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  1. dbigtex56

    Queer Us Folk

    "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child" - King Lear
  2. I'd have called it an irregular quadrilateral, but I flunked geometry so that might be more imagination than reality.
  3. I think JUstin was the name of the telephone exchange. From Rice History Corner: I had never heard of JU (or J8) numbers. But after scanning ads in the 1954 City Directory for Houston on ancestry.com, it appears that “JU” in Houston was “JUstin”. There’s an ad for the Hugh Wilkin Lumber Co., 2302 Danville, on the page labelled “I 238” (page 40 of 413 on ancestry.com’s copy) listing the phone number as “JUSTIN 5454”.
  4. Really sorry to hear that. They were nice people, and served good food at reasonable prices.
  5. No offence, but this side of the building looks like it's staring and screaming in silent horror.
  6. As parking garages go, it's not bad. It shows imagination. I've definitely seen worse.
  7. dbigtex56

    Queer Us Folk

    I know what you mean. There are either fewer gay people in Montrose now, or they're just less visible (or both). At one time when Cruise-y (or Disco) Kroger was open, it was almost inevitable that I'd run into a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance when shipping there, but even that was rapidly fading by the time it was demolished. Montrose has a few gay bars left, and the reputation of being "the gayborhood" but the reality is that the days of it being a magnet for gay people have passed. As its reputation became more respectable, the influx of people have raised the rents beyond what many young (or not-so-young) gay people can afford. I don't have an answer to your question, but would welcome any suggestions people might have.
  8. The same could be said about facelifts, too. While in progress they're not pretty. Still, if part of the procedure involves gouging one of the patient's eyes out, or inverting the nose, I'd have reservations. It seems possible that the results might be peculiar and unattractive.
  9. Agree. Even better would be if they'd chosen some less significant hapless building on which to inflict their inept renovation.
  10. The building has a certain MCM appeal (love the perforated blocks on the facade) but I imagine that it must be a wreck after being vacant for so long and having a small fire a couple of years ago.
  11. Me, either. It spurs unpleasant memories of the Gawd-awful Z-Brick that was popular a few decades ago (I understand that it has improved somewhat).
  12. I lived on Richmond Ave in 1982-1983, and if I remember correctly it was about this time that sidewalks and trees were installed. A few months (or a year or two?) later the street was torn up to repair the notoriously leaky water mains. Again, my memory is a bit fuzzy because there was more than one renovation of Richmond Ave. It might be difficult to differentiate between the original makeover (the parts that were spared) and the portions that were rebuilt.
  13. These people do. However, they don't strike me as being especially trendy sorts.
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