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  1. There was an article in the Houston Chronicle about it last week. David W.
  2. Generally, that is alll there is for the rare few that stand. The Epsom is about the only one that is intact, although unused, although in the Epsom's case, the tiny ticket booth is now a home, as evident by the mattress that had been squeezed in.
  3. I am working on a book about movie theatres and drive-ins in the Houston area. I am now in the final stages of the project and am trying to find photos of drive-ins for that chapter. Some, such as the Airline and I-45, are well covered. I am at a loss on others. I am especially interested in finding photos of the Thundirbird. Does anyone have any photos of Drive-in theatres in the area that they would allow to be used for this project? Thanks for any help on this project. David Welling
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