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  1. Two other examples of enclosed shopping malls that were repurposed successfully rather than becoming derelict and eventually torn down: [1] Grand Boulevard Mall, a small upscale mall in Jacksonville FL was purchased by Florida State College at Jacksonville and developed into classroom and other campus facilities. Attended classes there as part of my teacher certification requirements; [2] South Park Mall, a large general purpose mall in Shreveport LA, was purchased by Summer Grove Baptist Church and developed into a full service church facility. Originally built to serve a fast growing residential area near a large Western Electric factory, the mall foundered when the factory closed down and many former employees and their families moved away.
  2. Recently watched on Blu-Ray Galveston (2018) movie starring Ben Foster and Elle Fanning. Foster plays a 40 year old career criminal on the run from the mob circa 1988. He meets up with a 19 year old call girl (played by Fanning), also on the run after killing her abusive stepfather (and the father of her 3 year old daughter). All three characters flee to Galveston (Foster's home town). The movie was filmed in Savannah GA with Tybee Island GA standing in for Galveston.
  3. Beach erosion, the loss of sand deposits, is an ongoing natural process. Fortunately, the periodic dredging needed to maintain the depth of the Houston Ship Channel provides an ample amount of sand that can be used to offset beach erosion and in many cases, expand existing beaches. Sea level rise due to climate change is a more difficult problem to solve.
  4. Remember the Port Holiday Mall quite well. I was conveniently close to the Best Western I stayed at, Stewart Beach Park, and the Holiday Inn I stayed at the following year.
  5. Interesting, high quality photographs showing the late 1980s interior and exterior changes designed to transition the Galvez Mall from a general purpose to a more upscale shopping venue.
  6. Kudos to the members who mention specific movies they watched at the Galvez Mall movie theater complex. Assuming first run showing dates, this narrows the time frame to within a few weeks of any given year. If and when the Covid-19 pandemic subsides and there is a reliable vaccine, it might be fun to check out the Pier 21 movies on the hour and half hour as well as the Galveston 11 theater complex. Have seen consistently good reviews for the former, mixed reviews for the latter.
  7. Thanks ChrisinNac for your recent post with a lot of detail about Galvez Mall as it was during the 1980s. For the tourist, particularly one on a day trip, the mall was a great way to relax and unwind after a day at the beach. Stewart Beach Park had (and probably still has) dressing rooms with showers and a secure place to store street clothes, similar to those found in public swimming pools. After a shower and back in street clothes, it was fun to hang out at the mall, maybe watch a movie, before returning home. As I recall, it was about 5 miles northwest on Broadway (I-45) to the mall. Once it was time to return home later in the evening, the parking area behind the mall's theater complex was near or adjacent to I-45. Regret not bringing a camera with me to document my trips to Galveston. Glad to learn Galveston County closed its beaches during the July 4th weekend. A sensible precaution.
  8. Sadly, the Galvez mall decline and eventual closing is an all too common story for enclosed malls in many areas. The Festival Bay Mall in Orlando, FL (865,00 sq. ft. indoor area) was nearly empty for several years until it was renamed, remodeled, and repurposed to an arts & crafts oriented mall with the new name, Artegon Mall. The new name only delayed the inevitable closing of this mall. Only the movie theater complex, a sporting goods store, and a boat dealership, all of which have their own outside entrances, survive. Regency Mall in east Jacksonville, FL (about 8 miles from the beach) was a great place to spend time with many stores, a large food court, movie theaters, and two arcade game rooms. Today, all the anchor stores are gone and only a few shops remain. Most people are afraid to drive into the Regency Mall parking lot, much less enter the mall itself.
  9. Visited the Galvez Mall several times during the mid-1970s when I lived in Shreveport, LA. Although 5-hour drive, Galveston was the closest beach resort. Lots of Galveston ads on Shreveport TV stations during the summer season, plus post season ads in September. Also remember the Port Holiday Mall, Holiday Inn, Best Western Motel, and Mario's Pizza near Stewart Beach Park. Also remember watching Gumball Rally at the Galvez Mall theater complex. Bought a Sherlock Holmes hardcover anthology at B. Dalton Bookstore. Great book I still have. Saw the pictures with a bunch of 1970s Pontiac Trans Am cars in the parking lot. By coincidence, all my trips were made in my 1975 Trans Am. Good memories of great times.
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