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  1. I found this! And this PDF from December 2019 (I think there's a thread specifically about this project)
  2. I don't think we'll go the way of the more expensive parts of the country- for one we don't have the same physical limitations that put a cap on growth like the PNW/West Coast cities do. Plus we have a much more relaxed attitude, for better or for worse, toward development, which I think helps keep housing costs low. (And lets us densify much faster, being real) There seems to be active sabotage in some cities, like SF, toward building more housing, which is a major problem there. You don't have enough housing, you have people trying to move in for jobs, and you have tons of red tape
  3. I remembered today that several years ago, a bill passed at the state level which would allow municipalities to work with energy providers to create trails along utility corridors. I had wondered, while driving by one of the corridors, why they weren't being utilized in this way yet. Lo and behold, it turns out that last summer, one of these trails was completed, and it stretches from W Airport down to the Sims bayou greenway trail- about 1.5 miles. Here's a Chron article about it This could be extremely helpful in linking the greenways together and creating a much s
  4. I feel like I read this on HAIF, don't remember where or when, but isn't this the plan long-term from whoever owns the land some of those strip centers are on? I cannot imagine Uptown keeping strip centers around for much longer, especially since it's expensive over there, and with the new BRT I'm willing to bet prices will get pushed higher up and there'll be more incentive to build upwards, not outwards. I hope the BRT brings more pedestrian-friendly development! And parks...Downtown has several really neat parks and I feel like Uptown would really benefit from more greenspace ar
  5. I think this will be really great. One of the reasons so many people are pushed out to the suburbs is, frankly, housing is kind of expensive closer to town. Right now, it sort of feels like a lot of multifamily development going is geared towards the high-end/luxury market. Which is fine, but it's leaving a massive gap for people who aren't making big piles of money. Working-class people, disabled people on fixed incomes- don't they deserve the good access to walkable areas, centers of employment, hospitals, etc., too? How do most of these projects determine 'affordability'? Is it
  6. I'm super pro-rail and pro-LRT, but I am also pretty surprised at just how much cheaper it is to build BRT than LRT. I totally get why, and I'm not knocking LRT, but wow that is pretty nuts, and it really makes a lot of sense why METRO's opting to go this route, and I respect it. I was disappointed that old maps that showed heavy implementation of LRT/heavy rail seem to have been scrapped in favor of BRT and less LRT, but now that I've actually seen the cost, and understand that it's been a huge fight for METRO to even get money for these projects at all, it does seem like BRT will be more ban
  7. I've been lurking on the TAHSR FB page and it's mostly people just angrily shouting "No HSR!" all over the comments, but very few actual landowners that I could see. I'm really curious how much actual opposition this faces, and what TC is currently doing to advance the project along. (Sounds like they're still negotiating with landowners)
  8. Was there anything that came of the town hall meeting (I think it was in Hempstead?) that was held Wednesday opposing the project?
  9. It looks like METRO's gearing up to start the next BRT line- the extension north toward the proposed HSR site at the NW mall site from the NW transit center, and then moving east along I-10 to link the NW transit center up with downtown. I couldn't find anything on their site, but I did see this article from abc13. Nice to see that it sounds like they're moving forward on the next phases of the plan, which also makes me wonder if METRO has high confidence that the HSR to Dallas is actually happening (despite opposition from some folks at the moment)- I am so pumped to check out the BRT line w
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