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  1. St Pauls United Methodist on the corner of Main & Bissonet/Binz (accross from the MFAH) is one of my favorites. I probably have shot more photos there than any place else in Houston. They also have English Change Ringing Bells in the tower, I believe the biggest set west of the Missisippi.
  2. The wife and I "found" this place about a month ago when we were taking a "shortcut" in Stafford. Amazing. I have to revisit and take pics.
  3. Try Houston Camera Co-Op Friendlier than HCX. Not the cheapest place, but great people. Their used equipment is very good though, and often at a great price. I bought an L lens there for less than I was seeing being sold used at other places, and they offered a 30 day guarantee. Camera Co-ops website with contact info: http://www.cameracoophouston.com/ (the site sucks though) Go with the Canon or Nikon. Those two have the best support system and accessories/lens. Whether you go with one or the other is a matter of preferance. I like Canon (shoot a 20D) and my wife has the XTi. The XTi is a great camera for the price. Feels a little to small for me though. As for lenses, depends on what you end up getting for a body. Great lens reviews can be found at FredMiranda.com on their review section.
  4. Where is this site located? This would make a cool backdrop for some portrait or band shots.
  5. Mercer Arboretum up off 1960 are good places for romantic sites.
  6. Yep, I was there for the San Jac Festival about 3 weeks ago. Still closed. It was supposed to be reopening Spring 2006, but like any state project, who knows when it will really happen.
  7. The Wallyworld in Meyerland at S Post Oak des suck, always filthy crowded, and disorganized. So we usually now go to the new Targets (still crowded, but much friendlier and cleaner). If we MUST go to a Wmart (ad, sale, etc), we usually drive down Airport to 59 (live near Hillcroft & Bellfort).
  8. They closed it over the winter, for good (maybe). I have friends that bought season passes (pretty cheap) at the end of last summer, and they just got their refund with a "sorry, we're closed" message.
  9. Getting back on topic: The elev and observ deck are closed for rennovation - it was found to be a death trap - if the museum ever caught fire, the shaft would act as a chimney and direct all the smoke into the observ chamber. Supposedly it's gonna be fixed. And on a related note: entry into San Jac park used to be free, but as of Feb or March it's now $1 a person to get on the grounds.
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