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  1. The trolley poles can pivot so the bus can go around things. And they typically have a diesel generator or a battery to allow off-wire trips, albeit short ones.
  2. Any indication of GFR? Seems like a huge missed opportunity if there isn't any.
  3. ABC13 has its helicopter circling right now. A reporter is en route. Edit: Live on ABC13 website.
  4. Now that Briar Branch has been moved underground, a new multi-use trail has been built. Still very much a work in progress, but it is getting there. I have found no information about the trail other than it being apart of the COH Bike Plan. The only information I have found is in regards to the drainage project. https://sbmd.org/briar-branch-channel-straws-improvement-groundbreaking-ceremony/ and http://www.houstontirz17.org/files/2414/9142/1232/TIRZ_17_Briar_Branch_Project_Update_-_Board_Meeeting_2017.03.31.pdf https://imgur.com/a/0pUCETv
  5. Torchy's is now open. Mia's Table is still building out, but getting close. Kirby Ice House was packed last night, I am guessing they are technically a restaurant? On another note, the park in the detention basin next door is very nice. Slight smell of sewage, but the there was a nice cool breeze coming from the water.
  6. @Justin Welling I don’t quite understand METRO’s reasoning for not connecting more bus routes through the Transit Center. Although I think one of the hang-ups for the 151 and all of the other express buses on 59, is that the HOV lane is only one way, so buses could only easily access the TC in the peak direction. But with two-way HOV in METRONext I would imagine service at Lower Westpark will be similar to how the express buses stop at the Northwest TC.
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