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  1. The leasing sign read "Available First Quarter 2018" We're now well into the last quarter of 2019 and there's still nothing open here. I'm all for street level retail. But is it possible that the Montrose/Midtown area is over-saturated with retail space? Just down the street The Shoppes at Midtown (3030 Travis) looks like a ghost town. Next door 202(?) Westheimer (the former mattress store) stood vacant for at least a year before the current pet supply store moved in. No wonder apartment developers aren't tripping over each other to offer even more SLR.
  2. dbigtex56

    Reve At Montrose

    I like it. Very Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
  3. That is some serious nit-wittery. Has the guilty party been identified?
  4. The chain-link construction fencing came down this morning. (and an aside - the Valero at Montrose & Westheimer is being rebranded back to Circle K.)
  5. Hi Jimmy - by "there", do you mean the Midnight Sun? If so, was it at the same time that Mary worked as a bartender there? (This is the same Mary that later tended bar at Mary's - the fact that their names were the same was a coincidence).
  6. Moderators, it's been ten years since the Houston Metropolitan Dance Co. deal fell through. Please consider renaming this thread.
  7. Yes, I remember Decadance (and thank you for supplying the name - that was buried deep in my mind's Montrose files). IIRC it also briefly served as a live-theater space (as did the former Boobie Rock across the street). I like the idea of it being a multifunctional event space but wonder if the revenue stream would cover expenses.
  8. Does anyone remember The Omni (1540 Westheimer)? I'm trying to recall the name of the video game room next door to it in the early '80s. There was a Chinese guy who dealt acid and sometimes slept under their front steps. I am not making this up.
  9. That, in itself, sounds a bit fishy...
  10. In a project of this size, will retention ponds be required? Between the loss of water permeable land and more rapid runoff from buildings and pavement, seems like it would exacerbate flooding problems in the area.
  11. When it comes to businesses, people vote with their feet and with their pocketbooks. Obviously, this store is filling the needs of enough people to pay the overhead and make a profit, so it's doing something right. Why do you want to deprive their customers a place to shop? Also, it's not big enough to be a huge blight. It's just the right size blight. I dislike downtowns that have become so slick and sterile that they resemble 80's shopping malls. It's nice to see something that's still a bit gritty and real.
  12. CVS remains on my 'naughty' list because of their inflexible approach to development. Whether it's Main & Elgin, Gray & Brazos, or Montrose & Richmond, they slap up the same cookie-cutter building regardless of its surroundings and impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Good riddance. Hope more of them close.
  13. The Social Beer Garden (3101 San Jacinto) seems to be intent on keeping up that address's history of poor relations with its neighbors. Their music blares until well after 2 a.m. and they used portable generators (which apparently lack any sort of mufflers). Calls to the police go unanswered, even though it's obvious that the noise ordinances are being violated left and right. I hope they either start showing some consideration for their neighbors or go out of business.
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