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  1. Metro posted the PDF for the May 4th virtual meeting.
  2. I’ve seen that they’re offering them. They aren’t too expensive, are they? I may have to give one a go sometime!
  3. Beautiful shots! I especially like the second one- was that taken from the bayou trails?
  4. r/Houston is a trashfire of stupid takes. Much of reddit is in general, but this is extra-true for local subreddits lol
  5. Woaaah! This is fantastic news! Can’t wait to see what they’ll do!
  6. I’m totally for this. I’ve also never had an issue with toll roads/toll lanes, either (provided there were alternatives for people that prefer not to pay, like feeders or non-tolled lanes). I think it’s a great use of surplus money and will really help in building out the trail network around town.
  7. I like the render, it looks really good. Very classic-looking building. It’d be neat if we could get some more of these!
  8. This’ll be an eclectic marriage of styles, for sure. I’m digging the East Asian rooftiles on that wall.
  9. Nice renders. It’s definitely a unique building. I think the only one here in Houston it immediately reminds me of is one of the HQs on 10 in the Energy Corridor,. (Dunno which one though off the top of my head. Maybe it’s BP?)
  10. Honestly, you could count me in too, if you want someone to help out with things here and there. This project is so cool, and is super useful when I want to show someone a new project going up.
  11. Wow, Galleria area is gonna have a little building boom. This project, M-Square (not sure when that’s going up though), plus the 3(?) residential towers…am I missing anything else! There’ll be quite a lot of towers popping up here! 🙌
  12. I guess we’ll know for sure in June what the cost and scheduling estimates look like- at least that’s what I took away from the PDF. I think I like the below-grade BRT concept, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the most exensive of the three alternatives, though.
  13. So is it looking like Meow Wolf is going in here?
  14. Yup. I said in the thread for this, but it’s really not a bad walk at all from there to Midtown. It’d be nice to see more residential on the south side of DT.
  15. I believe it’s damaged and was leaking into the garage it was built on…I may be wrong. So there’ll have to be quite a bit of structural work on the garage underneath. I know the planned rehab of the site was grouped alongside the Bagby Street redo in the Master Plan PDF, but there hasn’t been a whole lot else said about it. All I could find was this KHOU article from 2019, claiming there is a funding issue.
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