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  1. That's pretty cool--does it include drive-ins or just indoor?
  2. I remember seeing "White Line Fever" @McClendon Triple in '75 and they had the cab over used in the movie on display
  3. Something tells me the Super Slide won't be included in the final price...but that's a whole 'nother thread!
  4. I remember an ill fated "Elvis Tribute" @the Capittan in Jan 1978--they show a movie and one or two impersonators and charged a fortune to get in
  5. The Red Barn was indeed a Par 3 9 hole course--although I'm thinking it probably didn't make it out of the '70's the way development hit in that area. One that didn't make out of the '60's was the BraeBurn Driving range on the NE corner of Bissonet & Fondren--The B&B Sandwich Shoppe was in front of it. Anyone else remember it?
  6. Boy now that takes me back! My grandparents lived on Maple first and then moved over to Holly til about 1971---and yes, they had the window air conditioners as well. Plus the little gas heaters throughout the house (gave it it's own unique smell!! lol )
  7. If you asked, the Carnation or Foremost milk truck guy would give you a paper hat or pen if thet had extras
  8. You & I must've had the same job because that fit my descripition as well!!!
  9. They started phasing them out in the 70's--i believe you can still see remants of the one in Rosenburg (different name now) at the end of HWY 90A--with the cowboy sign out front
  10. I used to work @Chuc Wagun on Bissonnet back in 72-73 for the one & thank God only Richard Warren (yep--remember his name after all these years...some restaurant mangaers will do that to you) for the whopping amount of $1 an hour---wow! and no 401K's back then! But I did like the food & the neon sign out front was really cool
  11. Saw Elvis there in August 1976---$12 a ticket!!! I'd give a jelly donut to see pics of that show (like an idiot I DID NOT bring a camera)
  12. Hey's here's a couple more--there was an old cemetery near Keegan's & Brays Bayou that probably was lost in all the development 25 years ago...also one near Stafford Rd I believe was called Cravens. Any rememberances?
  13. Yes--the Corral in Madisonville has withstood all advances of time & hung in there. Can't say the same for Nestar's in Buffalo..that long time staple of the drive from Hou-Dal on old 75 bit the dust quite some time ago..the Terry's T is now an antique shop!
  14. ahh-the YMCA..i remember when Westland Y on Fondren was in a temporary building and about the last thing you saw before S. Main. We had the 1st baseball team there called the SpitFires..right as the YMCA logo was changing to just "Y"
  15. Shows how life was back before 1000 cable channels, computers & dvd's--when sitting on your roof to watch a drive-in movie without sound was an event! We used to do the same trying to catch the sounds of Meyer Speedway---
  16. Agreed! And didn't Ron Frankiln replace Enis when he passed away?
  17. You can bet it'll be a strip center before you say "rice farmer" (which it probably once was)
  18. yep--Key Pharmacy on Bissonet delivered as long as I can remember
  19. Great Post! Was it GiGi's Model Shop or Gene's Model Shop that was in the mall?
  20. Yep--had my burr cut by Rico @Robindell Barber Shop many times--it was a classic, complete with Popular Mechanics magazines dating back who knows how long, a big ol' TV that picked up 2 stations on a good day & a Coke machine that dispensed with the old silver handle!
  21. Anyone remember buying one of the little "map turtles" at 5 & dime stores? Better yet--did anyone have one that actually lived more than 2 days? I remember getting a few @Wacker's in Robindell Shopping Center
  22. My grandparents lived on Holly for years (he worked for the Bellaire Texan--is that paper still around?). The house I'm sure has been torn down & is someone's "mini-mansion" by now
  23. i'm going to continue this subject from a previous thread & give it it's own title. Does anyone have any memories (or better yet, pictures!) of this landmark shopping center in SW Houston? It's been there almost 50 years (and from what I hear could be facing the bulldozer soon) and had some pretty classic stores in there--i.e A&P, GF Wackers & Mading Dugan (Rexall) Drugs. I believe Bigwick liqour is actually still there. Thanks!!
  24. There was also a lunch counter at Key Pharmacy in the Robindell Shopping Center (Bissonnet & Bellaire) that was there for years--probably up until they closed in the 80's. Many times I remember going there, and there was just something about those drug stores that had a feel about it you don't get anymore..
  25. yep--Shipley's has been there quite awhile! But I'll take it one step further...ever eat @Johnny's Hamburger House just down the street? Right next to 7/11 on Bissonnet & Albacore!
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