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  1. Bad photo...didn't realize the plant was blocking most of it until I left 🙃, but Wells Fargo has a "Now Open" sticker.
  2. That is great! My guess is the city was already looking at replacing those signals anyways since they are the older style with wires and they'll replace it with the steel poles in addition to the new pedestrian signals. In response to 11th St and Nicholson, the proper signage (although minimal) is there to inform drivers to yield. Unfortunately, Houston drivers just do not know how a pedestrian crosswalk works or they don't care. Regardless, I think enforcement is needed at that crossing to inform and educate drivers (might be an unpopular opinion, but Houston drivers need to do b
  3. I agree @wilcal That section of terminal A doesn't see a lot of love to begin with, so I would be happy to see WN utilize the space.
  4. @wxman Here are my thoughts on the matter. SWA would not being doing this if it weren't for COVID. They have slashed their schedule and they have empty planes and crew that needs to be on planes. Southwest is looking into how they can utilize their planes and crew in effective ways that won't burn cash at alarming rates. If that means they can start IAH operations (in addition to HOU) by using aircraft that would've been parked with crew that needs hours, and at the end of the day could even possibly turn a small profit or just break even; then they'll pounce on it. Also, Southwest might see
  5. Issue with LA-Vegas is the line is not technically LA-Vegas, it is currently planned to Vegas-Victorville with an extension in the future to LA. That means Angelenos would have to drive at least 75-90 minutes to reach Victorville. No one would want to do that. The line will only be successful if they make it go to Union Station, which they're unable to do at the moment. Not surprised it is delayed, their plan isn't the best from the start. With that said, I wouldn't compare CA's situation with HSR with Texas. I do believe HSR Texas can be successful, but CA has just had too many hiccups and ne
  6. KPRC did an update last night on both the Southmore Bridge and Ardmore Bridge. Report says Ardmore Bridge delay is due to quality issues similar to what @hindeskystated above.
  7. For those curious, KPRC did a small report on the final touches before the project is completed. TXDOT did say it should be done by December.
  8. Was that space part of Rise? Or was there like a salon/spa there? I can't remember.
  9. @wilcal Saw it from airliners.net, can't seem to find the exact quote. Schedule starts it at March 11, so I guess it is not that soon. My bad.
  10. Currently, United has A1, A2, A3, A7, and A8. A3 is rarely used, it is the smaller part of Terminal A that Continental Connection (the prop planes for smaller Texas markets) used to fly out back before 2012-ish. When Southwest flew to IAH prior to 2005, they flew out of A7 and A8. (Link to photo of Southwest at IAH https://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-3T5/679490?qsp=eJwljksOwyAMBe/iNYuQlH7YtRdoFr2ABVaCRAMyrtQoyt1L6M5%2BY43fBi4tQl95rZnAQiFkN4OCjIzvAnYDDBzDckDTDxddmUufRXgFa7RRwDSFtIDV5qYgJofS1uHUXbUCj0LjnCRNjHkmXzV9152qpSSWR5W0k7tzlKXif/5kT3wgKq6Vmer/asvEY5thONfch5IjNgc
  11. @nicole23 I believe it is 6$ now. Here is more information at the Zoo's Website: https://www.houstonzoo.org/plan-your-visit/prices-and-discounts/lone-star/
  12. IAH only has so many slots. SWA's presence at IAH will be minimal with only a few flights a day to a few destinations. Also, SWA has recently announced multiple new routes out of Hobby starting to Cincinnati, Detroit, Fort Myers, Miami, Minneapolis, Ontario, and Sacramento. I think HOU will be just fine!
  13. The question got me thinking what a gas station would look like if it were to encourage walkability. Did some digging and came across this photo of a 7-Eleven in Orlando, FL. I wonder if the new build would even consider something like this? https://www.metrojacksonville.com/mobile/article/2016-mar-how-to-fit-a-gas-station-into-brooklyn
  14. "Part of the second floor of the building had fallen down onto the first floor. Dispatchers said there are reports of at least one injury." Can't really tell how bad it is yet...doesn't seem too bad though. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/10/05/emergency-crews-respond-to-reports-of-building-collapse-in-west-houston/
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