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  1. Anybody remember this company--or him for that matter? I think he may have been on Houston Wrestling...
  2. The Bissonnet Superette west of Robindell Shopping Center met all those requirements--complete with meat counter! There was also the Lucky 7 closer to Bellaire
  3. Do you remember Johnny's Hamburger House near the 7/11?
  4. Big City News was on Bissonnett for some time
  5. I believe the tall guy next to Larry is Dan Seals--later to become "England Dan"
  6. In regard to the Hitchin' Post thread below, there was also a Hitchin' Post eatery on Bissonett & Bonhomme for a few years in the late 60's--this later became a hangout called Chubby Chucks..curious if anyone has recall on either of these!
  7. There was also an ARCO station on the corner--I remember Dad giving me 50 cents & I'd walk down there & fill up the gas can for the lawn mower & had money left over for an ICEE next door..hey do you remember the guy that always wore a hard hat that seemed to be at the Handee Mart everytime I came in? Nice guy but can't remember his name. I think I did start that thread a while back--it's pretty cool to see pics whenever someone posts them..for some reason my computer won't load Googlr Rarth
  8. I've got pictures of the old Abercrombie house before they tore it down to make way for the Kroger in 1977--I'll post as soon as I can get my scanner working. We used to ride motorcycles on the bayou bluff right by there--I actually remember when the school bus from Bonham would drop off one of the daughters there in the mid 60's..she was prbly in the 6th grade at the time..they had a cellar that was kind of a creepy hideout long after they moved out..Anyone remember the Handee Food Mart right across the street?
  9. I remember the old general store & barber shop that used to be on Old Westheimer --I'm sure thats gone now!
  10. Anything left structure-wise? Looks like that east-west road covers what could've been the track
  11. Mr. Hamburger--now that was a classic! Man I wish someone had a picture of it--you know there's gotta be one in someone's attic somewhere!
  12. Saw Elvis @the Summitt in Aug '76 but didn't have my camera with me!!! I believe the ticket price was a whopping $12
  13. Wasn't that Gene's Model Shop? Bought many a model car & even a few Estes Rockets there
  14. I went to college w/Tom at SHSU back in the late 70's--tragic story and I know he'll be missed!
  15. still one of the most all time recognizible themes ---would make a great ringtone!
  16. Does anyone know if the subdivision "Imperial Valley" is still named that? I remember the water tower around I-45 and Greenspoint back in the '70's but believe it's gone now
  17. it was definitely General Cinema--i can well remember the old "movie reel" opening that they used before each movie started...wonder if youtube has this opening anywhere?
  18. [For awhile there was the Hitchin' Post on Bissonet and Bonhomme
  19. I remember that old cotton gin as well as some of the other structure that surrounded the general store as late as the early 80's--boy when the bulldozers came they came with a vengence! Thank God the store survived as Houston stretches closer and closer to Simonton (thats hard to believe!!)
  20. That looks like it was painted with that temper paint we used in elementary school
  21. Anybody else have Dr Stuart Cohen as their pediatrician? I remember a few polio sugar cubes and other vaccinations in his office back in the 60's and early 70's
  22. Didn't Nixon visit the tunnels in the early 70's?
  23. [ Here's a little known fact. To the east of Saccos groceries there was a small strip center. At the far east side was a pretzel shop. This shop supplied the astrodome with the large pretzels that were sold during games. If you went to the shop, for 49 cents you could get a fresh baked steaming hot soft pretzel right out of the oven. Wow, it was great! Also in that strip center was the original location of Henry's BBQ--later to move into a stand alone location on Hillcroft
  24. Sorry--should've said it was the actual truck used in the movie..pretty cool too, they let people climb up in the cab
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