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  1. I use to mop the floor of that store some Saturdays for a role of nickles listening to Donovans Mellow Yellow. I went to Bonham but I never knew anyone who lived there. Across from the Handy was a small Professional Bldg. along the bayou. Did you start the topic on Robindele sic Center Sharpstown Bill? Heck this is better than reading a book.

    There was also an ARCO station on the corner--I remember Dad giving me 50 cents & I'd walk down there & fill up the gas can for the lawn mower & had money left over for an ICEE next door..hey do you remember the guy that always wore a hard hat that seemed to be at the Handee Mart everytime I came in? Nice guy but can't remember his name. I think I did start that thread a while back--it's pretty cool to see pics whenever someone posts them..for some reason my computer won't load Googlr Rarth

  2. GoogleEarth shows (in the 1953 historical image) a large piece of land, no trees, with a white structure (house?) in the middle of it, with a bayou close by, directly north (think it's called Keegans) , a creek to the south, that flows into the bayou on the golf course, Ricevillle School Rd. (S. Gessner) to the west of it. The golf course was directly next to it, to the east. The entrance road to the white structure was off of Riceville School Rd. (Gessner). It sat back off the road. The property had apartments built on it, eventually, 1970's. Maybe that's the property you speak of.

    On the opposite side of Riceville School Rd. (Gessner), near the intersection of Breaswood, you can see a oval shape (maybe a horse track) next to the creek. That must have been the stable facilities. (see Historic aerials, 1964).

    BraeBurn Country Club is very old, dates back to the 1920's, said the clubhouse was torn down, and rebuilt in the 50's or '60s. The original name was Colonial Country Club, was renamed and redeveloped in the early 1930's, became very popular at that time.

    map link (see southwest bottom corner) http://www.texasfreeway.com/houston/historic/road_maps/images/1965_houston_humble_highres.jpg

    I've got pictures of the old Abercrombie house before they tore it down to make way for the Kroger in 1977--I'll post as soon as I can get my scanner working. We used to ride motorcycles on the bayou bluff right by there--I actually remember when the school bus from Bonham would drop off one of the daughters there in the mid 60's..she was prbly in the 6th grade at the time..they had a cellar that was kind of a creepy hideout long after they moved out..Anyone remember the Handee Food Mart right across the street?

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  3. Can't remember the new name, but there used to be a road between westheimer and alief clodine called old westheimer.

    Just checked Google maps, it's called west Houston center.

    I remember the old general store & barber shop that used to be on Old Westheimer --I'm sure thats gone now!

  4. Anybody remember the JMH and Eagle grocery stores on the North and South sides of Bissonnet near its intersection with Renwick? We're talking late 50s for JMH to early 70s for Eagle. Sacco's came sometime inbetween. "Mr. Sam" Sacco was always there to meet and greet. Used to take in the Monterrey House near Shipley's in the late 60s to mid 70s. Four Seas Chinese restaurant south of Beechnut and Hillcroft near the Jack in the Box was also a haunt later on in the 70s and early 80s. The Chuck Wagon on Beechnut and Bissonnet had competition for a while with another one ( before the Mc Donalds took over the site) located just north of Holy Ghost Church and School on Bellaire. Also a Mr. Hamburger on Bissonnet just west of Chimney Rock added further variety to burger gallery in the area. :rolleyes:

    Mr. Hamburger--now that was a classic! Man I wish someone had a picture of it--you know there's gotta be one in someone's attic somewhere!

  5. I remember that old cotton gin as well as some of the other structure that surrounded the general store as late as the early 80's--boy when the bulldozers came they came with a vengence! Thank God the store survived as Houston stretches closer and closer to Simonton (thats hard to believe!!)

  6. [ Here's a little known fact. To the east of Saccos groceries there was a small strip center. At the far east side was a pretzel shop. This shop supplied the astrodome with the large pretzels that were sold during games. If you went to the shop, for 49 cents you could get a fresh baked steaming hot soft pretzel right out of the oven. Wow, it was great!

    Also in that strip center was the original location of Henry's BBQ--later to move into a stand alone location on Hillcroft

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