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  1. I'm unfamiliar with the Red Bag girl. Is she a popular meme or stock photo?
  2. In theory, the Greyhound station is ideally situated, just two blocks from the Downtown Transit Center, three blocks from the (former?) Megabus site, and a block from the El Expreso depot. But who wants to walk through a wasteland inhabited by shady characters? As someone who's ridden the Megabus from Houston to both Austin and San Antonio, not having a connection to local public transportation is a real pain. A taxi ride can equal the cost of the bus ticket. We remain stuck in the same Catch-22 - discouraging people from congregating in the blocks around the station, without violating their civil rights.
  3. I see your point. Still, when the apartments have been occupied so long that leases have expired and been renewed, it's not going up, it's been up. I'd be surprised if any of the tenants think of themselves as living in an unfinished building. Suppose the retail pavilion(s) are never built. Will it be "Going UP!" in perpetuity? Please forgive me for belaboring the point, but I'm bored and convinced I'm right.
  4. I agree. For me, this is not some theoretical argument. I've taken METRO to the South Fwy H-E-B twice, and although it's not that far as the crow flies, it's one of those "you can't get there from here" spots that are one of Houston's distinguishing traits. The store is at the corner of a one-way street (N MacGregor Way) and a South Fwy service road. Actually, one can get there; it's getting out again that's tricky. Imagine being laden with groceries and having to cross a busy street, followed by a long walk on a bridge over either a freeway or a bayou, followed by crossing another busy street. For a while, METRO was offering a shuttle from the Eastwood Transit Center, but it didn't keep any regular schedule. Perhaps @iah77 has some insights that I've missed. If so, I'd enjoy hearing about their personal experiences.
  5. Gee, Ted Cruz has really let himself go.
  6. In a Fire Museum, do they put up signs saying "Please do not touch the fire"?
  7. Houston Fire Station No. 6 is located at 1702 Washington Ave. More info on its history and preservation can be found here. Fire Station No. 7 is at 2403 Milam St and is home to the Houston Fire Museum.
  8. I wonder why the measurements for storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water lines, and sidewalks are given in linear feet, but new pavement is listed as a fraction of a mile. Why not just round it to 4600 feet and be done with it?
  9. Straddling Buffalo Bayou at Waugh Drive. How cool would it be to be in a gondola at sunset surrounded by a cloud of bats?
  10. I agree. A building shouldn't look like someone's first attempt at tie-dying a t-shirt.
  11. What a beautiful view. That tiny saint looks like he ducked behind the post to take a whiz.
  12. Thanks for the corrections, @hindesky and @Houston19514. I'll forward that info to my (unreliable) source. Lesson learned: Post in haste, repent at leisure.
  13. Strictly a rumor, but I'm told that Central Houston Auto payed an exorbitant amount for this property, thinking that a high rise might be built there. Unfortunately for them, TXDOT revealed its I-45 expansion plans soon afterward which could create a construction nightmare, and the property value plummeted.
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