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  1. The mayor put a pause on something that was for all intents an purposes a closed issue, done deal back in February. Pretty sure the pause wouldn’t have happened without the combination of their change.org petition, and the letters of opposition these people sent to the city. The opposition has 1,683 signatures and the proponents have 898 currently. It’s easy enough to sign even if it feels like change.org has never had any effect on anything.
  2. https://www.change.org/p/support-a-safer-11th-street-in-the-heights a petition went live today for those who support the 11th St redesign
  3. @wilcal shared some information about this bridge on a different thread:
  4. Definitely! It’s been planned for a long time. It’s even part of the Houston bike plan. But with no timeline or funding. We’re working to tell the city it’s time to fund it and build it
  5. https://atotbridges.wordpress.com For those who don’t have an Instagram
  6. Time to build more bridges connecting MKT and WOB https://instagram.com/ataleoftwobridges?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Radom is a machine. Reinventing this city one thoughtful development at a time
  8. Community Impact reported fitness facility Mayweather Boxing will be opening up at this development as well. Build out for La La Land Kind Cafe is almost complete. Ran into some of the workers taking pictures around the trail and they told me it should be ready to open in 3-4 weeks. Central City Co-Op (currently on 420 E 20th St) is closing its doors this Sunday and moving to an undisclosed location. I’m going to type into existence that they are moving to M-K-T (based on absolutely nothing).
  9. Remarkable. Hoping for some retail here as well though. This angle of the rendering looks all offices. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it looks like a building for a college campus and I’m here for it
  10. Looks like they have 3 spaces open for Leasing. The renderings in the first pic in addition to the plant wall facing north seem like there will be significant upgrades to change the look and feel and turn this into a more modern desirable destination. I walk my dog around this building a lot. It’s an interesting location with a lot of nature behind it. Honestly they need to have a rooftop garden with dining here. Those views would be very very impressive
  11. Great to hear about 501 N Shepherd Dr. Would love to see a link or any plans for redevelopment. I guess 2025 is not that far off and right on time for the redevelopment of the entire Shepherd/Durham corridor. I ride by this warehouse often and think it would be excellent space for more development. On a similar note, and this have been mentioned here before, I know M-K-T will expand eastward too. Triten calls it "Swift", and they will redevelop the warehouses on 621 Waverly St. They were built in 1909 and formerly served as meat packing and distribution facility as Freedmen Distributors. Hoping for some industrial lofts on the 4-5-story building and maybe a small grocer. Once these are complete, this will create a semi-contiguous 1.5 mile stretch of pedestrian/bike oriented activity here that will be a new crown jewel for the Heights and the city. Now if they can go ahead and build pedestrian/bike bridge across Patterson and/or Rutland then we will be in business. If anybody has any links or intel on more specific plans for either 501 N Shepherd or 621 Waverly, I know most everyone here would love to see.
  12. I’d be down for a rooftop party up there before everyone moves in. Or after. Don’t matter
  13. Does anyone have any fun updates about this property? Run by it all the time and don’t see anything new
  14. So much fun to think about connecting the city like this. When I was working on this, I did find that circular routes can be a little bit of a no-no, since most people are going from A-B, but nice to hear that METRO may consider something like this. I think that there is something very romantic about a single-seat ride around these very historic parts of the Heights. I wish there was a way to even hit Downtown, Memorial Park, and even Montrose, but then it would start to get super long. @Justin Welling just for fun I added your suggestions for hitting Washington and Sawyer Yards. I had originally indeed thought about the Washington portion as well! In addition to the amenity that this would bring to Heights residents that will use it to increase their quality of life, do you think that for people without a car, this route will also help bridge connectivity gaps already in place? I added the current METRO bus offerings, and I do like that the design largely connects areas that are *not* connected by any single seat rides.
  15. I would like this to serve every Heights resident. I would want a (true two-way) loop that serves destinations that constitute the majority of movement for residents in the Heights This would provide a single-seat ride for people to ditch their cars, stimulate businesses, and create an experimental microcosm of multimodal transportation that could be used for planning around the city. It would at least make the Heights a more accessible tourist destination for Houston residents and out-of-towners as well. A key element of this route would be the nostalgia buses, since they pay hommage to the history of the Heights. I would also venture to say that many more people would be willing to ride a "bus" that looks like a streetcar purely because it *looks* more reliable. This would help create a culture shift towards a multimodal way of walking. Imagine families across the heights going for a long evening walk, getting dinner or doing some light shopping and being able to ride the streetcar back home. The route could probably use some work, and I would love any specific suggestions... As far as frequency, it would need to be no less frequent than 10 minutes to make it reliable, and the round trip should be around 30 minutes. I am going to get in my car one of these days soon and stop at every one of these proposed stops to get a sense of how long it would take to traverse this loop.
  16. I made a post on LinkedIn about a week ago: "Imagine a circular bus route using nostalgic streetcar design connecting 50k Heights residents (~0.5 mi walk). In a single seat to most destinations in the Heights and to the red line toward Downtown" I tagged Kimberly Williams (Chief Innovation Officer at METRO) just for kicks, and she wants to schedule a call about it. I know this does not mean much in terms of materializing anything, but it is cool to see the leadership being engaged with the community. Just out of curiosity, what does everyone here think about this idea? I went ahead and sketched it up on Figma as well, so take a look!
  17. I would be much more ok with Black Tea than chocolate Milk. A little bit more like what The confluence of White Oak and Buffalo bayou looks like? Or at times, the Buffalo Bayou near the East End. It is amazing to me how different the water can look like. Always seems to be more chocolate milk in the summer / after heavy rain events.
  18. I’ve thought about this as well. I feel like all it would take it to dump a bunch of granite or some other type of rocks to help with filtering and reflection
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