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  1. Additional park space, a restaurant on elevated piers, or really anything that wouldn't block out the entire western sky and give me less daylight in the backyard. I had a short conversation with Ronnie Killen about a year ago and I let him know the lot was for sale as well when I read his business was looking for Houston locations. That was for totally selfish reasons As far as the property, I sit higher and can barely see the top of the bar from my backyard. Anything 3 to 4 stories tall wouldn't be an annoyance. Also, this building will end up making Wrightwood St. its overflow parking I hope, though the second rendering looks like it has a two story structure that will snug up to that side of the yard.
  2. Since I'll have the distinct pleasure of sharing not one, but two fence lines with this monstrosity, I'm a little more than pissed something more creative couldn't be sold and built. I had been hoping something would be done with this property, but this wasn't it. From the looks of the new rendering it appears every bit of my view of the surrounding nature from the west fence to my south fence is going to be filled with concrete and bricks, completely blocking out any hope of ever seeing a sunset from the back porch again.. Thanks neighbor. I already have to deal with you not keeping up the house next door and the 15 foot weeds in the backyard, now I'll get to look at this piece of shit and pay more taxes. Super awesome guy.
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