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  1. My older sister and I took dance from Hallie. I started in about 1957 or 58. I was very good at tap. So much so Hallie advanced me quickly. I was the youngest in the advanced class. My sister, Cheri Roy, was the ballerina of the family but she also did tumbling. She could walk on her hands almost the entire length of the studio. I remember doing the Mexican Hat Dance at a recital at the Music Hall. I also remember a tap routine costume malfunction. It was red and had strips of sequins on the front. My grandmother had glued them on instead of sewing. I spilled coke all down the front and the sequin strips started coming off right before we went onstage. Hallie was not amused. At the time we lived close to the studio but moved to Timbergrove in 64 or 65. We switched dance schools and started taking with Patsy Swayze. I didnt stick with it but my sister did.
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