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  1. It appears that Bank of America will open a branch bank in the retail space on the first level of The Icon. I assume the garage will be used for customer parking. Also a new Frost bank recently opened a few blocks south on Scott. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Projects/TABS2021005861
  2. Did work stop on the medical school? I thought there would be vertical columns by now since it started before the law school.
  3. The buildings on the block of Scott St between Drew St and Tuam have been cleared and a fence put around the entire block. This is my guess and it's 2 blocks north if the Icon.
  4. They have recently finished a new 5 level garage next to the law center so I doubt they make it a parking lot. After demolishing the old law center, there will be a big hole in the ground. My guess is that they will make a small park with trees, a pond and ducks. Being disguised as a park and pond, it's real purpose is to be a retention pond to help with flooding. It would fit well with the campus green plans. Just my guess.
  5. I have not heard what they will do with the old law center. Half of the structure is below ground and floods all the time so I'm sure they will not re-purpose it. They will probably demolish it but there will be a gigantic hole there to backfill with dirt.
  6. I assume the orange structure in the law school pic, is the base for the tower crane.
  7. But would you pay $125,000 for a 528 square feet condo in third ward with dilapidated properties adjacent to you? Oh and live in it.
  8. I'm curious. Why would anyone pay $125,000 for these incredibly small condos? They should have made them student housing.
  9. Here are some additional pics of UH College of Medicine construction. I'm not sure why they built a retention pond when there is a bayou next door.
  10. Yep https://twitter.com/UHLawDean/status/1309301213893201922?s=20
  11. I assume you could have guest or kids sleeping on the sofa bed that will need a full bath. It looks like the plans with beds only are actual sleeper sofas.
  12. There are 3 courtyards in the new section. Usually courtyards are totally enclosed with the building so it will be interesting to see if they really will install an iron fence or a high wall especially in this neighborhood. Pool Doggie playground
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