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  1. It’s true I was working at Public News when they wrote about it. They found the poor fellow in a closet after being abandoned there by a S&M group that hired him to mummify him and have sex with him. He apparently overindulged in cocaine and had a cardiac event and died. They left him there and the owner wasn’t a dry cleaners it was the owner of the old leather bar Chutes on Westheimer where empire café is now. Which never doesn’t make me laugh when I see “Ladies Who Lunch” Enjoying their avocado and toast at approximately the same space where the pool table where gentlemen were chained by their feet and wrists and plundered like a person chained to a ceiling by their wrists and feet. They found him closet in a condo somewhere on Pacific Street. By the time they found him he was essentially mummified. I Don’t think anyone was ever charged with a crime because the owner of the condo was incompetent to stand trial because of some brain parasite and other complications due AIDS and he died soon after. I also have no idea why I remember the story so vividly I’m not a Hardcore S&M enthusiast
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