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  1. That looks very...institutional. Are you all sure this is not a jail? Or a nursing facility? Because the design language of this building basically says "this is where we keep the poors."
  2. Texas Tower and the Downtown as of yesterday (June 13th) evening.
  3. That's where the treasure is buried. Obviously.
  4. Sorry, I just read this as: "Third Ward group slams private institution for spending money on building nice things, instead of on Third Ward group."
  5. Here's a super wide panorama of the site, showing most of it. The center of the photo is roughly facing east with S Braeswood Blvd. on the far left, and the hideous Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences building to the far right. It seems like there has been no effort made for site-prep for the hotel location, which I'm guessing is at the north-east corner of the project.
  6. As a regular customer of both the Barnaby's and Fadi's located in the original building, I really like how close the garage parking is to the street-front retail. At no point are you more than a short flight of stairs away from your destination, which makes it convenient to get in and out of quickly. I hope the new building retains this speedy in-out aspect. At lot of businesses in other parts of town which rely on garage parking (Rice Village comes to mind), getting in and out is not nearly so convenient. Often stairwells and elevators seem to be planned in relation to the garage, but not in relation to the businesses they ultimately serve. It also seems like there is little consideration in many buildings for keeping foot traffic separate from vehicle traffic in the spaces between garages and retail.
  7. HP is moving its HQ to Houston https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/01/hpe-is-relocating-headquarters-to-houston-from-california.html
  8. Have you been around the Greyhound Station? All midtown keeps looking nicer and nicer every year except for that area. It looks like Hepatitis C in-waiting.
  9. I'd bet that's why they're calling it "Asia Town," which sounds more interesting and specific, in my opinion, than "International District." As a white dude who grew up in the woods of Michigan, this whole city is an International District which is one reason why my wife and I love it. Outside of Chinatown, there are parts of the city which are distinctly Middle Eastern, others which are distinctly Central American. I feel calling one specific neighborhood "International District" would be confusing to outsiders in light of all of the other international areas.
  10. This aesthetic is going to look so dated in 10-15 years, in which case it will be an eyesore. Like all of the mansard-roofed lowrise developments from the late 70's and early 80's. However, I love that we keep seeing more and more mixed-use development in this city.
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