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  1. During my first trip to Galveston (circa July 1975), my then girlfriend and I stayed for 6 days at a motel located within walking distance of Stewart Beach Park, but don't recall its name. Most of the motel's rooms (including the one we stayed in) were in a building elevated on concrete piers above the parking area. There were also three or four "cabana" rooms located in another building(s) at ground level. The restaurant building was vacant. As this motel was not part of a chain with a toll-free reservation number, I had to contact the motel directly to reserve a room. Other than give my name, address, and home phone number, I don't remember anything else that was needed to reserve the room. Presumably the motel would have billed me had we been a "no-show". The following year (circa September 1976), I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Galveston for 1 day after reserving my room via the Holiday Inn toll-free reservation number. As this was off-season, there was no problem getting a reservation. After checking in and getting unpacked, my main activity that evening was a leisurely road trip to the western end of Galveston Island. Once out of the tourist area, it was mostly beachfront residential areas until the vicinity of San Luis Pass. Because the bridge across San Luis Pass required a toll payment, I opted to turn around and head back to the motel instead of crossing the bridge. According to my car's odometer, the trip was about 27 miles each way (54 miles round trip). The Holiday Inn I stayed at was probably the one located (at that time) near the Port Holiday Mall. After checking out the next morning, most of the day was spent at or near Stewart Beach Park, followed by an hour or so at the Galvez Mall before heading home.
  2. Urban Cowboy grossed nearly $50 million 1980 dollars (approx $165 million in 2021 dollars). With that in mind, the scene depicting southeast Texas with the San Gabriel Mountains visible in the background seems to be a significant error that should have been corrected during post production. There may have been budgetary constraints that limited the amount of time and money that could be spent on post production. After Urban Cowboy, John Travolta's career declined during the 1980s, but True Lies (1994) returned him to major star status. By contrast, his costar Debra Winger, became a major star during the 1980s, but her career declined in the 1990s.
  3. The reason for filming scenes depicting Galveston TX in New Orleans LA is likely due to the better tax incentives the state of Louisiana offers compared to those the state of Texas offers. This is also the likely reason scenes depicting Galveston TX in the 2018 movie, GALVESTON, were filmed in Tybee Island GA. For accounting purposes, tax incentives are treated as income; the better the tax incentives, the higher the income. Cost of production in Galveston TX is probably comparable to cost of production in New Orleans LA or Tybee Island GA. In summary, when the costs of production are comparable, it makes good economic sense to chose filming locations in states offering the best tax incentives. The downside of filming scenes depicting places in Texas in other states is the possibility that many Texans expect scenes depicting Texas to be filmed in Texas.
  4. In the days before online shopping, many families within reasonable driving distance made annual or semi-annual shopping trips to downtown New Orleans. When I was a kid, I remember going with my parents to several large department stores in or near the central business district including D. H. Holmes and Maison Blanche. Most of these shopping trips from New Iberia to New Orleans were combined with visits to relatives who lived in Thibodaux (approximately 80 miles east of New Iberia and 60 miles west of New Orleans). New Orleans was (and presumably still is) also a popular location for annual conventions. The conventions my parents attended typically lasted several days. The places I remember staying at (when I was a kid) are: Jung Hotel, Monteleone Hotel, and Tamanaca Downtown Motel. I also remember visiting the 33-storey International Trade Mart building at least once. It has since been repurposed with the new name, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences New Orleans.
  5. As a long time visitor to Galveston TX, I look forward to the possibility of a YouTube video featuring the Galvez Mall. From my perspective, this mall was an integral part of the overall Galveston experience. Feel free to contact me at any time if you want explanation or elaborations of anything I have posted. Best regards,
  6. Been there, done that lots of times via Houston I-45 to Galveston. Always wanted to take the ferry from Bolivar Peninsula to Galveston Island. Starting from Beaumont TX, it's about 80 miles and 2 hours driving time via the Bolivar Peninsula. The 2.7 mile ferry ride takes 18 minutes + 9 minutes average loading time either direction. When there is a long line of vehicles waiting to board, there may be a longer waiting time, depending on how many ferries are in service. By contrast, it's about 120 miles and 2 hours driving time from Beaumont to Galveston via I-10 & I-45. The route via I-10 & I-45 is efficient and convenient provided you avoid arriving in Houston during weekday morning or evening rush hour traffic.
  7. This is consistent with accrual accounting that does not recognize incoming payment from a buyer (in this case the tax incentive) as income until the goods or services are delivered to the buyer at some point in the future. Tax incentives affect income but not cost.
  8. Although there were no nationwide economic recessions during most of the 1980s (1982 to 1990), the 1980s recession affecting the greater Houston TX area (including Galveston TX) is well documented online. In the mid-1980s, I was offered a transfer from the Jacksonville FL location to the Houston TX location of GE ICES (Instrumentation Communication Electronic Services) Calibration Lab. To the best of my recollection, nothing was said during the interview process about economic recession conditions or other problems with the Houston area economy. I decided not to take the transfer offer because it was lateral (no promotion) and did not offer financial assistance for moving expenses. Had the transfer offer included financial assistance for moving expenses, it is likely I would have taken the offer. In later years, GE ICES and many other GE manufacturing and technical service components went away as GE transitioned from a leading manufacturing company with financial subsidiaries to a middling financial company with manufacturing subsidiaries.
  9. Tax incentives do not affect costs. Tax incentives are assets that are applied to revenue, once the product is completed and delivered. Assuming the respective costs of filming in Galveston TX and Tybee Island GA are comparable, Georgia offers more generous film production tax incentives, including the ability to aggregate tax incentives on several smaller projects. In addition, Georgia law allows unused tax incentives to be sold to other Georgia taxpayers. A typical selling price would be 90 percent of face value less brokerage fees, if any. Production companies, their owners, or their employees do not have to be Georgia residents or have bank accounts in Georgia.
  10. After watching the GALVESTON motion picture (2018) on Blu-Ray disc, then reading the GALVESTON novel (2010), it was interesting to watch the motion picture again. Nic Pizzolatto (credited as Jim Hammett) faced the initial challenge of adapting and condensing his 250 page novel into a suitable motion picture screenplay. Melanie Laurent (credited as director, not credited as screenwriter) was given broad authority to make changes to the screenplay during filming. In my opinion, the screenplay simplifies and clarifies events in the novel in a highly effective manner. Roy Cady (male lead character), is smart enough to anticipate and escape from the setup designed to eliminate him, but goes on to make several mistakes after leaving the New Orleans area: [1] contacting his former girlfriend (in person at her home) and thereby announcing his presence in southeast Texas, [2] telephoning the New Orleans physician who diagnosed his lung condition, & [3] telephoning his former boss and trying to extort money from him. The first mistake provided an eye witness with a motive for revealing his current whereabouts. The second mistake provides a telephone call that can be traced to his current location. The third mistake not only provides a way to trace his current location, but the attempt to extort money gives his former boss an even stronger motive to have him eliminated. The scene in the movie with a road sign indicating the distance between Beaumont (TX) and Galveston (TX) is approximately correct if the route taken is via the Bolivar Peninsula and the ferry connecting it to Galveston Island. The decision to film this movie at Savannah and Tybee Island GA was likely due to the tax incentive structure offered by the state of Georgia, compared to that offered by the state or Texas. Aesthetic considerations (the look and ambiance of Tybee Island GA versus the look and ambiance of Galveston TX) were less likely.
  11. As documented with text and photographs in earlier postings by various members, the interior and exterior of Galvez Mall (Galveston TX) was cosmetically renovated circa mid-1980s as part of a plan by the Rouse Company to convert it from a general purpose to a more upscale retail facility. Photographs (May 1976) show its exterior appearance at the approximate midpoint between its original opening (circa 1968) and its subsequent interior and exterior renovations. Photographs (July 1987) show its interior and exterior appearance after renovations. These renovations were (in my opinion) well executed, but ultimately ineffective for the stated goal of attracting tenants. The then general manager of Galvez Mall attributed this to a severe economic recession during 1986 & 1987. Although there were no nationwide economic recessions during this time period, there was a severe and prolonged economic recession in the greater Houston area beginning in the early 1980s and bottoming out in 1987. The recession was due to the collapse of petroleum prices and the consequent high unemployment rate. The greater Houston economy did not return to its pre-recession level until early 1990. To summarize: Galvez Mall opened in 1968 as a general purpose retail shopping mall with a mixture of large, medium, & small retail stores, and a triple-screen movie theater. In circa 1986 the mall was sold and cosmetically renovated (interior & exterior) to attract more upscale tenants. In late 1994, Houston-based developer Steve Fincher (dba Baxstep Investments) purchased the mall, renamed it THE ISLAND, and attempted (without success) to market it as an outlet mall for retailers who sold discontinued and overstocked merchandise. Some taxing authorities (but not Galveston County) provided a 5-year tax abatement to this developer. Beall's (the last major tenant) left the mall in March 1996 leaving only two smaller retail tenants, GNC and Ritz Camera. Non-retail tenants included: Galveston Model Railroad Club, which set up a working model train layout and held meetings inside the mall until circa 1995 and The Island Fellowship Church which operated at the former Beall's location until mid 1997. Photographs (Oct 1996) show the mall's exterior appearance seven months after Beall's departed. The mall became derelict (probably during the latter months of 1997) until its demolition in 2000. The land is now occupied by two large stores, Home Depot and Target (each with its own building), as well as several smaller stores arranged in a strip. Walmart is only 2.2 miles south at 6702 Seawall Blvd. The nearest multi-screen movie theater, Galveston Primetime, is approximately 3.8 miles away (from Home Depot & Target) at 8902 Seawall Blvd. According to a promotional excerpt from Galveston County The Daily News, island area real estate developer, Miguel Prida, recently purchased the theater. Access to the full article requires an online or print subscription to the newspaper.
  12. Having watched the GALVESTON motion picture (2018) on Blu-Ray, my next step was to read the novel (2010) it was based on. The GALVESTON novel has mostly good reviews from readers and literary critics. My hardcover with dust jacket copy in used/very good condition came from Thriftbooks, Dallas TX. The main characters in the novel (Roy Cady and Raquel Arceneaux) are complex and flawed, the "bad guys" they encounter are very bad. Most of the novel is set in 1988, told in first person by Roy Cady. Various flashbacks, also told in first person, provide background information on events in Cady's life that put him on the path to becoming a career criminal. The latter part of the novel is set in 2008, immediately before the approaching storm (Hurricane Ike) makes landfall at Galveston.
  13. Most readers who visit this area of HAIF probably know that Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans was a privately owned amusement park located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The beach was artificially made by dumping sand along the shoreline adjacent to the park property. The hazards of water pollution, undertow, and submerged rocks (rip-rap) made the lake an unsafe area for swimming. The amusement park offset this by building two swimming pools adjacent to the shore. The lake provided an ambience for swimmers from the safety of a controlled water environment. To celebrate the completion of another school year, my 7th grade class traveled by chartered buses the 135 miles from New Iberia to New Orleans. Lots of fun including a movie (probably at the Saenger Theater) followed by several hours at Pontchartrain Beach. Most of us were tired out and slept on the bus at least part of the way back. Over time, declining attendance led to the park's closing circa 1982. Lake Pontchartrain is a salt water lake connected by The Rigolets (natural channel) to the Gulf of Mexico. In recent years, lake pollution has been greatly reduced. K5JRI Radio is proud to be a native born New Orleanian!
  14. My listening to KILE Radio (1400 kHz AM) on the car radio during my 1976 visits to Galveston was noted in an earlier post referring to its signal coverage and programming format. I have a clear recollection of a particular song I heard on KILE one afternoon: GIMME DAT DING, performed by The Pipkins (1970). Why this particular song stands out so clearly in my memory of listening to KILE that afternoon is an open question. As an aside, The Pipkins were a short-lived British novelty duo. GIMME DAT DING reached #9 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1970. The present call sign (of the former KILE) since 1991 is KHCB (Houston Christian Broadcasters). Licensed to League City TX, its offices and studios are in Houston TX and its transmitter is in League City TX. Power is 1KW directional (same constants day and night). Maximum radiation is approximately north and south; minimum radiation is approximately east and west (pattern shape resembles an upright peanut with a slight tilt). The most powerful AM broadcasting station licensed to Houston TX is KTRH (The Rice Hotel), transmitting since 1942 on 740 kHz with a power of 50KW directional (different constants day and night).
  15. Due to the crowded conditions along and adjacent to the seawall during peak tourist season, I would be reluctant to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk adjacent to the seawall. Subject to weather conditions, bike riding is likely to be safer during the off season months when there are fewer tourists out and about. Fortunately, there are lots of good weather days in Galveston during the off season.
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