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  1. There seems to be some areas of Houston that are not updated like the UH area and around GRB. Edit: I was referring to the Google Maps 2D on my cell phone. Edit again, .: the Google Map on my cell phone finally updated.
  2. The UH HUB construction is now covering the existing concrete foundation with dirt. I'm not a construction expert but it seems interesting.
  3. Centennial Plaza may not come to fruition. https://twitter.com/TheDailyCougar/status/1581056008457420801?s=20&t=shheKRiXnUiktD_9329Cbg
  4. It does appear they are using the existing foundation and columns since they have started building and is laying construction material on the existing foundation. If they were not going to use it, they would have destroyed the foundation and columns before construction. This is going to save a lot of $$ on expensive concrete and labor which is smart designing.
  5. Here is a early rendering of the UH Biomedical Research building at TMC3, presented by President Khator in her Fall Address to the university.
  6. I see that they have torn away the ceiling with precise accuracy to leave the columns with rebar sticking out of the top of them. Are they going to reuse the existing foundation and columns for the new building? This is interesting but I assume they would save money not buying concrete since construction material cost has gone way up.
  7. Oh, so now they are promoting it as student apartments instead of tiny condos. I hope whoever buys it can make the building look more appealing instead of a sleazy motel.
  8. It must be an earlier version of Tower 5040 because: 1. Left of it is the Beale Village and the exact bayou curve from that vantage point. 2. It looks too expensive for UH housing design. 3. UH student housing will not have balconies or swimming pools. 4. UH intends to replace Moody Towers with affordable student housing which is what Moody Towers is. 5. Mostly all private student housing says "number of beds" in published articles.
  9. The Matrix are $120,000 condos unless it has been repurposed as private student housing.
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