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  1. Searching around this forum says it will be a 5 story, residential joint.
  2. How about a nice breastaurant. Hooters, Twin Peaks or Chulas. I think it would be a good idea to put it on the east portion of Dallas towards Austin and Caroline. It's only a few blocks away from Toyota Center. You could pregame, post game, or watch the game from that bar. These places, you could get night time usage out of them Can I get a frozen yogurt place in downtown. Everyone loves FroYo. Let's get a Menchies. They just opened up one in Gulfgate and I think there is one near West Gray somewhere. I know there is a Chipotle on McGowen, and there is one on Main, but I think a Chipotle would work here. If not Chipotle, than another burrito joint should work. There is also Bullritos inside the Houston Center. How about a footlocker/footaction? I swear there used to be one in downtown back in the early 90s. Bring back Macys, throw in some Gap stores, Hollisters, and Express's of the world. Throw in an old lady store like Charming Charlie. (that is an old lady store, right?) Also, how about a gym? I know they have a 24 down the street in midtown, but you could always bring in a Lifetime fitness, or LA fitness. A movie theater. It doesn't need to be a 30 screener or as large as 24. But something less than 20 or 16 would be great. Yeah, I know there is the one at Bayou Music Place. But they show more of the artsy stuff. Mindless drivel is fun. I know we want street level, but let's make it two stories, and you can have walkways going over the street.
  3. Does anyone know what is being built between Jefferson, Caroline, Pease and Austin? For the longest time, it was just a parking lot. It was a cheap parking lot. It was only 5 bucks for most games, unless it was the playoffs, or we were playing the Lakers or Miami/Cleveland. I used to park on the street around that block for Rockets game for the last seven years. Now I have to park further down towards the hospital, or by the church. I've seen a bulldozer in that parking lot, and they dug some deep holes in there. I'll try and take some pics of it Tuesday evening. And are there any plans for something to be built where the BUS used to be at? They currently use it as a parking lot. And I don't know why people park there. It is so damn hard to get out of.
  4. I was thinking somehwere near 288 would be good. Cause I see nothing but grass south of Reliant. Long as it's inside the beltway, it's fine. I think people whine and delicate flower too much about location. I can understand it being in Sealy and being pissed because that is TOO far. I think the Woodlands, League City/Webster, is too far. Sugar Land is okay, Clear Lake is okay, maybe even Friendswood is ok. Pearland is okay. Kingwood is okay, anywhere in Cypress is okay, but only as far as Cy-Fair high school. I forgot what road its on. Spring is okay to have it. They don't want to play at Robertson Stadium permanently.
  5. Wow. That is a nice picture. I like how you can see the skyline in the background.
  6. They were more than likely having a football game.
  7. Ahh, that's boring. Don Leonardo called him a terrorist. You guys have to remember that America is the World. Also, I'd like to see the world guard our A list. And I mean Kobe, and McGrady, and Garnett. I'm fine with Lebron, Carmelo, and Wade. If the NBA was so bad, why do players come into the league from other countries? Americans only go to Europe because they cound't crack it on an NBA Roster.
  8. I'm at the library frequently... and they say that the noises happen around 6am. They are making the Ideson building ADA accessible.
  9. Well, football and baseball are different. Baseball parks have more "tradition" in them as oppose to football parks. Infact, football teams played in baseball parks back in the day. Football stadiums do not hold that "aura" I guess, like baseball parks do. Infact, I don't think any fotball stadiums other than Lambeau has some kind of mystique. College Campus stadiums on the other hand, that's a different story.
  10. I guess I could give an update... The escalators are done. They've been removed for a month or so now. I think on the second floor is where they have done the most work. They moved the book shelves that were on the second floor to the third and first floor. They're currently working on the sixth floor also, I think. That's where IT used to be housed, and other old crap. yeah
  11. I went. It was just awesome walking into to dome. All those memories of my past came rushing in as I looked at the translucent lights. I looked and say the astros NL West and Central "Banners" and the State Flag and all that. After the nostalgia wore off, I was saying to myself, this place is a damn dump. I was thinking man... this is where all these Katrina evacuees hung out. The guy at the ferris wheel didn't talk. He mumbled like a true carnie. This one ride operator was an asshole. straight up asshole. I think the best ride there was that one where you laid on your stomach, and you felt like super man. and that slide was pretty fun.
  12. I don't think schools from Dallas would play schools from Houston during the regular season, and the playoffs until the state Semi-Finals and/or finals. However, they could during the non distrct season, which is usually between Week 0 and Week 3. Take a look at this. This is the 5A district alignments. Region 3 is basically the "Houston Region." But district 15 and 16 have Houston area schools in them and are in region 2. Back when I went to high school between 97/98, and 00/01, we were in District 16-5A, which was region 2. During the 98 football year, we made it all the way to the state semifinals, and we never played anybody in the Houston area. I think we played Bryan, and Longview, and eventual State Champs Duncanvile. The only Houston area school we played in was the first round, which is called bi-district. We played the district 15-5A school, which was a Klein school. I can't remember which one. We could have/would have played another Houston school if Eisenhower beat Converse Judson from Region 4, and we beat Duncanville from Region 1. Two years ago, they moved my school from 16-5A to 17-5A, and damn there are a bunch of Cy-Fair High schools. Half of Region 1 and half of region 2 make up the D/FW high schools.
  13. it's been stated already, but i'll pile on. It's been held in 1992, and 2000. and a poster already hit it on the head. It's all about the suites. Candlestick3comMonster is a dump. Watching the Reggie Bush bowl between the Texans and 49ers, you could see how crappy the field was. That's the only stadium in the NFL that doesn't have some type of drainage system. Both times Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl, the weather was terrible. I remember in 2000, there was a bad ice storm. The NFL loves San Diego. The Media LOVES San Diego. It's always perfect weather in January/February. the NFL owners can get their golf game on. Fans can get their slutty gear on for Super Bowl parties. It's going to be 75 and sunny. What's wrong with Qualcomm stadium is that it is an old piece of concrete. They need more suites. Simple as that. Honestly, I think they need a major face lift. That's about it.
  14. I Think they had about 65,000 for a "friendly" between Mexico and USA in 2002 or 2003. This was a rematch from their 2002 meeting in Japan or Korea. It was a 0-0 tie. (SHOCKER) There were scouts from an EPL team there. Manchester United was scouting Goal Keeper Tim Howard.
  15. "Houston, we have a problem?" LOLOLOLA!!@!~ That's original! What's next, steers and queers? HAHAH< FUNNAY! @!!~ You are the Mensa. Damn Houston we have a problem is Original. anyhoo, serious crap. Yeah, but we have air conditioning, remember? Other than the marathon and a few other events, we got the freaking a/c. In the Japan/Korea world cup, they showed a replay later that day. Also, ratings were high because of interest from the US team. We were suppose to be a special team. I guess people latched on, which is good for soccer, I suppose. I think the ratings in Bejing will not be low, but won't be high either, because I think there is interest in Bejing. They're barely opening themselves up to the world. Athens, Greece? But you saw how that went... I agree, South America, most likely Brazil will host it in 2014. I doubt that England or Spain would get it. I think FIFA wants to spread out the host countries by regions. I honestly think the US could win it in 2018, unless we land it in 2014. There was uproar about Germany hosting in 2006 over an African country so they vowed that each FIFA confederation would get to host it. in 2002, the AFC country hosted it in Japan and South Korea, in 2006, a UEFA country hosted it, and 2010 will be a CAF country. So that leaves CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, and OFC. If not Brazil, Aregentina could host it. In CONCACAF, USA would of course be the best country to host it, but Mexico could land it. I think Australia would be the only country capable of hosting the World Cup, I honestly don't see them EVER hosting the world cup. They could share hosting duties with New Zeland though. I don't see Fiji or Tonga hosting a match. Plus, there are 12 cities that host matches, not ten. And the final match would most likely be in some new New York stadium if they get their crap straight or in Los Angeles if they ever land an NFL team. Yeah dude. World Cup is bigger than the Olympics. Infact, world wide, this is how it stacks up. 1) Fifa World Cup 2) Summer Olympics 3) Ryder Cup ...serious about the Ryder Cup. Entire cities around the world shut down. Except here in America. We still work. I remember a story in 2002, that some prison guards in Thailand were in deep trouble because some inmates escapped because the guards were watching the match. Just because America doesn't care, doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't care also. I think we hosted some kind of international games back in the 1990s but I cannot recall which one. It might be defunct. It might not. The Super Bowl will always get Millions of views no matter where it is being played. It is the freaking Super Bowl. It will always get crazy Media coverage no matter what city. The x-games were in LA this year, and last year, but it hasn't always been that way. It's been held in San Francisco. It even started out in Rhode Island. It's been also held in Philly, and San Diego. No matter what they call themselves, the Houston Bowl or the Texas Bowl, or who they are sponsored by, that game will never EVER EVER NEVER EVER be a Rose Bowl, a Cotton Bowl, an Orange Bowl, or Sugar Bowl. Jesus, and Noah, and them bible dudes played in the Rose Bowl, and Keith Jackson called all those games. Those games have been around forever. Now notice I didn't include the Fiesta Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl didn't start up til the 70s. and wasn't even played on New Years Day. They eventually attracted top 5, top 10 teams. They used to have tie ins from the WAC if i recall. This was when the WAC was an actual conference. The Orange Bowl always got the best team from the Big 8, the Cotton Bowl got the best team from the SWC. The Sugar Bowl gets the best team out of the SEC. For the Houston Bowl to survive they need teams that are big names. They need to get up the pecking order by finding some big corporation to sponsor it. Also, it can't be played in the freaking middle of the day on a weekday. Until those requirements are met, the Texas Bowl will just be another bowl game for teams that are 6-5 or 7-4. My take. We didn't offer up enough call girls. We didn't offer up enough free sex. We didn't give money under the table. We didn't provide USOC members free college education for their kids. We didn't give them vacation homes, and estates. Who really cares what show is set in what city? Did Dallas get a sniff from the USOC? I'm sure visitor from Thailand wants to see boxing at the Olympics, and then sneek down to three forks ranch, or whatever that place is called. I'm sure somebody from England wants to see Equestrian show jumping. Then after that, find the old demolished Veterans stadium, and take a picture of the exact spot where Michael Irvin broke his neck. I just equated English Hooligan with Philly Fan. People want to come to Houston, because there is a redneck judge tv show? We got jobbed. That's just how it is in Houston. We know how great our city is. It's just too bad the world doesn't know.
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