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  1. So many memories of the Galvez Mall...just a few: I spent a lot of time hanging out at "the Mall." I was a teen during the '80s, so of course that is something I did. I saw many movies at the theater (The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars [with my grandfather one of many times I saw it summer of '77], Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Blues Brothers, Poltergeist, etc.). When I was eleven, I rode my bicycle at least one time from where I lived on Gerol Drive to the Mall to see the movie Heaven Can Wait. Eleven years old. I estimated via Google Maps it was a 2.5 mile journey, one way. That was in 1978-era Galveston traffic on Stewart and 61st Street. I wouldn't dream of doing it today. Played lots of Tempest and other games across the theater at Aladdin's Castle. There was a t-shirt place for a while around 1982 called T-Shirts Plus. You'd choose a design and then they would iron it down on a shirt. It was next to a pizza place that was on the corner just down from Aladdin's Castle, around the corner from of it was an Orange Julius. I still think about going to the SEARS on Saturday mornings with my father sometimes when I smell grass clippings from lawns being mowed today. I can still see it pretty clearly in my mind's eye. There was a Globe department store in the spot that eventually became Eibands. I have a clear memory of being in the Globe around the time of the movie The Warriors being out and causing controversy. They had a great record department. Also sold guitars (albeit shitty ones). B'Dalton's Book Sellers was so great. My parents bought me many books there. Eventually I was old enough to buy my own. Had a great magazine section. That little wooden bridge was right outside near the entrance to B'Dalton's. Pearson's (spelled?) clothing store was the place to buy clothes in the mid-80s. I think it was a cool place to work as well. Right next to the music store, Mr. Music, too. I loved Mr. Music. Next door to the Athletic Attic - first one of those I ever saw. Bought some Nike's there. An early video rental place moved in next to the Athletic Attic at one point. Also shopped for clothes with my mother at Bealls and Schwartz's. I still have some sports coats from Schwartz's I had them tailor for me just before they closed around the mid-80s. They still fit. I think the cafeteria (Wyatt's) was right across from Schwartz's. I miss cafeterias generally. Do any exist now? I sure hope the former general manager uploads some pictures. I can't believe someone hasn't located on a VHS tape (or something) a news broadcast (or something) done at the Mall, or at the very least, more pictures. I guess we just didn't have a camera with us unless we: a.) even owned one at all to begin with and b.) thought to bring it to the Mall.
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