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  1. Right. I just meant keeping the tracks instead of ripping them out entirely, and then adding bike lanes and other bike/ pedestrian friendly design. I didn't mean having bike riders ride near/ on the track of anything.
  2. That mural is so beautiful! Thanks for the pics.
  3. I hope they keep the tracks and incorporate them in the new bike-friendly design. I love keeping that old history and character. Like the brick streets that you can still see in the Fourth Ward.
  4. I think it says "Stephens" as in "Baby their-last-name"?
  5. I walk by here daily, and while I am all for affordable housing, I have mixed feelings about how much this building will dwarf all of the other buildings/ houses in the neighborhood. They're not even done building the second story yet, and I already think it's pretty looming, so we'll see how five stories will look. Maybe I need to just get over it because that's how it'll have to be in the future to add urban density. I hope they add some nice trees at least.
  6. I, for one, am hyped for this project. Especially if it means they'll clean up the overpass on Lockwood and clear the sidewalks that connect to the trail.
  7. They're digging up the right side of the lot to put in pipes. The left side (not pictured) has some concrete foundation poured. The sign in front of the work site said that the expected end date was 6/01/21 (not sure if that was entire work site completion date or a certain part of the project).
  8. Walked past again today. They've leveled the plot now. The construction notice has the completion date as May 2022.
  9. Ignore the fact this was taken from the passenger side of the car as we were driving past. Lol.
  10. Noticed they demolished the warehouse at 5601 Canal the other week. They've made good progress in clearing the space. It's the future site of mixed-income housing called the Canal Lofts. 150 units and a senior (?) community (http://www.blazerbuilding.com/portfolio/construction/) Their website says spring 2021, but I'm sure that's been pushed back since they haven't even fully cleared the land yet. Some more info from CoH about funding: https://houstontx.gov/housing/communication/2020/plain/0622.html Will try to snap some photos next time we walk past. 5601canal.pdf
  11. Their headquarters are in the East End (on Navigation near Turkey Bend), and I always found it interesting that there are so few stations on the East Side. I bet it's a function of starting a pilot where people would be more likely to use it (Downtown, Midtown, Montrose) and expanding from there... but it would be nice to see more around here. I added a bunch of station suggestions on Navigation, especially near the Esplanade!
  12. 1) This is awesome. 2) I hope they provide earplugs for their guests. That's right by the train tracks!
  13. I guess they're back on! ------- https://houston.eater.com/2021/2/11/22276596/bumpy-pickle-second-ward-houston-opening-pickleball-courts A Quirky New Bar Devoted to the Sport of Pickleball Will Soon Arrive in the Second Ward At the awkwardly named Bumpy Pickle, find nine pickleball courts and a full menu of food and cocktails by Brittanie Shey@brittanieshey Feb 11, 2021, 9:30am CST A quirky new sports bar is set to bring the game of pickleball to the Second Ward later this spring. The Bumpy Pickle, at 554 Lockwood Drive next to Eastwoo
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