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  1. From fredeatshouston.com: Ken Bridge is at it again. The Heights restaurant genius (Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro, Pink's Pizza) is up to his usual tricks with a new venture which should add some culinary depth to the old neighborhood. Lola. Lola is located in the 1100 Block of Yale at the intersection with 11th Street. Sitting on the NE corner, Lola will fill the space across the street from the post office that has been empty for many months. (I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have commented to each other that it would be a great spot for a restaurant) For years, Eckerd Drugs made the corner it's home, but the building was vacated when Eckerd closed and it fell into disrepair. Recently, however, the structure was purchased and fully renovated. A health club has already moved into the North corner becoming the building's first tenant. Mr. Bridge's vision is a full-service restaurant serving three squares a day to the neighborhood folks. "Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served seven days a week." he states. A welcome change in an area where most places close on Sunday. Fresh, local ingredients and on-the-spot preparation will be key, as in Mr. Bridge's other ventures. The star at breakfast will be omelets "made-to-order" for patrons who will have a dazzling list of ingredient choices ranging from broccoli to prosciutto and everything in between. Lunch and dinner will feature American comfort foods at "small-town" prices right here in the big city. Mr. Bridge hopes to obtain a club license, much like Shade on 19th, so that guests will be able to enjoy an adult beverage with a meal by joining the club rather than having to carry a bottle along with them to dinner. An opening date is not yet firm, but Ken and his team can be seen daily working to get the space ready for business and the sign is already up announcing the new diner to passersby. In addition to being a landmark hit song from the 70's, Lola, it appears, will soon be a landmark diner in The Heights. I will be first in line.
  2. They demolished the convenience store in the Kroger parking lot some time this week - I wonder what's up with that.
  3. Java Java is definitely open - I was there last week.
  4. The parking garage will be behind Emanu El. Houses are being built on the green space.
  5. Donna Kacmar - www.architectworks.cocm
  6. modgirl

    Heights Gyms

    There is a new small gym on West Gray called River Oaks Gym (not the same as River Oaks Fitness). It is on the second floor of the building next to Pier One. I think there some type of rug store on the first floor. It has all new equipment, great trainers, and really nice locker rooms. The entrance is the street south of West Gray - I think it is Peden.
  7. There is a sign out on the fence around HEB at 11th Street that says "Regions Bank" coming soon. I guess they are moving over from the center on 11th and Shephard. It seems like a very big building for a bank.
  8. This is a great neighborhood. Are you looking at the house on Solway? I know several people who live on the street. The schools are very good. Pershing just got a new building and has a lot of parent involvement. Bellaire is one of the top public high schools in the county. As far as the train goes, the neighborhood is now in the quiet zone - the trains are not allowed to blow their horns. This is a very sought after neighborhood and has seen lots of appreciation in the last few years.
  9. The tamales at Texas Tamale Factory are very good and much more reasonably priced than Berryhills. I love Berryhill, but they are very pricey. The Texas Tamale Factory makes spinach tamales, but you have to special order them.
  10. Anyone have any new information on this project?
  11. I got takeout from there yesterday about 2:00pm. I made several special requests and they were very glad to comply. I will definitely go back.
  12. The house is owned by John Zemanak - he is an architecture professor at the University of Houston.
  13. Does anyone know how to get the alley cleared of fences etc. that people have put up that block the access? We access our garage from the alley, but can only exit in one direction because the other direction is blocked by at least one fence.
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