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  1. Roast & Brew is a new coffee shop which opened along 19th St. I couldn't find anything about it on here, but it is a brand new building. Also, Velvet Taco is opening up a location in 2 weeks on the corner of 20th and Sheperd. That is across the street from the Taco Stand which should be opening soon as well, which was mentioned above.
  2. They are the 'Velvet Taco' of donuts. It's a big touristy thing in Portland, OR where they are from, to wait in line out the door. I don't know how big that is but it may be standing space for customers with seating to wait for an order.
  3. Looks like NOLA is going to get both back to back.
  4. We could end up with Marco, so it may be correct afterall.
  5. How high (or how fast would the flow rate have to be) would the bayou have to be to cause the bridge to collapse? We could see a tropical storm/hurricane next Monday/Tuesday. I took these photos during Imelda last September.
  6. I was just going to say the same thing. So... does posting this online hurt their confidentiality notice 🤐
  7. I grew up in Pennsylvania where 15-20 was the speed limit on residential streets. Roads that have a double yellow line tend to be 35 to 55, so it's a significance to me. The street I grew up on had stop signs every block, whereas the other streets were every third block or so, so it limited traffic on my street.
  8. How do they make this permanent? I went on a virtual ride on McKinney via Google Maps and noticed three things about the street that indicates to me it would be a good thru street. First, double yellow line on the road tells me it is more than just a residential street. Second, no stop signs along the street tells me it is a thru street. Third, the speed limit is posted as 30 mph. Those seem like better ways to fix this problem than closing it off.
  9. Did you have to search for a while to bring this topic up?
  10. Will something be place in the grooved part to bridge the gap? It looks like both sides have the groove.
  11. I don't know if the developer runs their Instagram, but they were quoting a movie from 2001, so yeah they are behind a bit.
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