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  1. I thought I'd revive this thread just to say I remember the Purple Cow on Hillcroft very well--they even put purple food coloring in soft serve ice cream to make it that color! As for the Chuc Wagun--best onion rings around at the time--who can forget the neon wagon sign!
  2. Kudos to Subdude for the link! Speaking of Mexican--are any of the Los Tios restraunts still around? I used to work as a busboy at the one off Fondren & Bissonnet back in '75
  3. Wait--I think think the name of the place I'm thinking about was Jamil's on the NE corner of Gessner & SW Fwy!
  4. I definitely remember Yamin's--great pizza bread! I used to work @Film N Photos right across from it!
  5. You bet! And there were also the cast-offs like Nickerson Farms--remember the honeybee hives in the back of the store?
  6. you can still see the remnants of a few Stuckey's on I-45 N on the way to Dallas..there's one outside Corsicana
  7. It's always funny how the papers back then would put the person's name AND address in the article--could you imagine that now? It'd probably land a lawsuit!
  8. Woah! Now those area awesome! I, too could have been in that Clock pic (but was probably at Gene's Model shop!!)
  9. True--and one more would be "The Best Western Inn's" with the rope surrounding the logo
  10. The breakfast menu was great--what prices! And not a McMuffin or pop tart in sight--and you gotta love the grits that were included!
  11. This time of year with school almost out, I remember the 6th grade @Bonham Elementary back inthe 60's & early 70's would spend a day @the Quilian Center near Alief. Would anyone know if it's still there?
  12. I don't mean to break the thread by talking about pharmacies but is the old Yale Drugs still around? I think that used to be in the Village
  13. [Would that be the Jones Apothicary (sp.) Shoppes once located around town? I remember one @Bellaire & Bissonnet
  14. Excellent comparison on the "W"--anyone have a pic of the old Sharpstown "S" that was prominent on the watertower & mall?
  15. Meyer Speedway used to be out there as well--near Hillcroft & S. Main..I don't know what year the bulldozer ate it. How about Navarro Courts?
  16. Spent many a night in the Chelsa St Pub---remember the One Man Band guy that played there?
  17. Man--I remember the Mitchell Inn..kinda resembled a Holiday Inn (somewhat smaller "Great Sign")..is it completely gone now?
  18. that's my hoem turf--I'll see what I can come up with
  19. we stayed there several years ago & it was in horrible shape--rusty fixtures, creaky elevators & rude employees
  20. It's a great alternative to C.E.Cheese--more variety with both food & games
  21. you can't forget Earls' Ice House on S.Main--last known exisience inthe early 80's..there's mention of "Ernie's Ice House" in the Clint Black song "Nothing's News" that imortalizes them as well!
  22. I remember Winterland as late as 1975--any remains of it?
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