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  1. "I moved into Near Northside a few years ago. I could feel the growth and potential, loved the area. A few commercial places popped up soon after I moved in. Things seemed good. But since, the Hardy Yards project is all but failed and 2020 seems to have sapped the momentum the neighborhood had going." seems i read something about hardy yards getting back on track, although our study group deemed most all the "complete" and "liveable" plans on file with the city's planners, developers and assorted interested entities incomplete and unlivable. currently we're working with LISC and greater opportunity (GO) neighborhood northline, a project announced end of 2019 at the 10 year conclusion of GO neighborhood northside. after losing nearly 2 years with the pandemic, shutdown and economic downturn, just as things started to resume we began experiencing big problems with northside's cdc- playing catch up commingling northside/northline and to save a few bucks, trying to import northside plans/initiatives- some which run counter to our own preferences and priorities. seems we solved it through the city's dept of neighborhood, though with the city's once prominent "super" neighborhood program broken and outdated (37 of 88 defunct and about half of the remaining 51 inactive) it's going to get messy again. we launched "proposed super neighborhood #45 northline/northside" this year, just in time to learn the alliance hired kindred/rice to split us up like spring branch into several smaller communities and without our input or approval (because we're defunct). about half the working group wants to fight and remain a huge territory, while our "micro to macro" community building team suggests dividing it by zip code (77076, 77022, 77091) would be fair. anyway, not much can happen until the census data's out and redistricting takes place. no coincidence, northline being the biggest, poorest and last to be gentrified- with 60k residents stakeholders to engage. you'd think GO neighborhood would feature more prominently into the picture but oddly, many businesses and developers seem oblivious to what's going on until construction starts outside their door. doesn't help that metro keeps going back and forth with their rail plans- when we'd settle for benches and covered shelters for our #56 bus. hang in there with northside- things took off quickly and the sloppy cdc is being reformed. as for marketing hype and stupid nicknames, branding is going to be a nightmare. it's "greater" northside on some maps and northside on others- our map extending down I45 all the way to hidden valley and over to acres homes (shepherd/tidwell) refers to our massive territory as "northline/northside", while large parts of airline business district and greenspoint refer to their neighborhood's as traditional "northside". hopefully your area sticks with "greater" northside:) https://www.go-neighborhoods.org/
  2. since i pride myself on turning to the experts, can anybody help me out with the story behind this domed building located at 6604 harrisburg? our community building project in northline comes with strange territory- namely all kind of people sending in all kinds of photo's from all kinds of other areas asking for background. suggestions so far include an observatory, switch station, pump station the "bee hive" house, old water well and my favorite- the "alien landing" house. truly appreciate it!
  3. many fond memories- my grandmother (seen here '68) was once the men's dept mgr.
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