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  1. 2 people might be an exaggeration but it's not that wide when walking between trees.
  2. Is anybody else disappointed with the width of the sidewalks? For a such a major project on a signature boulevard, you would think they would build a sidewalk that could accommodate more than 2 people walking side by side. I guess it's an improvement over what was there before...
  3. Presentation of Terminal D expansion (slides 19-23) and potential Termainal A modernization (slides 24-31). https://d14ik00wldmhq.cloudfront.net/media/filer_public/1e/94/1e94223d-bf7f-4466-8e2f-90297f3c6ce6/has_rtb_presentation_20180808.pdf
  4. According to the Colliers Q2 2018 Buckhead submarket report, Buckhead has 21.8 million square feet of office space. The West Loop submarket has 23.9 million sqaure feet so it's not too far off. https://www2.colliers.com/en/research/atlanta/2018-Q2-Office-Buckhead-Atlanta-Submarket-Report
  5. Metro unveiled their Preliminary Long Term Vision for Projects through 2040 on Thursday July, 2018 at the MetroNext Board Workshop. Perliminary Long Term Vision (discussed at the 17:30 mark) - Pretty much a pipe dream and estimated to Cost $35 Billion - 100 miles of Light Rail (to both IAH and Hobby, Inner Katy Line to High Speed Rail Station at Northwest Mall) - 90 Miles of BRT Forward Plan A (discussed at the 1:03:00 mark) is the more optimistic plan with the Metro receiving higher funding levels - 12 miles of Light Rail (Red & Purple Extensions to Hobby; Red line extension to Tidwell) - 34 miles of BRT (University Line, Inner Katy, Uptown Extension) Forward Plan B (discussed at the 1:22:00 mark) is the pessimistic plan with Metro receiving lower funding levels - 1 mile of Light Rail (Red line extension to Tidwell) - 11 miles of BRT (Inner Katy, Uptown Extension) Video http://ridemetro.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=1651
  6. From www.airliners.net At a recent event in Houston, Scott Kirby told attendees in the coming years UA could add new nonstop service to 20 new cities from IAH including international destinations. He also stated UA is growing IAH and expects to hit 700 flights a day up from 540 although no time frame was given for when we should expect IAH to hit the 700 mark.
  7. New Building to House Project Management Operations Important Stop on IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program Journey The scope of the project includes: New Terminal D facilities Terminal roadway improvements New airside packages (ramp areas) Training center Federal Inspection Service (FIS) modifications New Terminal C North, ramp and apron completed by United Airlines Enabling projects: Program Management Office building, site utilities, and Terminal D baggage handling system modifications.
  8. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.bizjournals.com_houston_news_2017_11_17_exclusive-2Dmedistar-2Dto-2Ddevelop-2Dhealth-2Dcare-2Dtower-2Din.html&d=DwIFAg&c=Nwf-pp4xtYRe0sCRVM8_LWH54joYF7EKmrYIdfxIq10&r=blKN8VopvORAS0wfhRwbytKy3LX7VRXXkSGAZ5grTVE&m=oKU_5Ug6V8IJKYixwlZLicFxT7bwrDWZ7k3QPqzFwBI&s=uDs1_LFkk24xzLzhNZ31xvHRCcLU97r55jO4sstW_H0&e= New Design: http://media.bizj.us/view/img/11203455/innovationtower.jpg
  9. http://www.click2houston.com/houston-life/elevated-airport-experience-at-iah
  10. Metro moves to revive potential commuter rail line to Missouri City A commuter rail line between Missouri City and the Texas Medical Center ­- comatose for nearly four years - has leapt back to life, even if the dollars needed to build it remain elusive. Metropolitan Transit Authority board members on Thursday approved a resolution authorizing transit officials to "place" the project in the "Federal Transit Administration process" and look for ways to pay for it. When officials essentially placed the project on inactive status in September 2012 after spending $1 million on feasibility studies, it was estimated to cost about $400 million to build the rail line.... http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Metro-moves-to-revive-potential-commuter-rail-8401902.php?cmpid=twitter-premium
  11. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on this being an Omni. Most other convention hotels and mid level hotels are already in the area or have a proprety downtown except the Omni who only has 2 other properties in Houston (galleria area and energy corridor). Also from what I remember they were in the running for the second convention center hotel but were not selected so there was interest in downtown Houston.
  12. Ron Green will be running for Mayor in 2015.
  13. Part 1 Part 2 Details -15 wide body gates including 4 A380 gates (2 airlines currently in discussion with bringing A380 to IAH) - new terminal to replace existing terminal D and northern pier of terminal C - project to be completed in 6 phases - anticipated groundbreaking Summer 2015 - completion in 2021
  14. Discussions have begun with United and the foreign flag carriers at IAH to begin design and cosntruction of a completely new terminal to replace existing Terminal D. This was announced today at the State of the Airports presentation at the Greater Houston Partnership luncheon by City of Houston Aviation Director Mario Diaz. The vision for the project will be announced at another event this evening hosted by HAS. Specific details of the new terminal will be presented at next year's State of the Airports address in 2015. A few renderings were included in the presentation on slides 37 and 38 and the discussion of the new terminal begins on slide 10 in the presentation transcript.. The presentation and the transcript can be found on the link below: http://www.fly2houston.com/newsroom-Presentations
  15. The IAH twitter handle (@IAH) has been posting pictures Today of the Terminal B new south concourse which will be open to the public over the next few weeks. I tweeted the following question "what is the status of the phase 2 expansion of terminal b for the north side gates?" and this was their response: "The construction will begin later this year" Take that for what its worth. I'm not sure if the person tweeting for IAH is a reliable source, but you would think the person responsible for social media with the airport would be in the know of certain information. Hopefully its a sign of good things to come.
  16. http://investor.jetblue.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=131045&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1801404&highlight=
  17. United video highlighting airport construction across the county with mentions of Terminal B at IAH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&gl=US&client=mv-google&v=TI8RKESkt90&nomobile=1
  18. Hoothrewpoo - Are there renderings for this tower yet and if so have you seen them? Is this your typical downtown glass tower or will this be a "trophy" tower with a unique design?
  19. NoDo????? LOL! Whats next, MiTo for midtown? How about WestCHA for westchase, MuDi for the Musuem District or RiVi for Rice Village. These hipster abbreviations are so corny and pointless for Houston.
  20. Yesterday Swamplot posted a cryptic rumor of a "major (non-residential) Houston property is about to make a significant change." The rumor also mentioned managment pursuing notable architects for this change and demolition to begin by years end. http://swamplot.com/big-vague-news-you-cant-use/2013-01-02/
  21. Not sure if this is true, but I worked with a lady who worked in the finance department at Foleys right before the Macy's take over and she mentioned that the downtown location was the one of the most profitable stores since they owned the building and didnt have any lease/rent expenses. Sounds like this might be one of those Astroworld type closures where the land/building asset sale is too good to pass up.
  22. I saw this on another site and I haven't seen it posted here at HAIF. Some of the highlights of the presentation: IAH Flat growth in domestic aviation in the next 5-10 years Turkish Airlines beginning service in April 2013 Expect new Asian carrier in the next year and in talks with new Latin American carriers as well. IAH in despearate need of infrastructure imporevements (electrical and sanitation) Lack of funds for new terminals and other improvements due to passenger facility charge of $3.00 per passenger which only began in 2008. All other major airports have been collecting this for years and are currently collecting $4.50 per passenger. Mentions Continental was dead set against it. United is showing more flexibilty towards the charges. Terminal B modernization underway and will resemble Terminal E Termianl D - alot of corners cut in construction back in 1990. $5 million worth of improvements to accomodate Airbus 380 (new jet bridge, preconditioned air improvements, power connections). Terminal D refresh in the next 6 months to modernize the waiting areas (currently green carperts on the wall!), add new restrooms (at 380 gate, only 4 stalls in each men and women restroom for plane that holds 520 people). Emirates Airlines has requested to build a 10,000 sq ft lounge and will pay for it but no room in Terminal D. HAS is working on the new Termianl D Modernization Plan Report and it should be complete in Q1 2013 with ground breaking in 2014. Plans will call for more widebody gates via a pier added onto Terminal D, more restrooms, more concessions and duty free shops, and more lounges. Add an additional Eco Park Lot on Will Clayton Major renovations to Airport Marriott Hotel Mentioned no plans to build any new terminals, only refresh and modernize existing terminals. Terminal A refresh will occur after Terminal D. New IAH Master Plan Report to be complete by December 2013. Old master plan from 2006 to mirror ATL terminal setup has been "Thrown in the trash". Not feasible, estimated at 20 billion. HOU In the process of designing International terminal of 5 gates expandable to 10-11 gates. New parking garage of 3,000 spaces Slight growth at HOU with new international service from Southwest. A lot of domestic flights will shift to DAL after the wright amendment expires in 2014 making room for the new international flights and associated connecting flights. New Hobby Master Plan Report to be completed by June 2013.
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