the seeds of destruction. Not having the option of retaining the original elements of the building is a deal-breaker for many people. Let's hope someone sees potential in the ruins.
  13. Perhaps they were designed with the climate in mind as well. Dense development along narrow streets would allow less sunlight to filter in, and cause breezes to accelerate. Coupled with shaded, high-walled courtyards with fountains, and the use of brick structures and paving to modulate the heat, the actual and 'feels like' temperatures could be lowered a few degrees.
  14. Is the triangle thingie tacked over the entrance supposed to pay homage to Pei's Louve Pyramid? Because, no.
  15. Or, you could drive to the Burnett Transit Center, where there is an abundance of parking, and take the Red Line to downtown and walk (or take the Green or Purple Line if you don't feel up to it).
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