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  1. I think UH will get the funding especially under Dr. Khator's leadership. I would never bet against her.
  2. It must be an earlier version of Tower 5040 because: 1. Left of it is the Beale Village and the exact bayou curve from that vantage point. 2. It looks too expensive for UH housing design. 3. UH student housing will not have balconies or swimming pools. 4. UH intends to replace Moody Towers with affordable student housing which is what Moody Towers is. 5. Mostly all private student housing says "number of beds" in published articles.
  3. The Matrix are $120,000 condos unless it has been repurposed as private student housing.
  4. I really do appreciate electricity but power lines and their poles are so ugly. I wish we could put the lines underground but I guess that would be too expensive. 😕
  5. Why are some buildings constructed will all concrete and others are all steel like this one?
  6. In the UH President's Fall Address, Renu Khator mentioned that the medical research facility will be built in the Texas Medical Center or next to the new college of medicine building on campus. https://uh.edu/president/communications/fall-address/2021/
  7. The UH new building may be part of the new TMC3 which is the massive research campus near the Texas Medical Center. All the other Houston medical schools are part of it so I suppose UH will be also. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/TMC3-a-massive-biomedical-research-campus-at-16423937.php#photo-21414206
  8. I know they already built out some floors in Health Science building 2 to start the college of medicine for 2 years until the medical school building is complete. The new medical school building will be ready Fall 2022.
  9. Is this medical research facility the college of medicine building under construction now or is this a new building yet to be built. If it is a new building, I haven't heard any news of it.
  10. Trees serve a great purpose and are beautiful but we won't be able to enjoy the beauty of the building because of the trees in front of the medical school. I wish they could have arranged them differently or have smaller ones.
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