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  1. Thanks for posting and exposing Louis Geigerman. I've been following and reading about special educational matters for the longest time, and this Geigerman fella truly is a piece of work. He tried to open his own charter school once, but then realized how hard it is to actually run a school, so he easily gave up on that endeavor. He obviously bit off more than he could chew and then tucked his tail and ran off. I guess he feels more comfortable critiquing from the sidelines of his own sanctimony because he realized how truly inadequate he is as a catalyst for the betterment of society's children. Everything I've read about him (and most advocates in Texas for that matter like Pat Freeze, Shemica Allen, Lisa Carelli-Lang, and Karen Mayer Cunningham) shows all they do is really just for theatrics to impress upon uninformed (or in Tianna's case, emotionally unstable) parents, but there is no true meaningful outcome their actions bring to helping children. Any apparent "good" they do is unfortunately cancelled out by the needless bureaucracy they put in, harassment of staff members, as well as the taxing of already thin school resources. Good educators, diagnosticians, teachers, LSSPs, administrators, and therapists end up leaving the field as a result, causing a feedback loop to supply their own demand. For further reference, there was a Texas House Bill 1669 which would allow schools to be reimbursed for legal fees if they win a due process case. I absolutely cannot fathom why anyone committed to justice and fairness would be against this. But of course the outrage king Louis Geigerman was adamantly against this, obviously because a measure like that would level the playing field against fiends like Louis and his NARDA-kin. Essentially, a law like that would help schools and children, but would be bad for Louis's advocate business. As Upton Sinclair once said “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”. In Louie’s case, he not only created a box he could crawl in and shield himself from reality, but Louis also curls into a fetal position on the floor, covers his ears and prays for the rest of the world to go away.
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