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  1. And then what? There would be fewer residents in the area. Fewer residents means less demand for park space. It would reduce the number of affordable apartments in Montrose, which are increasingly difficult to find. Even more of the people who made this neighborhood interesting to begin with will be forced out. That's some mighty expensive dirt under those apartments - and the owners know it. I can't imagine the city spending millions to buy and demolish taxable property for the sake of tiny parks that will serve a handful of people. OTOH, the greens space that will replace the Spur is land that we already own. In addition to the excellent points made by @Texasota (see above) it will also provide pedestrians a safe and enjoyable connection between Lower Westheimer/Elgin and the eastern end of W Alabama (an area which hasn't been given much love). We've grown so used to the ugliness and inconvenience caused by the Spur that it's difficult to picture the neighborhood without it. Its elimination will be a vast improvement.
  2. Here's hoping that the repairs being made to Trinity Episcopal Church include an over-all cleaning. The old girl is in dire need of a good bath.
  3. This being an Australian company, I wonder if the overlapping forms are a sly reference to the Sydney Opera House.
  4. Reported that three people had been seen entering a vacant building. Would this qualify as an emergency? No, but it was time-sensitive. An hour later five police cars show up. They got on their PA system, saying that they're the police and that anyone in the building should come out immediately. Eventually two people came out. They were cuffed, and put in back seats. None of the officers actually entered the building to see if there were others inside. After about 15 minutes, the intruders were uncuffed and let go. And then the five cars pulled up next to each other, and the officers chatted with each other for well over half an hour. Maybe forty minutes. I can understand why five officers would be a good idea if they were actually going into the building, or if they otherwise would have been outnumbered. But that was not the case. I can understand why officers might need time to discuss what actions would be advisable, and that there is paperwork to attend to. But that was not the case.
  5. Amazing how the Fondren Mansion which once seemed so massive now looks like a cute puppy at the feet of its masters.
  6. Thanks for posting the link. The website gives email addresses where public officials can be contacted, which I've found useful to express my support for the permanent closure of this segment of the Spur.
  7. I wonder if the space used for producing "Texas Justice", "Judge Alex", and "Cristina's Court" has been reconfigured, or if they're keeping the option open for possible future productions.
  8. I'm struggling to think of any parks that have become homeless camps, and have come up with zero. If you're looking for homeless camps, try overpasses, freeway ROWs, and privately owned vacant lots.
  9. Looks like an extensive remodeling. 😁 Here's what it looked like while in the process of being converted from the Hollywood Motel (Hourly Rates Available) into the Montrose Clinic (later Legacy). Photo courtesy of OutSmart:
  10. The only place I've witnessed concrete pours is downtown, which doesn't have much traffic on weekends, and plenty of alternate routes. I assume at some point there will have to be a pour for this project, and it seems like the logistics will be more difficult in a densely occupied area with few thoroughfares. Any thoughts on how this will be accomplished?
  11. This sounds very similar to if not identical to) the discontinued 53 Westheimer. I often ride the 82 Westheimer and it's not unusual to wait 20 (or more) minutes for a bus, then have three show up. METRO drivers have told me that the delay is caused by traffic around 610/Galleria area. A welcome addition would be a Local that runs from downtown down Elgin/Westheimer and turns around inside the Loop (perhaps at Highland Village), which would avoid that bottleneck and provide service that runs on a more regular basis.
  12. Looks that way. Today they were busting up and removing old pavement.
  13. My first reaction upon reading this was "Didn't they just build this place?" Then I read the article. Holy crap! 1989?! At any rate, to me a Target in the neighborhood is a good thing. There's been an unfilled market for b&m's since South Main Sears and the Radio Shack in Montrose closed. Stop laughing. I'm serious.
  14. IIRC, the Hyde Park Grocery (Fairview @ Taft, currently Cuchara) was a Lucky 7 store, as was Ventura's Market (on W. Alabama - since demolished).
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