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  1. I thought it looked like a walkway from a parking garage to Terminal D, but I am not sure.
  2. Pretty detailed map graphic on page 43 of a recent Metro Capital and Strategic Planning Meeting Packet. The North Canal Project will cut through a bus storage yard, so that is why Metro was covering it. https://ridemetro.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=2192
  3. @JLWM8609is right, 311 is pretty good about traffic signal maintenance. Also, just wanting to throw this out there, the city has updated the online 311 website and the app (did back in late June and early July). I'm finding great success with it. Haven't had issues with it (unlike the old seeclickfix software) - and I make quite a few reports. Here is the new websites link for anyone wondering https://houston311.powerappsportals.us/en-US/. Just click on "report a problem" and then click on the tabs provided to help lead you to make a claim.
  4. Lol did they really fence in METRO's trash can?
  5. @iah77 Gulfton is getting a new bus route on Sunday connecting Gulfton to both Hilcroft P&R and Lower Uptown TC where the Silver Line (Post Oak BRT terminates). I get what you're saying...I would say that Shepherd has potential to become very dense. We are already seeing it around Shepherd and Washington with all the new apartments. The inner Katy BRT line will also connect Northwest TC (METRO's largest transit center) with Downtown so it will play a key role in METRO'S regional network.
  6. As someone who rides the bus to/from downtown, automobile drivers struggle with the current bus only lane design. The red paint will be a game changer and I hope it can encourage more people to take METRO to Downtown.
  7. Inner Katy BRT Virtual Meeting tonight (8/16) at 5pm. I am not sure if there is an actual video presentation, or if you just walk through the powerpoint on your own. There is a place to leave comments though. Here is the link: https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/METRORapid-Inner-Katy.aspx Click "upcoming events", and then you'll see the meeting.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, but I think I might have the answer to this, Montrose TIRZ 27 eastern boundary is at Tuam, the work that was done for Tuam and Fairview was Midtown, so that is my guess to why it wasn't extended. Montrose TIRZ is actively working on replacing sidewalks and making the neighborhood safer to bike and walk. Hopefully Fairview is soon on the list to be fixed.
  9. For comments regarding the capping of the freeway and adding open space in EaDo, remember that is conceptual and TXDOT will not fund that. TXDOT is relying on private investment or other entities to do the amenities on top of the freeway. Renderings sure look nice, but that it is not guaranteed. TXDOT makes you want to think that is how it will end up looking like... Yes, TXDOT will burry the freeway, but what goes above it can still change.
  10. There is also a connection to the tunnels at the basement of the garage....just opened a few weeks ago ;). I take that as a good sign!
  11. From a friend's apartment at Texas and La Branch. Taken Sunday, July 25.
  12. Monday-Thursday, 7 AM - 10 PM Friday, 7 AM - 12 AM Saturday, 8 AM - 12 AM Sunday, 8 AM - 10 PM *Vendor operating hours may vary Its pretty busy during the lunch rush now. Most of the vendors are open (I think Mama Ninfas is still temporally closed). Some of the vendors are not open on Fridays, and some are not open on weekends.
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