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  1. This is correct. 2015 is when they started the overall project, starting with the Glassell school. There have been numerous unforeseen delays (Harvey, COVID, etc.) that have made this into a five year project instead of the originally projected 2019 date.
  2. Just a couple of shots of art that has already been installed and the entrance gardens starting to come together.
  3. The effect is somewhat diminished by the sunrise, but this is what it looks like lit up...
  4. Best view of the roof will be from the top of the Glassel School, and you’re right about the interior ceilings - spectacular!
  5. Looks about right. The only difference I can see is there is no longer a canopy at the entrance. Also, when I saw it lit up the light wasn’t quite that bright white, but I think this does give a good idea of what it’ll look like.
  6. Not sure. They were lighting up at night for a while but stopped recently. Not too sure why, but I can assure you it does look pretty cool when it’s lit up. Yes, I saw it out of the corner of my eye as I was walking by last week and was instantly mesmerized. And that was just from seeing through the door from twenty feet away!
  7. It’s plaster. Fabric sails would’ve been cool, but I imagine it’d be a nightmare to keep clean.
  8. Quick update from the inside, museum staff have started moving in. There’s still quite a bit to do, but they are starting to move some art into the building. Of course, it’s not on display yet, but it is there! Barring any other major setbacks due to hurricanes or whatever, I think the new opening date is entirely doable.
  9. Clear glass looking out from the café entrance. Sorry to burst people’s bubbles but this is the only clear tube glass on the building. Everything else that people are seeing is just the play of shadows from other parts of the structure and some wishful thinking. What you see is what you get here (besides the broken tubes still in need of replacement)
  10. I wouldn’t get too excited about the fence coming down. As far as I know, that was just a temporary measure taken when it looked like Laura was headed right for us (also note the sandbags at the doors). Fences should be back up in the next few days. As for the clear tube glass, I can take it or leave it. It looks nice from a distance, but up close shows all of the support steel, which just isn’t very pretty to my eye. If the entire facade was clear, the support steel would be visible throughout and I think it’d kill whatever beauty was gained from the look of the clear glass. I much pref
  11. @hindesky our ship finally came in! 😂
  12. A couple of pics of the ceiling in the main atrium, taken from the third floor. As you can see, there’s tons of natural light augmented with some artificial light. I can’t wait to see this building once she’s finished!
  13. @danielsonr it’s painted. What’s most interesting to me is that they left the inconsistencies from the wooden forms and the paint almost seems to highlight it. It gives it a kind of organic look with the imperfections that contrasts with the interior where everything is very polished and clean.
  14. This is the install on the canopy that covers the courtyard facing Main St. It’s gonna look beautiful once it’s done, but boy oh boy is it nerve wracking to install. Each piece weighs in the neighborhood of 1200kg and we’ve got to be directly underneath it while it’s being put in.
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