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  1. I don't see why they would eliminate the ability to make right turns. It is still a major street and all. The biggest thing is eliminating the slip lane and shortening the number of lanes people have to cross.
  2. Just saw this today: That terrible intersection at Bagby/Elgin/Westheimer is finally getting some work done, looks like Bagby is losing that crappy turn lane AND a travel lane! Really awesome small scale stuff. Hope we get to see more soon! https://mailchi.mp/houstontx/montrose-midtown-initiative
  3. Although I like Skanska, I am super nervous about the whole thing. There is so much potential, meaning there's so much potential for this to get screwed up! I'm crossing my fingers for something like Drewery place at the minimum, but . . . who knows? I really wish Montrose had gotten Walkable Places applied and approved for by now!
  4. They're probably super early mockups and who knows if it'll turn out like this, but cool nontheless!
  5. Found working links! https://www.h-gac.com/uploads/transportation-improvement-program-call-for-projects/1030201845847PM.pdf
  6. I KNOW I saw designs floating around here somewhere, I'll try and look for them . . .
  7. TXDOT hosted a "virtual meeting" all last month, which Metro also sorta hosted on their website. Got these neat close-up 3d maps if anyone was interested in some of the specific plans they seem to be going with:
  8. Looks great! Is there a link to a recording of the meeting these are from? (I'm assuming there was a meeting where these were presented . . .)
  9. Yeah, it looks alright. Just wish there was a better use for a parcel right next to the downtown transit center of all places . . .
  10. Wine storage? Is that a thing? Do people pay just to store their wine in places like this??? Also, wouldn't mind something like this if it included a little GFR . . . as it is this is probably going to detract from the community unfortunately.
  11. God, I wish we had restricted these off of TOD streets . . . the fact that this is going up a block away from a future BRT is terrible.
  12. You beat me to the post! Here's a link to the slides from the first meeting. Pretty interesting. https://issuu.com/xinyez/docs/warehouse_district_public_pres_slides_20200820
  13. When I said it's the only major project that's in progress, what I really meant to say is its the only major extension or addition of service/lines that's confirmed its funding and is officially beginning the road to groundbreaking with meetings like this. The BOOST stuff is great (I take one of those routes to school!) but it's not an addition or extension of a line, just an improvement of the experience. And the University BRT damn well BETTER BE "in progress" in some way, but I haven't seen confirmation that its money is set or that even the most preliminary planning/meetings have started.
  14. I was looking through Metro's website for updates on MetroNext, and found this powerpoint from a meeting that apparently happened about a week ago. According to the presentation, the whole project is already funded through the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Transportation Improvement Program (and as I understand it, the root of much of that money is TXDOT), and the first public meeting is happening by the end of February. We've already seen preliminary designs for the two middle stations, and the whole thing seems pretty straightforward. It's the only major project from MetroNext that's
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