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  1. Looks like its back on the market. Not many interior pics though.
  2. Some of us can't swing by. Can you post photos? Would love to see it.
  3. hahaha. No. Our lot as well as most lots in Jan Mar Circle are around 1/2 acre. It's near Preston Hollow but not PH proper. While 4 acres sounds nice our summer water bill is already outrageous. I don't need more grass than what I already have.
  4. Ben do you have a copy of the ad? Not everyone used architects in those days for custom homes. Our house in the same neighborhood was designed by builder J. Roger Crownrich in 1956.
  5. I thought I would chime in on the house on Baxtershire which was originally mentioned in this thread. Preservation Dallas has stated that there is no definitive proof that it was designed by Bruce Goff. I think most people do attribute it to him but some say it may have been designed by a Goff protege or even someone not related to Goff. The house changed hands recently and some of the deferred maintenance has been repaired. I'm not sure about the interior but the exterior dome over the motor court was removed last fall and some of the beams were replaced. Even without the dome it's still a very beautiful house and really stands out in the neighborhood. We live about a block away and I always hear positive comments whenever we have friends over about what a unique home it is (even from people who are not necessarily appreciative of mid century style architecture).
  6. One year later and I just signed up with appealpropertytax.com. I hope to be more successful than I was using O'Connor last year. Will come back and update after it's over.
  7. For all the Ant Farm fans... http://www.domusweb.it/it/from-the-archive/gli-ant-farm-visti-da-germano-celant/
  8. Just wanted to add a followup. Due to lack of time and few responses to this thread we went with O'Conner. Talk about a disappointment. They were very disorganized when getting the initial paperwork filed. I sent them the Authorization of Agent form no less than 4 times. A few weeks would go by and they claimed "we never got it". I kept telling myself it would all be worth the hassle if they got the reduction in value. Well the formal hearing was yesterday and there was ZERO reduction in value. I have protested myself for probably 7 years now and have never not gotten a reduction in value. I'm baffled how they "the professionals" could not get a reduction when several lots on my street which are identical in size are valued significantly lower. I guess for me this mean arbitration. I hope the rest of you folks are having better luck with your protests this year. You could probably get better results from protesting yourself than the folks at O'Connor.
  9. If I lived closer I would surely save myself the expense of using a protest service. But I'm in Dallas and a 5 hour car ride with a 1 year old only to end my day arguing with the asshats at HCAD would surely make me a deranged lunatic. I want to try a service this year and if it doesn't work out then I can always go back to protesting my own taxes next year. Obviously I'm looking to save myself from needing a padded room but at the same time I'm curious if a service could actually make a better case than I am able to do myself. Last year I had cold hard evidence which was ignored thus I was only able to get my value down half of what I thought the reduction should be. FWIW I'm not arguing how nice the house is. My protest is based soley on the value of the lot. For which several other lots on the same street which are identical in size are valued much lower. I'm still looking for recommendations if anybody has used O'Connor or any other protest service firm.
  10. I have always protested my own property taxes but now that I no longer live in Houston it's just not feasible for me to do it myself. Can someone recommend a company that protests on your behalf. Obviously O'Connor being the largest. I'm just looking for suggestions from people who have actually used one of these services. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have an interior pics? I'm disappointed that only two were included in Cite.
  12. Thanks. I will check with Brazos when I am back in Houston in January.
  13. Is there a way to buy just one issue without having to subscribe?
  14. I'm not talking about trees. I'm talking about why some bayous need to be channelized. Although I'm guessing tree debris during a storm could potentially inhibit water flow. I all for esthetics but the reality is that many of the homes along Braes Bayou have flooded more than once. I'm sure those homeowners asked the city to do something about it and they did do something about it. If the bayou was in it's natural state many homeowners could not bear the increased costs of flood insurance. Myself included.
  15. Honestly I used to ask the same question but after seeing how much the water had risen in the bayou during hurricane Ike I changed my mind. This pic was taken in Meyerland at about 10am on Saturday following hurricane Ike. The bridge in the background is the South Rice overpass. I can only imagine how high the water was during the height of the storm.
  16. This is not entirely true. I did not appeal this year like I had planned but my understanding is that you pay the $500 to begin the arbitration process. If you win your case $450 is refunded to you. However you must file for arbitration within 45 days of your ARB hearing.
  17. Obviously this house sold. I noticed recently though on Portia's blog that Leyendecker Landscape had done some work in the backyard. I know LL is always brought up as one of the landscape companies that does modern landscape design. Here's a link showing before and after pics of the work they did including a new patio, water feature, and bed plantings. http://leyendeckerla...ifferent-needs/
  18. I believe that the townhouse did have noise reducing draperies but it was still not enough to drown out the freeway noise. I heard that the buyer negotiated for the seller to make concessions for new windows that would also help to decrease traffic noise. I wonder if it was enough to completely eliminate or at least come close to having no noise issues?
  19. Yes, but it won't be the same without The Niche.
  20. I had my formal hearing today. I'm not happy with the reduction given by the ARB so I will be going to arbitration, but I was able to answer my own question. The ARB can and will make adjustments to land value. My understanding is that I will have to pay $500 to go to arbitration but will get back $450 if they find in my favor. Has anyone done this before?
  21. The same $250,000, but it's pending and due to close at the end of the month.
  22. Mine went up over 20%, most of which was based on land value. Well in excess of what I could actually sell for if the home were listed. Past experience shows that the ARB will only make adjustments to the value of the structure and will not make any adjustments to the value of the land. Does anyone have any experience with going to the appeals board and getting the land value adjusted in line with actual market value? I'm willing to pay the cost for arbitration if the appeals board would actually make adjustments to the land value.
  23. You should definately call to confirm but based on previous listings that have sold in the same building I'm pretty sure it's a mistake on the agents part. It's likely $1453 monthly, not annually.
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