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  1. What are those lights called? I mean, I didn't think they would be available at Home Depot, but they must be more of a specialty item than I realized.
  2. It still is, more than a month later. With the developers' eye for detail, I'm astonished that such an conspicuous maintenance issue has not been addressed.
  3. The disputes about alleys and who's allowed to use them have been going on for years. In the Heights, people have gone so far as to make them part of their back yard, and erecting fences or gates to prevent their use as a public ROW. As you note, much of the early development in Houston was done in a pretty haphazard way, and there may be legitimate questions as to whether the alley ROWs are still in place, depending on when and where they were established. This screenshot from Google Street of the alley off Stanford (just south of Westheimer) seems to sum it up perfectly.
  4. I like the open aspects of the architecture. The interior design looks like it was designed by a kid with a set of Day-Glo markers and a tee-hee attitude toward potty language.
  5. The sidewalks are finally open, too. Hallelujah, saints be praised, and about @#$@*ing time!
  6. I was thinking it would have the opposite effect. For those who are driving in from the suburbs, it would offer a convenient, centrally located place to park. They could then use the rail for in-town destinations, an increasing number of which are adjacent to the Red Line. Wasn't that one of the selling points of the parking garage at MidMain (HCC/Ensemble Theater stop)?
  7. Welcome to HAIF, Jim. For those who are unfamiliar, here's a photo of The Clocktower (originally The Rein) Building (3401 Allen Parkway). It was one of at least three notable Spanish Colonial buildings built along that section of Allen Parkway in the 20's. I, for one, would be sorry to see it go.
  8. Shadow Hill Maple Syrup is a small, family-operated sugar bush in upstate NY. They have a broad range of maple syrup related products, and superb quality.
  9. "To allow part of the building in the visibility triangle at the corner of Fannin and Cleburne" Does this mean the parking garage will be situated towards the northern portion of the block, or will it cover the entire block? Wouldn't having the garage as close to the Wheeler Transit Center as possible make sense?
  10. For the most part, it's still intact. The layout is virtually the same as it was after its first major renovation 35+ years ago. The most egregious change was the removal of the original black ceramic tiles that covered the lower exterior walls. That hurt.
  11. Aside from the location of its new digs, the question remains: what will become of the current venue? Please, not another Limelight. Please, not another Limelight. Please, not another Limelight.
  12. I wonder which corner this building occupied. Bremond dead-ends into Main at this intersection; however, the block opposite Bremond (west side of Main) is currently occupied by Central Cadillac, which probably was built soon after the Houston Auditorium was demolished.
  13. I think that's The Montrose at Buffalo Bayou. edit: Welcome to HAIF, Plokij!
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