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  1. If it improved social utility, I would be all for closing the ramp. I have not seen a suggestion that would benefit thousands of people a day or anyone outside of a very small radius. I'm surprised the city would even consider closing a ramp commuters use to reach affordable housing in order to benefit our neighborhood anyway. Seems pretty regressive.
  2. Nearly every point of access to this corner of Midtown and Montrose is under attack. My family and I live a few blocks from here, and we have to use these roads for school, work, errands, etc. Every new "traffic calming" feature adds up to steal a lot of time from us. We walk the neighborhood and take the train a lot, but never see all the folks clamoring for ever grander pedestrian projects. I suspect a new walkway would get used as much as the Gray Street bicycle lane. It sounds like a great idea until it's time to lace up the running shoes in August. Thousands of people actually use the bridge, dozens of people say they will use a walkway. Seems pretty straightforward.
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