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  1. Did you heard anything regarding the owner of Central Cadillac being willing to sell? It would be awesome if all that land close to the rail station got turned into something better!
  2. It's not really Rice's project itself. It's the fact that they expect land prices across 288 to skyrocket due to the Ion, displacing people there. Imho Rice is doing a standup job, assuming they follow through. This coalition is based on the assumption that unless an agreement is made with them and them specifically, Rice can disregard whatever agreement they made with the city and not be penalized. How that's different than Rice theoretically disregarding whatever agreement they might make with this coalition, when the city is probably going to be the one they call to enforce their agreement . . . I'm not sure really.
  3. Transitional Housing of any kind usually means housing for homeless people to give them a permanent address for a year or two so they can apply for jobs and find housing of their own once under income. Whatever this does to local housing prices, I doubt it'll make much of a dent in the current housing price boom.
  4. Do my eyes deceive me . . . are they actually narrowing the road? Incredible!
  5. Although I do have fond memories of many painful 5 AM mornings on that slope to the creek, I do agree that the park was a bit of a dump for being right next to the largest college football stadium in the country. Glad to hear that it will at least maintain the tailgating space, and I really hope it doesn't end up as . . . well, too much.
  6. I can pretty much guarantee that the University BRT will be one of the busiest lines in the city within a few years, especially if the commuter bus system gets reworked.
  7. I thought that was the little train that ran through Hermann Park? 😋 You know, I bet that one crossing with the Hermann Park train has a similar number of incidents with cars as the average intersection with the light rail now . . . I've seen it happen before.
  8. Oh wow, I'm a dummy. I misspoke and said there are no solid plans for extending east, when I meant extending west. I am SUPER looking forward to the eastern extensions to Hobby, I meant to say there wasn't anything solid on where lines west would be extended, like down Washington or something. My bad.
  9. The only thing I know of even being part of MetroNext was the small extension to the courthouse, and that got bumped to the bottom of the priority list pretty quick when the pandemic happened. As for extending it beyond, that's what I mean by way off. Since there's no solid idea of where those lines will even go, we're looking at an entire cycle of design prototyping, maybe another vote, public comments, and undoubtedly protests from a handful of people along the route, all over again. It's not like the richmond route which was more or less set in stone many years ago.
  10. There are very far off plans to extend that rail east of downtown sometime in the future, but its all in the clouds. There are numerous small roadblocks to extending it, but it was very easy to build the lines going west, so they did that ~5 years ago because it was easy. The stations in downtown may be sharing stations with a (relatively) imminent Katy BRT though.
  11. Speaking of the Astrodome, just saw this article on it recently. It also has the most up-to-date info on the state of its "renovations." https://kinder.rice.edu/urbanedge/2021/06/28/we-need-talk-about-astrodome
  12. It really is. I absolutely love the color of the windows with the color and texture of the walls." Is there a name for this kind of architecture? I want to say modern/contemporary, but this looks . . . too good to be called that imho 😁
  13. I just hope everyone so against the rail on the grounds of eminent domain voices their concerns to their representative. After all, there are like a dozen of projects for pipelines and other utility easements in various phases of work right now, not to mention the massive I45 project which is projected to displace even more vulnerable people than the rail. I'm sure they're just as concerned about those uses of eminent domain too.
  14. They're putting up a temporary bike lane for construction blockage? That's insane! It's like someone, somewhere treats the bike lanes as actual transportation infrastructure . . .
  15. These two lines, especially Richmond, are the most important rapid transit lines in the city after the Red line. Thanks to Culberson et. al, our city has lacked an east-west rapid transit line to link our 3 largest job centers: downtown, galleria, and med center. The lack of a Richmond line to link our rail to the silver line is especially crippling. This is basically the second major step towards Houston having an actual viable regional public transit system. Also, I believe the Katy BRT is getting lots of money from TXDOT, so they want to get that going while they have the funds. I think that's an oversimplification of the two lines, but feel free to add in if anyone else knows more.
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