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  1. I love the project and renderings but not the marketer's use of the word "epicenter" which usually describes the center of bad things, like earthquakes and pandemics. 😞
  2. This is an exciting time for the Texas Medical Center! It is already the largest medical center in the world and keeps growing. In this rendering of Houston Methodist's Centential Tower, why does the bridge over Fannin Street have an extra level above the walkway?
  3. Houston's rail lines are remarkably slow. The Red Line slows way down when going around a turn such as the one near Old Spanish Train and Fannin. Grade-separated rail lines are the gold standard for rapid transit because there's no risk of being delayed from a vehicle accident on the tracks and there's more flexibility in routes. Grade-separated lines also preserve car lanes. However, ridership takes a hit by forcing commuters to walk up stairs to elevated platforms. Has there ever been talk of an elevated train line in Houston?
  4. I love the wide, brick sidewalks in the bottom picture. That should be the standard sidewalk design, not the traditional three feet concrete sidewalk that is most common. Wide sidewalks are far more inviting and attractive than narrow sidewalks. I agree with wxman that buses are not attractive and will not attract as many riders as trains. There is still a stigma attached to them in most of the United States. Taking the bus as an adult makes people think you can't afford a car. Trains are different. They are considered modern and a symbol of big, dense, rich cities. They offer a smoother ride than buses, especially considering Houston's streets and the notoriously potholed right lanes. Train routes can be memorized and visualized better than a bus route. Their fixed routes attract development in a way that bus routes do not.
  5. I like that design but why is there a wall separating it from the sidewalk? That forces long detours for pedestrians and discourages walking. Walkability is a key urban feature.
  6. Is it possible to have a mixed use development in the Rice Village, such as ground floor retail with a couple floors of apartments over them? The demand is certainly there.
  7. When the crane is removed, how are the cutouts in the parking garage where the crane stood patched?
  8. Have Houston developers ever used imminent domain? The U.S. Supreme Court approved its use for private development and the Houston to Dallas high speed railroad, a private venture, is using it to get land along the route.
  9. Is that going to have a concrete parking garage and staircase with steel frame for the rest of the structure? Or will the developers use wood frames?
  10. This development is cool. I love a dense cluster of multi-function towers. How much retail, office, and restaurant space will be available?
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