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  1. https://www.mfah.org/exhibitions/steven-holl-making-architecture
  2. I would also add that I don’t think pictures really do this building justice. Until you’ve seen it in person, I wouldn’t rush to make any judgements. In every video I’ve seen, Mr. Holl waxes poetic about light being so important for his structures and it is absolutely true with this one. The building changes as the light changes. It looks different on a cloudy day versus a sunny one. Even the angle of the sunlight changing throughout the day creates subtle and (I think) beautiful differences from morning to evening. I may be biased because I’ve literally put blood, sweat, and tears into it, bu
  3. Oh, that was just to give us recurring nightmares and to look cool lol
  4. Unfortunately not. I worked for the subcontractor that installed the cool jacket tube glass, the clerestory glass, and the curtain walls around the building.
  5. It’s so surreal to see years of hard work condensed down to thirty seconds!
  6. Skylights have been in place since last year and no leaks yet. It’s a pretty sure bet that they’re watertight. The piece will have water in it permanently, if I’m not mistaken. *permanently, as in, it will periodically fill with water and then drain.
  7. Aerial view with tent removed, showing the skylights
  8. @DarklyMoron thanks, I was just calling that one “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” but I guess “La Riviére” is a good name, too. And yes, the Iglesias work has skylights to the atrium below.
  9. The rock structure. I’m not sure who did the statue in the pool.
  10. @hindesky yes, it’s all bronze sculpted to look like rock with tree roots/limbs throughout. If I understood correctly, it’s modeled after an actual place somewhere in Spain, but Spanish from an actual Spaniard is a little hard for my Tejano ears to parse 😁 especially with needle guns, heavy equipment, and traffic in the background!
  11. @hindesky it’s a bronze piece by Cristina Iglesias. You can see some work of hers online that’s similar to this one. The tent is to keep leaves and other detritus out until they finish welding, grinding, painting, and finishing it. Two more weeks until the grand opening!
  12. I’m not sure about angle changing the light picture @X.R., but the first one was taken on an especially cloudy day and with the interior lights on. Last two were taken yesterday with no interior lights on. So I guess it just depends on time of day, cloud cover, etc. In regards to the avant-garde art installation, the yellow cylindrical one is actually an interactive piece in which the public is able to add whatever they want to the piece. I believe it’s called “Your Mama Doesn’t Work Here”
  13. Third floor gallery barrel ceilings...
  14. First and second floor galleries are pretty much done and have art installed. Third floor is nearing completion and should see art being moved in probably this week. Missing tube glass should be here first week of November. I’m so excited for everyone else to see this building. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and it’s gratifying to see the excitement in the larger community!
  15. This is correct. 2015 is when they started the overall project, starting with the Glassell school. There have been numerous unforeseen delays (Harvey, COVID, etc.) that have made this into a five year project instead of the originally projected 2019 date.
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