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  1. They're putting up a temporary bike lane for construction blockage? That's insane! It's like someone, somewhere treats the bike lanes as actual transportation infrastructure . . .
  2. These two lines, especially Richmond, are the most important rapid transit lines in the city after the Red line. Thanks to Culberson et. al, our city has lacked an east-west rapid transit line to link our 3 largest job centers: downtown, galleria, and med center. The lack of a Richmond line to link our rail to the silver line is especially crippling. This is basically the second major step towards Houston having an actual viable regional public transit system. Also, I believe the Katy BRT is getting lots of money from TXDOT, so they want to get that going while they have the funds. I thin
  3. Looks like you are correct! The 2 way express lanes in and out of Houston to the P&Rs was indeed part of the vote. I was thinking of plans to connect these with 2 way lanes over 610 to allow region-to-region express busses, instead of just region-to-center express busses as the plan is now. My mistake.
  4. That's a million dollar question. Wasn't part of the bond vote, but I bet TXDOT will fund most of it. Crucial part is that the inner loop needs 2 way HOV lanes for it to work, and as far as I know only I-10 has 2 way HOB lanes.
  5. This is the best possible outcome. Hopefully 1 and maybe 2 get trashed and 3 can go through.
  6. Yeah, although I'm far off from buying myself, I like to keep tabs on real estate in different neighorhoods. Montrose is awesome but unless something crazy happens I think I was just born too late! It's very unlikely I'll be able to afford anything in Montrose, so I'm looking more towards the east end or possibly near northside now.
  7. It's by far my favorite under-construction project in the entire city for that reason, among others :)
  8. I don't see why they would eliminate the ability to make right turns. It is still a major street and all. The biggest thing is eliminating the slip lane and shortening the number of lanes people have to cross.
  9. Just saw this today: That terrible intersection at Bagby/Elgin/Westheimer is finally getting some work done, looks like Bagby is losing that crappy turn lane AND a travel lane! Really awesome small scale stuff. Hope we get to see more soon! https://mailchi.mp/houstontx/montrose-midtown-initiative
  10. Although I like Skanska, I am super nervous about the whole thing. There is so much potential, meaning there's so much potential for this to get screwed up! I'm crossing my fingers for something like Drewery place at the minimum, but . . . who knows? I really wish Montrose had gotten Walkable Places applied and approved for by now!
  11. They're probably super early mockups and who knows if it'll turn out like this, but cool nontheless!
  12. Found working links! https://www.h-gac.com/uploads/transportation-improvement-program-call-for-projects/1030201845847PM.pdf
  13. I KNOW I saw designs floating around here somewhere, I'll try and look for them . . .
  14. TXDOT hosted a "virtual meeting" all last month, which Metro also sorta hosted on their website. Got these neat close-up 3d maps if anyone was interested in some of the specific plans they seem to be going with:
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