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  1. I was trying to say at the last Ion meeting . . . since this is going to be at the hub of two of the busiest and most connected transit lines, this is going to be one of the least necessary places in Houston for parking. They should really be trying to minimize the overall footprint of land there for parking lots/garages, including doing some kind of shared parking agreements.
  2. What made that section so weird to begin with? Why doesn't Lovett just continue straight?
  3. Great! Love seeing Houston's lax regs being used to the benefits of communities!
  4. Yeah. Tear the thing down and be done with it. Use lots of the space for parks and service buildings (affordable housing?) but sell the rest if they want. Let the city fill back in.
  5. Quick fix: allow TOD to apply along the route of the most used bus routes in the city. Don't see it happening though. Bus stops can be moved way too easily, and that bus route (56) cuts through Montrose . . . not sure if they'd go for it, much less the folks in River Oaks for route 82.
  6. Currently, a Primary TOD street is determined by objective criteria in the TOD manual, and applies within a certain range around a rail or BRT stop, depending on specifics. They automatically apply I assume as soon as the rail/BRT station is in operation. Secondary TOD streets are in a ring outside that, but they do not apply automatically, the majority of landholders on a secondary street must apply/approve for it to qualify.
  7. With all due respect, it's attitudes like this which end up completely erasing historic neighborhoods in cities like Houston. There's so much of the city that's been bulldozed for no reason other than "it's not remarkable," replaced with something that absolutely contributes less to the community than whatever was there before. We'd be so much better off if we had kept more 1936 movie theaters instead of paving another parking lot. This individual building might not be remarkable anymore (though I disagree), it used to be part of an entire community of similar structures, and only now that it'
  8. Well, it's currently being sued for trying to enforce what little ordinance it has . . . so we'll have to wait for that to pan out first 😁
  9. That's a "be caureful what you wish for" 12 years in the making. For a self storage of all places . . .
  10. Whatever ends up there, I just hope it doesn't end up as boring as Camden Midtown or the Travis . . . that's almost the worst case scenario for a redevelopment there.
  11. It looks much better when it's broken up with that line of gray in between.
  12. I'm not sure honestly . . . the white goes fantastically with the art deco decorations on the northeast side, it would look way worse with brown. Was it really brown originally?
  13. I hadn't heard anything about it, I would have assumed it would have happened with the name change of Emancipation. I guess it just flew under the radar.
  14. It's an entirely different world for their clientele I guess. I was just looking out my window, and realized their penthouse must have the best views in the city, bar none right now. Skylines wherever you look.
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