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  1. Not too much progress on the building itself since the last post, but I saw people playing on the courts when I walked past this AM!
  2. I emailed Buffalo Bayou Partnership about how much it would cost to fund a bench with a placard on the East End side development ($5k for those interested). In her reply, the development person told me that they aren't placing benches in the East End for another "2-3 years." So there's a bit of an approximate timeline.
  3. Hello! Is there a timeline for when y'all are looking for the next space to be open?
  4. Would be a shame to buy and demolish since the house and adjoining structures is still in what looks like great shape and historic. And yes. Even though land is going for that much, I think it's slightly crazy. I love the East End, but there are still things like roving packs of stray dogs that would make a million dollars not seem worth it for me (not that I have a million dollars. Lol.)
  5. A friend (a fully grown adult woman) LOVES Rainforest Cafe. She says it's her favorite restaurant. So there's at least a market of one for this.
  6. My recent "you want how much for that?" house on the East End: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/4942-Polk-St_Houston_TX_77023_M89209-33326
  7. Then why didn't they build in Midtown? Or in any of the empty lots in Downtown? There's surely greater accessibility to the rail line and transit there. How about Rice Military has direct access to plenty of bike paths, Memorial Park, and a bus that goes down Washington. Yes, the East End is developing and for the most part, I applaud that development. Let's develop and redevelop in a sustainable way, including affordable housing here and in other places. Because it's not just this building or this housing project that I direct my comments to, it's that the majority of these projects are being built in the East End, Northside, or Fifth Ward where the residents are poorer and less white.
  8. From the article from KHOU, it seems this will be housing to help transition teens/ young adults who age out of foster care. Since many don't necessarily have somewhere to go after, this seems like a great way to get them the social, educational, and other services. Here's an article the Texas Tribune did on the issue recently: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/04/21/coronavirus-texas-foster-youth/ Do I think that this is an initiative that has the potential to help people? Yes. Do I support putting in transitional housing for foster youth and other people? Yes. However, and I've said this before, I think the city/ state can do better than place what seems like all the new transitional housing in the East End or other economically not as well off parts of the city because the property values are less expensive here right now. They could more evenly distribute development into other parts of the city, but I think that historic lack of civic engagement from the East End and other working class neighborhoods (i.e. fewer people that make a fuss) makes it easier to place these developments here. Stepping off my soapbox now.
  9. Every. Damn. Time. It's not going to be a Sprouts people. I will try to give people the benefit of the doubt that it's more a symptom of the neighborhood needs a better grocery store than Polk Kroger.
  10. They've started construction. I'll try to snap a picture when I wall past next time.
  11. Read some comments on Nextdoor about this and you would think a brothel was moving in 🙄
  12. I didn't. I was trying to live in the moment (which may be overrated? Lol. I kid.) A bunch of people took some though, and I hope you get to soon!
  13. Went there last week and watched the sun set over downtown. It was spectacular.
  14. Stopped by Teaspresso this AM. Still in their soft opening. If you've been to the Heights location, then you'll be familiar with the vibe and menu. A little expensive for boba imo (a boba with one topping and a 18% tip ran me $7), but it's good. The person I spoke to, who I believe is one of the owners, lives closeby in the neighborhood, so grab some boba and support local!
  15. Still moving... They have a little driveway and parking lot carved out now. Interested to see it completed!
  16. A little bit of retail in that part of town would be nice! There's a few sad looking strip centers near there south of the rail road tracks that could also use a face lift.
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