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  1. I was General Manager of Galvez Mall from 1986-87 for The Rouse Company. We opened Eiband's and a number of new merchants and had a great Grand Re-Opening. We also had a substantial cosmetic renovation to the common areas and added the large "Galvez Mall" script-style signage above the main entrance. I am trying to locate some photos I have in storage and will post them once found. I recall we were experiencing a terrible national recession at the time and the mall struggled with the reimaging and marketing of the center as an upscale fashion mall. Eiband's was supposed to be the anchor that took us there. Unfortunately, the merchants suffered from the failing economy and the leasing efforts and tenant retention were both difficult. But it did not stop the large annual traveling circus from setting up on the vacant land adjacent to the mall and becoming quite the boisterous neighbor for several weeks. Actually we welcomed the traffic they generated for the mall during that slow period. It is quite the memory of many of the circus performers frequenting the mall in costume and sometimes in "character". Not exactly high fashion but definitely a crowd pleaser and sales "generator".
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