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  1. Future of Downtown

    An example: Central City Co-Op has a farmer's market at Kindred (formerly Grace Lutheran) Church on Waugh Drive. An individual (or group) pays a subsidy to a farmer. In exchange, they receive regular shipments of fresh produce, according to whatever agreement they have about frequency and quantity. The types of produce will vary according to the season and whatever the farmer has promised to plant. So. If someone wanted to invest with some friends to rent a space close (walking distance) to the market (downtown) and use the existing network of farmers and co-ops, you're halfway there. There's your business model. It comes down to having the time, the money, and the balls to make it work.
  2. Future of Downtown

    That would be good coverage. I'd love it, but the sort of store I assume we're talking about would deal mostly in perishables. Without a steady reliable client base there's going to be a lot of waste, which would be reflected in higher prices and/or lower profits. Or is this more the sort of establishment you have in mind? http://www.mercantilehouston.com/ Always nice to know that a $45 bottle of balsamic vinegar is just a few steps away if you're ever caught short. As a confirmed pedestrian who moved to the Montrose 37 years ago, and currently lives on the edge of downtown/Midtown, I think you'll be surprised at my lack of surprise. There's been an uptick in the number of pedestrians in the past few years, but it's nowhere near what it was in the early 80's. [edit: this was meant to reflect the number of pedestrians in the Montrose, not downtown. I agree that downtown was a cemetery 30+ years ago. I worked the night shift at HL&P.) We're getting there. I'm greatly encouraged to know that there are others who know the pleasure of walking simply for the sake of walking and hope entrepreneurs willing to assume the risk will reap the rewards by catering to this market.
  3. Eliminate minimum parking requirements?

    In this instance, I think the free market is the best way to determine which businesses will be viable with less parking and which neighborhoods have sufficient pedestrian traffic to justify opening a business. While I have some sympathy for those who have become used to exploiting the free parking in front of their homes, it's time that people understand that on-street parking belongs to everyone. I've lived in several properties where no off-street parking was provided, and I'm pretty sure that my rent would have been higher if it had. I'm tired of seeing the fabric of a street torn apart needlessly for parking lots that are never more than half full.
  4. Future of Downtown

    We have one :D. Your point is well-taken. Imagine if the Main Street Market started carrying less cheap beer, cigarettes, junk food, etc. and more nut milk, scallions, kale, etc. This is one case where gentrifying the locals out of the neighborhood would be a good thing. The question is, how much density is required to make it work? Are people willing to walk two blocks? three? five?
  5. Lower Westheimer traffic Corridor Study

    The link to the original video no longer works. It can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o77gBQ-SvlY&feature=youtu.be Any post-Harvey estimates on the construction timeline for this project?
  6. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    Kolaches are Czech. Why would I want to think of German ones? edit: the quote is from an article by Holly Crawford, not C&G
  7. Greyhound Bus Station

    Update: Something must have gone down 2-3 weeks ago. Suddenly the groups of 5 or 10 people have dispersed, there aren't many people hanging out at the Texaco station, and generally fewer street people in the blocks surrounding the Greyhound station. Don't know where they are now, but happy trails.
  8. Midtown Common @ 2403 Caroline

    Glad they met their goal +$35k. Maybe now the lot can be mowed.
  9. 201 Fannin

    Can you tell if the beams were riveted or welded?
  10. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    No. That would be Hedwig. I'm not angry, nor am I many of the traits you attribute to me. Just pointing out that daydreams are fine, but there are practical considerations which remain firmly in the box (such as geometry and price tags).
  11. Montrose Gardens--20 stories w/ GFR

    Welcome to HAIF, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know an old woman who lives atop a hill and has a commanding view. One day, a neighbor who built a house a little further down the hill twenty years ago came to her complaining that someone was building next to his house, and how it would ruin his unspoiled view of the valley. She smiled, and said "Dear, now you know how I felt when you built your house." Ever think about how your home may have affected neighbors when it was built? I imagine they weren't crazy about it either. This is one of the hazards of living in Houston, and why many of us have a strong love/hate relationship concerning its unfettered development.
  12. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    Picture how wide a block is, then picture how high the Pierce Elevated is. Your plan is better suited for a roller coaster than for actual cyclists, joggers, or pedestrians. From your exuberance, gauche remarks, and dismissal of practical concerns, I have to assume you're very young. You're not going to be a teenager forever, dear. Ideally a park should be accessible to all and not just whippersnappers. Consider also the ADA; those who implement the plans will be required to make it handicapped accessible.
  13. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    Wouldn't that involve people having to climb or bike ~ two stories up to a bridge over streets, then the same distance down again on every block? That seems like an expensive and inconvenient solution to the problem. edit: Also, the Pierce wouldn't have to remain at its full width for the entire length of the park. In fact, it would be a more attractive design to have narrower paths opening up into wider 'rooms' dedicated to whatever activities might take place there. Also, this would allow for stairways and elevators to be more easily incorporated into the design.
  14. Montrose HPD storefront closing

    While I agree with you, I hope you're relatively young. The finishing touches are currently being put on yet another strip center on Lower Westheimer, and it will possibly be several decades before its (and others like it) life cycle is over. Here's hoping that the developer of the 800 block will push to place it close to Westheimer as possible, and relegate the parking to the rear of the property. Crocker St. Unfortunately, this is an awkwardly sited street for entering or exiting Westheimer, due to the curve and Katz's Deli severely limiting views of westbound traffic. A workable solution might be to rout traffic for the new development down Avondale and place the entrance to whatever parking facility has to be provided off Grant St, directly opposite the Avondale intersection. (However I imagine the Avondale Association would resist this idea.)
  15. Utterly indifferent to having an additional hour of rehashing the same news. They currently don't provide enough content to justify the 1 1/2 hours between 4-5:30pm. Concerned that 13 will move "Jeopardy!" to an inconvenient time.