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  1. http://hfdapp.houstontx.gov/311/sector.php?sid=11
  2. Email response from PWE Director, 6/21/2012: Thank you for writing with your concern. Unfortunately, the anonymously offered blog entry is highly inaccurate. The Public Works and Engineering Dept has recently addressed project issues to the entity responsible for the project, the Midtown Redevelopment Authority in conjunction with TIRZ 2, regarding the conformance of the already constructed and proposed improvements with the City’s Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan. These issues can be readily addressed by the project’s sponsor with minor revisions to the project. With such revisions the project can conform with the Plan and yet provide for vehicular mobility, pedestrian mobility, and use of street space for parking, overall still fulfilling the project purpose. Such revisions need not be cause for delay, reconstruction, or significant additional expenditures. We appreciate your interest in these public improvements and thank you for sending your thoughts.
  3. Broadstone Lakes at Post Oak - 248 Units http://www.smartapartmentdata.com/share/Reports/Houston_Construction.pdf
  4. Looks like Bagby Street may finally be redone. Curb markings and new vehicle counters are in place. Project awarded to Angel Brothers from Baytown.
  5. Something should be done about Bagby St in Midtown immediately. The potholes and dips are verging on insanity. No more filling holes in...the entire street needs replacement.
  6. Anyone know what's going at the Fourth Ward Clinic at the southeast corner of W Gray and Taft? The entire building was demolished this week.
  7. Anyone know what's going where the old apartments were demolished on Commonwealth between Hyde Park and Fairview?
  8. Does anyone know what is being done with the old school in Midtown at Cleveland/Victor/Cushing/Wilson?
  9. More than likely the power into your subdivision comes from above ground lines. As the saying goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link. If your supply lines had also been underground, the chances of you losing power would be greatly diminished. If the ditch digging and electrical contractors were smart (and I'm sure they are), they would start lobbying NOW for buried lines.
  10. San Diego's Undergrounding Program http://www.sandiego.gov/undergrounding/ Study: http://www.eei.org/industry_issues/energy_...roundReport.pdf
  11. The cost to do this would be significant, but the Chron's article today supports the fact that there is cost in everything...in the present case, reconstruction. The hundreds of millions that will be spent in repairs could've been better spent in undergrounding the lines in the beginning. Ike could increase power bills for years to come Houston customers may have to help cover electricity grid repairs http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6014950.html
  12. With the current aftermath that is still crippling this city, is it time for Houston to begin undergrounding utility lines? Although costly, this would go far in preventing citywide blackouts like we've had and curing the unsightly nature of lines crisscrossing our city.
  13. Anyone know what the dirt moving is for on the large lot between the new school and W Gray?
  14. The really need more shade on the Tree House deck at The Grove. Three umbrellas isn't near enough! What about a pergola with misting fans?
  15. How does the assigned seating system work? Do you get to choose? Or does the system automatically assign seats at the time of purchase?
  16. Primary term of five years, with five options to renew for additional 5-year terms.
  17. A local investment group recently purchased the entire corner.
  18. Will Houston ever pass a zoning ordinance? Is it too late? What would it take to get the zoning ball rolling again?
  19. Demolition has started. Think that TxDOT will keep this land???
  20. Now that the new TxDOT office building is open on Washington Ave @ I-10, it looks like the old TxDOT offices across the street are being demolished. Anyone have info on this?
  21. So the one camera can monitor all lanes, even the turn lanes?? Seems to me that pavement sensors would work better.
  22. Why is Azorim selling their Galleria property (Post Oak & Richmond)? I thought they were going to do a condo/commercial development there.
  23. Umm. Yes I DO realize that, and I don't expect them to. However, what is the point in sitting at an red light, when no other cars are passing through the intersection, waiting for a complete 4-light cycle, or waiting for the turn signals when no one is in the turn lanes??
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