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  1. One more off topic tower... The same developer/GC (Ryan Cos.) that said they are starting the 774' BBVA bank tower in January also said they are still planning on starting their Tower 5C project in January. This is Tower 5C: Austin Design Commission Presentation
  2. It's just like the other 65-story 800 footer - office on the bottom and apartments on top. We're only going after Dallas right now. Houston is safe.
  3. This one won't be lonely at the top for too long hopefully. Elevations were released today for an 823' foot tower called 4th & Brazos. Site Plan
  4. An update on the column construction... Webcam
  5. This is the photo in my previous post. I wanted to point out that a 773' tower is planned on the corner at center-right by the two date palms. The developer and General Contractor (Ryan Companies) stated yesterday that they are still planning to break ground on the tower in January 2021. It's called the BBVA Bank Tower, but it is mostly residential. Having an 848' and 773' tower so close together will make for a nice central skyline peak. Here's a rendering of the BBVA Bank Tower. Austin Business Journal
  6. The second crane is going up. Webcam Here's a view of the first crane by ThyPiGuy.
  7. Nice. Your FB friend must be working on the Indeed tower.
  8. Austin has started getting a lot of luffing cranes in the past year or two as tower density increases. West Campus towers are mostly built with luffing cranes nowadays. Here's a recent photo of the West Campus neighborhood by Urbannizer. It almost reminds me of Houston due to so many towers next to small structures in a seemingly haphazard pattern of development. Photo by Urbannizer
  9. It's a Comansa. But I don't know if they means it can only be a luffing crane.
  10. From today. The future 925' crane is starting off at around 325'. Webcam
  11. This project has a live webcam! The first crane pieces arrived onsite today. Webcam
  12. The re-scheduling of the crane installations has been firmed up according to the right of way closure permits. They will both be going up between 04/30 and 05/08. There will be 25 flat bed truck deliveries of crane pieces.
  13. This project has had a crap ton of renderings followed by crap tons of updated renderings. Two of my favorites are these two night time renderings. They were posted on the architect's Instagram. But they were later deleted, and there is no other source to credit as far as I know. But I saved them:
  14. An update on the core and column construction... WalkableAustin
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