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  1. Piggibacking on the question regarding a bridge connecting 6th across Waverly and Rutland, what about a pedestrian bridge connecting Patterson on the south side of the bayou onto 6th street. It. Certainly MKT would benefit from all the residential in the south side of White Oak, currently it’s about 1.5 mi walk to go across the hike and bike trail (unless you pedestrian your way across Shepherd, yikes)?
  2. Is this pretty certain that this project is stretching south into Montrose Blvd? On the link you sent it only shows as far south as White Oak
  3. shout out to @hindeskyfor watching this site (and many others)🥰 like a hawk
  4. What’s the future look like for the vines? They’re all brown after the long freeze. Not just on 59 but all over the city. Does anyone know if they will recover?
  5. I remember I remember seeing plans to build an Equinox at the new Allen development on the bayou. I wonder if Equinox could sustain both with such proximity
  6. “More trails will come, too, including hike-and-bike connectors underneath Loop 610 and a north-south-trail to Richmond Avenue adjacent to the railway line.” https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/Construction-begins-on-Memorial-Park-land-bridge-15458664.php#photo-15450558
  7. Here’s a short video of the new eastern glades! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFht-QRhYOnW0SYqYUTCsJgQmU20CU_Igi-RdU0/?igshid=fyrmxzzjwejs
  8. Where can I find info on this proposed multi use trail along the train tracks to memorial Park? That would be amazing!
  9. I am new to this, but have been following for a couple of months now. I am surprised at the lack of information on this project. Is it common that there two tower cranes up but no renderings available? another side question, is the initial height of tower cranes typically somehow correlated with the height of the building they are building?
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