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  1. They just need one more gas station where the mattress warehouse is, and it'll be a perfect gas station intersection.
  2. I'm pretty sure Popston is in their soft opening - they have weekend hours on their Instagram. This pretty mural is also now up!
  3. I didn't know where else to post this, so I can repost in the correct spot if needed. Went to one of the Metro planning meetings regarding the new propose MetroRapid expansion, specifically their University Line. Segment 4 covers the Lockwood segment. Photos of a few of the posters I found interesting attached. Some other points: - All segments will be built concurrently - The next planning meeting probably won't be until early nexy year, as right now they plan to complete the engineering aspects of the plan. Comments are open and welcome though on their website: https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/METRORapid-University-Corridor-Project.aspx - The proposed stop at Harrisburg and Lockwood will be elevated to go above the train tracks. Lanes will only be open to dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes - They plan to have two dedicated BRT lanes (cutting in/ carving up the median 😭) and leaving two lanes each way for car traffic. Going to have paths on either side of around 10 ft (less depending on private property lines). I asked about bike lines and they said it wasn't a priority at the moment since they had some on Sampson/ York but to leave comments since everything is still in planning
  4. It looks pretty nice! They added a small bell tower/ cross and the building is painted white. And a couple weeks ago, I was driving past and there was a small congregation out front (not sure if it was an opening celebration?). I'm currently out of town, but I'll snap a pic when I get back (unless someone else does first!)
  5. Can't wait for them to finish with the sidewalks. They've been pouring all week, and hopefully they get the trees up soon too!
  6. Was also at Via Colori! Had a great time, and the artwork was very cool.
  7. Huh. The bar area is still not complete but apparently it's open, per their Insta (https://www.instagram.com/bumpypicklehtx/)! Hours are: Saturday 8AM–12AM Sunday 8AM–10PM Monday 10AM–11PM Tuesday 10AM–11PM Wednesday 10AM–11PM Thursday 10AM–12AM Friday 8AM–12AM Management seems very active on Google reviews too and seems confident they'll have the bar up and running soon (they ran into "significant" delays).
  8. Went to the yoga event at POST skylawn this past Saturday and it was packed. They estimated that there were 500+ people there. It seemed like it was a little bit of a logistical nightmare but was neat to see it so full. The food hall was also buzzing, so there's definitely interest! Photo is from when they thought the event had to be inside cause it was raining but then they moved us all to the lawn (but didn't snap a picture at that point). Blendin Coffee is also now open. Their soft opening hours are currently 10am-5pm (or 6pm depending on the day) but the nice barista said that was subject to change once they get on their feet!
  9. Not too much progress on the building itself since the last post, but I saw people playing on the courts when I walked past this AM!
  10. I emailed Buffalo Bayou Partnership about how much it would cost to fund a bench with a placard on the East End side development ($5k for those interested). In her reply, the development person told me that they aren't placing benches in the East End for another "2-3 years." So there's a bit of an approximate timeline.
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