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  1. You don’t believe the layout of the backyard with the greenhouse and that sheet metal fence is a bit more unique than the other typical cookie cutter flips? I have seen plenty of flips of course in the area and they just seem like it’s more quantity compared to quality. Same goes for the town homes on the rise. For example the townhomes over near Mckinney and Cullen look to be more of an eye sore in a couple of years then a place I would drive by and admire. Many similar developments are popping up as well with the same style. I digress, different tastes for different people of course!
  2. I wish. I wouldn’t mind making what I would presume to be a big chunk of change on the sale of that home. No, I just enjoy watching my neighborhood improve before my eyes and admire fine architecture. But I do work in audio visual rental industry, so if you’d like a bigger screen to admire the property I’m speaking on with... Well I would be more than happy to provide! (:
  3. Went back by the house and looked it up. Turns out the property is for sale. Would be interesting to know who’s behind this one. I sent an email to the listing agent for more information. Heres the link - You think they’ll get what they’re asking? https://www.har.com/homedetail/4622-polk-st-houston-tx-77023/11780831
  4. I absolutely agree. Great lots in great areas have been snatched up by greedy town home developers it seems because their products even from a distance seem to be of poor craftsmanship. Very alarming, what will those developments look like in 5-10 years? But this home in particular seemed very different from the typical flips I have came across in the area. Very pristine quality. I will have to track down the address.
  5. Been living in Greater Eastwood for about four years now, crazy how the area has changed and developed so much in that time. Driving around the other afternoon I came across a gorgeous home that caught my eye in a very peculiar way. Traditional spin with a modern flair and what looked to be an additional greenhouse in the backyard from what I could see through the large privacy fence. Has anyone else had the opportunity to see this home on Polk Street near Eddington? What do you think about homes in the area being given new life and the impact on the overall community it has?
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