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  1. From my perspective, the greater Houston area, past and present, is very interesting.
  2. This sounds like accrual accounting that does not recognize incoming payment from a buyer (in this case the tax incentive) as income until the goods or services are delivered to the buyer at some point in the future. As you stated, tax incentives affect income but not the the cost.
  3. During the 1980s, I did not live in Texas or any adjacent state with significant oil production. My statement that there were no nationwide economic recessions during most of the 1980s (1982 to 1990) had the disclaimer "unless this was a local condition peculiar to the area". The 1980s recession affecting the greater Houston is area well documented online. The HAIF members and visitors would have been better served if I had taken the additional step to research online and identify the local recession conditions affecting the greater Houston area during the this time period. In the mi
  4. My use of the phrase "net cost of filming" is incorrect, in that it states that tax incentives are subtracted from costs. Tax incentives are assets that are applied to revenue, once the product is completed and delivered. Thanks for providing a breakdown of the respective tax incentive structures in Georgia and Texas. Assuming the respective gross costs of filming in Galveston TX and Tybee Island GA are comparable, it makes sense to choose a filming location in the state offering better tax incentives, including the ability to aggregate tax incentives on several smaller projects. Your breakdow
  5. After watching the GALVESTON motion picture (2018) on Blu-Ray disc, then reading the GALVESTON novel (2010), it was interesting to watch the motion picture again. Nic Pizzolatto (credited as Jim Hammett) and Melanie Laurent (credited as director, not credited as screenwriter) were clearly up to the challenge of adapting and condensing a 250 page novel into a 94 minute motion picture screenplay. Overall the screenplay simplifies and clarifies events in the novel in a highly effective manner. Roy Cady (male lead character), is smart enough to anticipate and escape from the setup design
  6. As documented with text and photographs in earlier postings by various members, the interior and exterior of Galvez Mall (Galveston TX) was cosmetically renovated circa mid-1980s as part of a plan to convert it from a general purpose to a more upscale retail facility. Photographs (May 1976) show its exterior appearance at the approximate midpoint between its original opening (circa 1968) and its subsequent interior and exterior renovations. Photographs (July 1987) show its interior and exterior appearance after renovations. These renovations were (in my opinion) well executed, but ultimately i
  7. Having watched the GALVESTON motion picture (2018) on Blu-Ray), the next step was to read the novel (2010) it was based on. The GALVESTON novel has mostly good reviews from readers and literary critics. My hardcover with dust jacket copy in used/very good condition came from Thriftbooks, Dallas TX. The main characters in the novel are complex and flawed, the "bad guys" they encounter are very bad. As stated previously with regard to the motion picture adapted from this novel, (the real) Galveston TX and the roads connecting it to the Texas mainland look very different from its movie
  8. Most readers who visit this area of HAIF probably know that Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans was a privately owned amusement park located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The beach was artificially made by dumping sand along the shoreline adjacent to the park property. The hazards of water pollution, undertow, and submerged rocks (rip-rap) made the lake an unsafe area for swimming. The amusement park offset this by building two swimming pools adjacent to the shore. The the lake provided an ambience for swimmers from the safety of a controlled water environment. My 7th grade cla
  9. My listening to KILE Radio on the car radio during my 1976 visits to Galveston was noted in an earlier post referring to its signal coverage and programming format. I have a clear recollection of one particular song I heard on KILE one afternoon: GIMME DAT DING, performed by The Pipkins (1970). I have no idea why this particular song stands out so clearly in my memory of listening to KILE. As an aside, The Pipkins were a short-lived British novelty duo. GIMME DAT DING reached #9 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1970. The present callsign since 1991 is KHCB (Houston Christian Broadcast
  10. The Seawall is a historic landmark that gives Galveston a unique appearance over its 10+ mile length. It symbolizes the massive effort taken by determined survivors to rebuild the city to a higher and safer elevation following the devastation of the 1900 hurricane. The parallel parking spaces along Seawall Blvd. separate the pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the motor vehicle traffic on Seawall Blvd. Motor vehicles that are parked and stationary, or moving slowly in or out of parking paces, pose less danger to pedestrians and cyclists than do motor vehicles moving at the posted speed limit o
  11. The Blu-Ray disc of GALVESTON I own has audio tracks in English and French and is distributed by Mongrel Media, an independent Canadian film distributor. This, coupled with selection of Melanie Laurent, a prominent actress and filmmaker in France, to direct the film (with extensive rewrite authority), suggests the film may have been intended for marketing primarily to French speaking (francophone) audiences and secondarily to English speaking audiences. Once my order for the novel (Galveston by Nick Pizzolatto) comes in, reading it should provide me with a better basis for comparing the novel
  12. The GALVESTON movie was based on the 2010 novel GALVESTON by Nick Pizzolatto. The movie was directed by Melanie Laurent (who made revisions to the original script). This 2018 movie had only limited distribution in the United States. As far as I know, the 2010 novel is the second novel with this title. The first being the 1976 novel by Suzanne Morris. I remember seeing the Morris novel displayed for sale at the Galvez Mall (Galveston TX) location of B. Dalton bookstore in September 1976. By coincidence, both were the first novels published by their respective authors (Morris and Pizzolatto).
  13. During my 1975 trip to Galveston, I remember getting takeout food at Corrella's Corral (Tex-Mex) and Bill's Barbecue. Corrella's Corral was probably on Seawall Boulevard going southwest from Stewart Beach but my recollection is not clear. My recollection is clear about Bill's Barbecue being located on Broadway (Ave J). One evening during that trip, my girlfriend and I went to a table service restaurant she was familiar with from her previous trips to Galveston. My order of barbeque shrimp was excellent. The restaurant was on or near 61st street somewhere between Seawall Blvd and I-45 (Bro
  14. Addendum concerning 317B: Aside from its long term stability and reliability, the Continental 317B transmitter was very compact (by 1962 standards) for its 50 KW power output. Everything but the final amplifier blower was self contained inside a set of cabinets only 12 ft. wide x 6 ft. deep x 6.5 ft. high. Its two 6673 final amplifier tubes weighed 29 lbs, each. By comparison, the RCA 50KW transmitter (installed 1949) at nearby KWKH had a set of cabinets 36 ft. wide with an external concrete vault (for fire safety) containing the 3 plate supply transformers, plate supply filter choke, modulati
  15. Really enjoyed listening to the 6/22/1975 Jay West air check on KILT 610 AM. This is very close to the time I was on my week-long Galveston vacation in 1975. KILT was a constant companion while driving around in the car, in the motel room (when we weren't watching TV), and sometimes when at Stewart Beach or the motel swimming pool. Many small and medium market disk jockeys I knew would listen to big market top 40 stations (some would take notes while they were listening) to get ideas for improving their techniques and maybe getting a shot at their own big market gig. Two examples I know of who
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