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  1. Yes, I think you are correct! I’m really happy to hear that they’ll be getting some TLC. They’re pretty neat and a fun little bit of placemaking for downtown! That is a really good point. With the speed that our weather can get bad and rain conditions can turn into flood conditions, this is an important addition. I’m biased against LED screens personally (They’re painful to look at for me). I’d have loved to see some kickass e-ink displays, since they’re way easier on the eyes and draw way less power IIRC. Plus they’re easier to read in sunlight. Alas, there’s not a lot of good tech to make them vibrantly colored and flashy (the colors sort of look washed out and dull at the moment) so that will just have to be my little pipe dream.
  2. I binged-watched it over a weekend, and really liked it! First off- gorgeous cinematography and great characters. This show has a lot of heart, and it feels very Houston. I personally feel like it would’ve benefitted from being in an hour-long format and maybe getting a couple more episodes, but I really enjoyed what I saw and I hope it gets a season 2!
  3. I really wouldn’t be surprised if individual social credit scores are already being calculated here in the US- not by the government, but by the private sector (using data collection from social media sites, google, apps, paypal/stripe, etc). It’s concerning for the future since it could impact financial access. It’s unsettling that the Chronicle is pulling these ESG strips- this is something that really is happening here (it’s in a lot in O&G companies at the moment) and IMO it shouldn’t be above criticism (I’m of the opinion that we should be allowed to critique any movement or idea.).
  4. Those high-up shots really give a good sense of scale for this monumental project. also the bayou looks nice right now! Like I said!
  5. Unless it’s a boilerplate test that they make everyone do for one reason or another. But I’m not at all familiar with this process and am just spitballing
  6. They released a render of the next phase pretty early on, didn’t they? I’m curious how much it’ll keep with the architectural style. as more of it gets finished up, I think I’m liking it quite a bit. The way the residential portion looks slightly offset from the hotel portion does still trip me out a little bit, though.
  7. Tbh it is underwhelming. Good thing there’s a lawn there, too, since it could be a good place for kids to run around when there aren’t events. though when I was a kid I played on anything and everything
  8. I think this concept will end up working well here. Houston has lots of younger people moving here for work, many of them just out of college, so a setup like this could be attractive while they’re getting their jobs and beginning their lives out of school. It could also be a nice option for our many full-time service industry workers, if the price is right. If my math isn’t wrong- and I’m no math savant- these units will probably go for about $1k/month or thereabouts. Everywhere is getting a CoL increase thanks to inflation. Luckily Houston will remain more affordable than many other metros because we aren’t collectively allergic to building more housing 🙃
  9. Wow, these are some really hot takes on interior decorating. Got any more for us? 🙃
  10. Not good. I’d also be surprised if any Japanese firms were doing any big movements on international projects- the yen is ridiculously weak right now (145JPY to 1USD- it’s normally 100:1 or so). if a company like Brightline could pick it up, that could be our last hope to see this one get momentum (albeit it would likely use different technology)
  11. They’re saying completion/open by December, right? That’s what I saw last on I think the DRA site. The detailing on the cafe is just adorable, I love it! I’m loving all the fun colors they’ve chosen. I’m interested in their “tree palette”. It looks like they’ve got a few live oaks, maybe some post oaks, what appear to be sycamores, and at least one redbud (the best tree obviously!).
  12. A youtube video about the rooftop farm portion of POST:
  13. Avenida del Kinder it is, then. That’s the power of compromise 😎
  14. Real talk, has anyone here ever been ticketed for cycling on the sidewalks? 🤨 If I had to choose between cycling in mixed traffic or cycling on sidewalks…it’s sidewalks for me, laws be damned. I’m sure a sympathetic HAIFer would be so kind as to help bail me out hahaha 😁
  15. I used to be in team “Tear down pierce” until I got to go to POST and spend time on the rooftop. It really gives a unique perspective besides simply being on the ground (or being inside an office building). I’m now on “Team Skypark” because I think it would bring something totally unique to Houston, and I feel like it’s a very “Houston” thing to do. If there were some way to utilize the areas underneath Pierce as well (maybe somehow put in some retail spaces?) that would be really cool. Or even cut holes into the structure to allow natural light through (or both?!?) so it’s less creepy to walk under, that’d make it feel less like a barrier between Downtown and Midtown imho. (You could also expand the sidewalks, too! Win
  16. By the way, per their September meeting, Metro is now laying the groundwork to extend the Silver Line into Gulfton. It doesn’t say exactly how far it’ll go- I’m sure they’re hammering out details right now. Sounds like they’re targeting 2026 for opening the extension METRO Meeting PDF- starts on page 6 They’re shooting for having the LPA by December/January
  17. I always felt like P&R locations would be good places to encourage some sort of mixed use developments. It could prove to be extremely attractive for not just people who would live there, but the daily commuters who spend time there, too. I think putting structured parking in the P&R lots (maybe with some kind of GFR?) could be really smart, rather than relying on surface lots alone- they could really get a lot of $$$ from projects like that. it’d be cool if we saw CityCenter-esque developments around the park and rides. It could be cool to be coming home from work, then maybe decide to go out and grab a bite to eat, or go to a dry cleaners, walk around a bit, then head home (whether directly adjacent to it or wherever you drove in from). Or someone could come meet you for dinner. I could see this working at somewhere like the TMC transit center for sure. I believe they’re floating ideas like this for the Wheeler TC redesign. A scaled-down implementation may even work in the further-flung P&R locations.
  18. Such a great vantage point of downtown!! Nice shot!
  19. I saw this video posted recently to Youtube: MARTA (Atlanta) video covering the Boulevard Project thought it was interesting. Nothing we didn’t already know, but kinda neat to see.
  20. Holy wow this is absolutely massive. TMC3 was already going to create a ton of jobs wasn’t it? This is just going to be nuts
  21. You know, helicopter pad isn’t one of the amenities I’d’ve expected at that price point. (These are going for like 1-2MM right?)
  22. Love the way the gabion walls turned out. Overall, just a really nice-looking building imo
  23. When I was a kid and the bayou near us would get full, we absolutely saw kids boogie boarding and swimming in it like wtf. Same with the streets.
  24. New transportation app released the other day, it’s called Houston ConnectSmart https://www.houstonconnectsmart.com I’ve been playing around with it. I really like the carpool group feature. You can see traffic cameras on the map. It lists all BCycle stations and how many bikes are available at each one. The bike route comfort levels is a neat feature too, and is nice for a less-confident cyclist like myself. I think it would be nice if they had a layer that made bus route info a bit easier to understand. You can see the names of the stops, but it’s not immediately clear to which numbered route they belong. If they could fix that somehow, that would be very helpful.
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