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  1. Stopped by Teaspresso this AM. Still in their soft opening. If you've been to the Heights location, then you'll be familiar with the vibe and menu. A little expensive for boba imo (a boba with one topping and a 18% tip ran me $7), but it's good. The person I spoke to, who I believe is one of the owners, lives closeby in the neighborhood, so grab some boba and support local!
  2. Still moving... They have a little driveway and parking lot carved out now. Interested to see it completed!
  3. A little bit of retail in that part of town would be nice! There's a few sad looking strip centers near there south of the rail road tracks that could also use a face lift.
  4. They're doing that on parts of the overpass next to Hardy Yards on the Northside. I think it's like flowers and greenery, and it looks really cool!
  5. Proposed #5 - If it's Watershed, might be a second location of this spot: https://www.watershedhtx.com/ #7 - I am all about Orange Theory moving in closer to me In Negotiation #2 - Interesting that the Astorian is trying to build another space. The one near the Target on Sawyer is beautiful but like right next to that Target. Maybe this space will have a nice view of the Bayou/ Downtown.
  6. That underpass is quite unfortunate. That's our entrance to the bayou, and I swear when I take visitors to walk along the bayou, they probably think I'm going to take their kidneys or something. Once they clean up the sidewalks on Lockwood, it'll look better and if they can add some plants and rocks like they do at most of the other underpasses on the west side of Downtown, it'll look so nice and maybe discourage people from dumping their garbage under there. Also, I asked about that unpaved section next to Tony Marron park at one of the recent BBP meetings, and they said it's slated to be paved/ manicured once they start their East End work.
  7. I am very excited for all of this. Now let's build quickly!
  8. I'm pretty sure they were supposed to open like a year ago... So the fact that there's a structure is positive in my book. Lol.
  9. The noise from Night Shifts roof would drive me crazy, so hopefully they have some good ear plugs 😂 Cool design though and loving added density to the Harrisburg corridor.
  10. This is a very generous rating of the HEB at Gulfgate...
  11. Well, the permit was specifically for the building at 4210 Canal, which was the building that used to house the skate shop. It definitely looks more retail, so I was surprised to see the company on the permit managed Airbnbs. The house behind this building is currently under renovations as well.
  12. So cool! Maybe this means more businesses will move in to support the folks who will move in there. There was that one empty lot on Navigation and Baywood that had a "coffee shop coming soon" banner on it forever and recently got taken down.
  13. This company was on the newest permit (for plumbing work) on the window. Not sure if that means they plan to turn it into Airbnb rentals? https://www.instagram.com/vineyardparkrentals/
  14. I will probably never go to either of these places, but that's cool they're repurposing an old warehouse! Will the St Emmanuel location not be affected by the 45 expansion?
  15. Tried the adult Capri Sun and the churros yesterday. Everything was great and really liked what they did with the decor.
  16. I haven't been yet, but my friends who live off Lawndale love Mr. Donut (if you were looking for a donut place on the East End): https://g.co/kgs/4uT2SH
  17. More re: Cafe TH. Stopped by today for farewell food. They ran out of food around noon. Minh seemed to be happy to be leaving their spot (it seems they may have had some issues with building management?). But he seemed confident that he'll open up another concept in the future and like he wanted to stay in the East End community if possible. You'll be missed Cafe TH and Minh. We'll be the first in line at your new place!
  18. There were also some cool little shops in a couple of the containers that were open. One was a little local makers market. The second was a vintage clothing place: https://www.instagram.com/cargohouston/
  19. That's too bad. I got a latte, and it reminded me of Xela which I enjoy. It was kind of pricey though.
  20. What?? Noooooo. I really liked this place and Minh was so nice.
  21. So cool inside. And Segundo has some solid coffee and baked goods from Koffeteria!
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