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  1. I remember it the other way around - the movies were in between the commercials!! And they were on Saturday mornings.
  2. At the time, Goodyear had 3 blimps, one based in Akron, the one in Spring, and one in Los Angeles. The blimps were often sent to big football games in outdoor stadiums to provide "overhead coverage" for ABC primarily, and advertising for Goodyear. The three bases were to provide strategic locations around the country for these events. After some years of this, Goodyear decided to consolidate the bases and returned the Houston and LA blimps to Akron. Soon afterward, they all just kinda disappeared from view. I lived in Spring at the time, just a few miles from that base, and enjoyed watching t
  3. Roy Roger's WAS good. I worked at the old Mobil service station on the SE corner of the Gulf Freeway and Woodridge. Every Saturday and Sunday, I would walk to Roy Roger's for lunch or dinner, and get either their roast beef sandwich or fried chicken. I loved both!! Then, when the McDonalds opened up next to us, I'd go there. All the time until I got sick of it. We'd been given coupons for a free Big Mac to hand out to our fillup customers. But I used many more myself than I handed out. To this day, I still can't eat at a McDonalds.
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