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  1. I just wondered if anybody could answer this if they happen to see it. When I was young my dad used to go to Texas A&M grad school but at the school in San Antonio. I think it was when we moved out of Texas up to Pennsylvania, but we stopped to get his transcripts up there in college station. This was early 70s like 74? And we stopped In a Burger joint it must’ve been on or near the campus. But The snack shop or whatever it was seemed to be inside another building like I just assumed at that time I was young so I didn’t really know anything about colleges, I was probably 13, it seemed like it was kind of an official college building or some office building or something and you walked in an entrance off of the sidewalk outside and then you walked into the building and there was another entrance in there for the burger joint inside to the right kind of. The reason this always struck me was it was really just one of those experiences that you have when you were Young like being in a new kind of college environment for me because while in there having our food, there was just all the cool college experience, and I specifically remember Rod Stewart Maggie May, and you’re so vain by Carly Simon playing on the jukebox there, or it could’ve even been a college radio station. But it was just the coolest time I always remembered back on it and I always wondered where it was. I was in Bryan today and College Station and I drove around a little bit but I thought there’s no way I’ll ever find it. Anybody who might have an idea where a place like that was in the early 70s I’d appreciate it. 💚
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