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  1. By the way, I think this is from 1980's or 1990's -- I couldn't tell as I couldn't find a copyright year on it.
  2. I came across a booklet in my files named "Discover Houston Downtown - Tunnel Walk and Rail Tour" by Sandra S. Lord. It's about a dozen pages with some black-white photos and maps. It's free to the first person who asks (as long as you live in US and don't mind not having tracking info as tracking costs more) -- just PM me with your mailing address.
  3. Hiya, I know there has been many postings about Lucky Burger here, but I don't seem to be able to find an answer to my question: did that building (which I know is gone now) have that iconic huge barrel on the top when it opened in 1970's?
  4. To anyone who has lunched at Grand Lux in the Galleria area, I have a couple of questions. How well-lit is the resturant at lunchtime, and do you remember what is the price range of the lunch menu (if they have one)? I've looked at the website, but the online menu doesn't show any prices. Thanks in advance.
  5. So the old KFC was where that bank (sorry, forgot its name) is, next door to that big apartment building with the gargoyles? :-)
  6. Cool -- thanks for all the info on this. -- Angeli
  7. Cool picture -- where on West Gray was this located? Sadly, KFC ain't what it was, now that it's just "corporatized" chain food with fake-tasting sides.
  8. Sorry for replying toa rather old message, but I've been meaning to ask this. Also at 1972 Fairview, next door to what is now the restaurant Roost, is an apartment building. I noticed the entrance to that building is on a diagonal corner, with a pair of French doors cut into it. Since you usually don't see that kind of entrance in residential buildings, I wondered if it used to be a business, like a grocery store or something like that. Anyone know? All I could find out is that the building was built in 1930's or 1940's.
  9. I agree that convenience stores are basically the same. I'm more likely to go to a drugstore these days, since some are open 24 hours and have better selection of various stuff. :-) But I do feel nostalgic for 7-11 stores and Qwik Trip stores (in Tulsa, OK), since I'd go to one of them when I was a kid to buy comicbooks and Slurpees. :-)
  10. Thanks for the replies, everyone...so it sounds like it's not needed anyway.
  11. Yesterday, I got a letter, along with an enrollment form, from American Water Resources of Texas that provides some kind of insurance for water service lines. (Here's a llink for more info: http://www.awroftx.com/american-water-resources/awr/GE--NEW/page20817.html ) Is anyone else getting this too? Is this a good idea? Thanks, Angeli
  12. Speaking of old supermarkets....what did the building at Kirby and Alabama that currently houses Bed, Bath and Beyond use to be? The building definitely looked very "supermarket-y" :-)
  13. My husband and I passed by this large house with green awnings on Hyde Park Blvd, between Waugh and Upas (directly in front of that old fountain) all the time, and we wondered what it was. We thought it might have been a restaurant or a bed-and-breakfast inn -- it has that kind of look. After some googling, it looks like it is (or was) a funeral home. We tried to find more history on it, but can't find anymore other than that it was built in 1945, probably originally as a large single family home. Also, there was a mention of an earlier location Half-Price Books in that area, though it wasn't clear if it was in that house. Does anyone have more info about this intriguing house?
  14. Hiya....I'm looking for recommendations of taxi cab companies in Houston. I already have a general idea of what fares are, and I'm more concerned with the quality of service and average wait times. This would be mostly within the Inner Loop and the Galleria/Uptown area. -- Angeli
  15. Heh....I try to avoid selling on Craig's List unless I need to sell hard-to-ship stuff like furniture. The reason is, 9 out of 10 times, people just don't show up after responding to the ad. I remember one case where a woman and I agreed to a time so she could pick up something. She never showed up, and when I emailed her to ask if she was still interested, she said yes and that she just forgot about it. So, we agreed to another time, and guess what.....she didn't show up. At that point, I was just fed up, so I put the list back for sale on Craig's List. When she found out about that, she got pissed off and yelled, "You make people on Craig's List look bad!" Man, talk about irony.... :-)
  16. Also, I doubt a driver who is busy gabbing away on his phone would notice that he's in a school zone, anyhow. I kind of hate these "illegal in a school zone" things -- it's like a lawmaker doesn't have the balls to make an outright ban, but thinks he might get it passed if children are involved.
  17. We need clueless people, just so we can make fun of them. :-)
  18. Wow, that's really awesome. Can I use that as a wallpaper for my puter, pretty please?
  19. Ugh! These ugly chandeliers with little lampshades *must* go. (I've never understood why these kinds of chandeliers look "updated" -- they remind me too much of these restaurants that were built in 50's or 60's and never updated since then.) And that fireplace is ugly, too.
  20. Hmm....I"m surprised anyone haven't mentioned the tunnels with all these restaurants (mostly fast food last time I visited) down there. It seems there are so many that you could eat at a different one everyday in a month and not run out of options. :-)
  21. I'm not playing this game, but I *had* to comment on the third photo in the original posting. When I saw the diamond pattern in the sidewalk, my thought was "walk pool lane" (ya know, like car pool lane... :-) )
  22. Thanks! For grins, I looked at a satelite map of that area, but don't see anything that would have housed an ice rink, so I guess it's already gone.
  23. Hiya, folks...I know I'm coming into this thread really late, but does anyone know where the ice rink used to be? All I could find out was that it was on Hutchins Street but no street number. And I presume the building is no longer there? When did it close down? Thanks...
  24. I don't think you are the only one -- I was also saddened by his death, even though I wasn't a a fan of his. It's just that he was such a big icon it's hard not to feel anything about it. Plus the double shocker of Farrah Fawcett's dath also didn't help.
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