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  1. Saw this sign post in Timbergrove yesterday, not sure what the impetus for this ordinance is or who it will effect, but the boundary is interesting as Wynnwood and Nashua do not meet, and the 1200 block of Bay Oaks is two blocks west of Nashua.
  2. The Houston Dynamo Football Club is expanding its presence in the East Downtown district with a new club headquarters. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/08/31/dynamo-dash-club-headquarters-eado-office-building.html
  3. Is this thread in need of a title change?
  4. Hopefully no one was in there at the time. Especially with hot oil or hot stove that would be a bad accident.
  5. How big can a shopping center be on a lot this small?
  6. "Around the same time, the final design for 11th Street will be released. Construction for the 11th Street project will begin in October with completion in February 2023."
  7. Maybe that's why there are so few direct flights.
  8. First Floor is being closed up. Third floor patio is having work done.
  9. Does this mean the end for Throughgood Coffee?
  10. It's going to be an artifical turf field for lacrosse and soccer.
  11. Thanks for the photos. I took the Sunset Limited from NOLA to LA in 2016 and spent the trip past El Paso with food poisoning. Not a good experience. I may be taking it again next month from LA to Houston, hopefully it'll be a better trip.
  12. Maybe the Dynamo/Dash can buy the block closest to PNC Stadium like the Astros have done around MMP.
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